IFAM Elephant Toy Organizer - 2 Colors

IFAM Elephant Toy Organizer - 2 Colors

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IFAM Shell Baby Play Yard (8pcs incl. door) - Grey+White

IFAM Elephant Toy Organizer - 2 Colors

IFAM Elephant Toy Organizer is a 2 storey shelf equipped with safe upper flaps instead of doors. Just like the animal, this Elephant Toy Organizer is one of the larger storage box / storage shelves you will find. Each layer is spacious and has good depth allowing you to store almost any items and toys in it. Instead of doors which are dangerous for little ones, Elephant Toy Organizers come with flaps which are easy to open and close hence minimizing injury caused by moving doors.

  • Trendy, functional design
  • 2 shelves, upper flaps 
  • Lift up and slide the flap into the shelf
  • Dimension - 62 x 88 x 43cm

Elephant Storage Organizer is the classiest & most elegant organizers

It is designed with a furniture first - storage organizer second concepthence making it suitable for anywhere in the house – bedroom, toilet, living room, kitchen and anywhere you can think of.

Recommended for Newborn and older children


Elephant Storage Organizer Dimension
  • 62 x 42.5 x 87.5cm (Length x Depth x Height)
  • Each level storage area (±2~3cm) - 55 x 35 x 24cm (Length x Depth x Height)

Elephant Toy Organizer Dimension

  • Designed as a furniture suitable for both adults and children
  • Sturdy and firm even when empty
  • Easy to open and close the cover with one hand
  • Largest capacity storage in Korea for big stuffs

Elephant Toy Organizer can be used anywhere in the house

  • Cover prevents dust from accumulating on less frequently used items
  • 2 spacious level of storage area – much larger than most storage boxes

Easy to open and close cover flap for Elephant Toy Organizer

  • Easy to assemble in 5 minutes – no tools required

Elephant Toy Organizer is Easy to assemble. No tools required.

  • No sharp edges making it safe for young children
  • No small loose parts & protruding accessories that will hurt your child when they trip & fall
  • 100% fresh new plastics (PE / PP / ABS) sourced in Korea for baby safety - no 2nd hand/recycled plastics during manufacturing (Learn more about IFAM materials )
IFAM Certification (Non-toxic & BPA FREE)

IFAM Play Yard, Play Mats & Storage Organizers are tested and proven baby safe by Korean, European & US certification

  • Made in Korea

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