The Best Baby Bath Tubs (2020 Reviews)

Bathtime with a newborn is a fun and sometimes frustrating experience. While you want to enjoy and bond with your infant when its time to clean up, you also might find it challenging to focus on so many different things at once. Luckily, the newest and best baby baths made today are designed to take the worry away and allow you and your child to safely enjoy bath time. To help you find the best fit you and your baby, weve every baby tub available today to give you our top picks.

Our Top Picks: Summary

The Best Baby Baths: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: PRIMO EuroBath
PRIMO EuroBath

This long-lasting baby bathtub is one of the largest tubs you can find.

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Why We Picked It

The PRIMO EuroBath is an extra-large baby bath made to last from newborn to 24 months. This is possible thanks to the unique anatomy shape with forearm and leg support. Babies younger than six months are bathed in a reclining position, and toddlers up to 24 months old are bathed in the sitting position. The large size still allows bath time to be fun while the smartly-designed baby stopper will keep your child from slipping.

The huge size of this tub is ideal for keeping you from buying multiple bathtubs as your baby grows. The bathtub is 36 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 10 inches deep with the ability to hold up to 9.5 gallons of water. Theres a hole in the rim for you to hang up the tub when not in use. The built-in drain comes with a plug thats quick and easy to for emptying. There are also two convenient compartments for holding shampoo, a sponge, or even toys.

Keep in Mind

This model might not be good for those with limited space or who have a small shower.

In a Nutshell

  • Large enough to last until your baby is 2 years old
  • Reclined and seated positions for different ages
  • Built-in storage compartments
Best Seat: Angelcare Baby Bath Support
Angelcare Baby Bath Support

This sink insert is safe and supportive for your newborn.

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Why We Picked It

The Angelcare Baby Bath Support features a unique design to keep your baby safe and comfortable during bath time. This seat doesnt retain water since the strainer-like holes allow water and soap to drain through while you bathe your baby. As far as sink inserts go, the Angelcare baby bath is incredibly easy to set up and is lighter than most other options. The seat is made for your baby to be reclined. It uses a bump at the bottom to prevent sliding and is angled enough to keep your babys head far above the water. The Angelcare bath is suitable for newborns up to six months old.

The Soft-Touch mesh used in the center of this seat is soft and gentle on your babys skin. The material is also hygienic and mildew-resistant thanks to its quick-drying design. This baby bath is easy to store, weighing only one and a half pounds and featuring a built-in hook for storage. The insert is made from highly durable polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer, and the bottom has a rubber molding to keep it from sliding in your sink or bathtub.

Keep in Mind

This baby bath can only be used in a tub or sink and has one bathing position.

In a Nutshell

  • Soft-Touch mesh material
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Affordable baby bath option
Best for Newborns: Blooming Bath Lotus
Blooming Bath Lotus

Beautiful and functional, this tub makes bathtime fun.

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Why We Picked It

With a striking flower blossom design, this baby bathtub is the most stylish option on our list. You can get the Blooming Bath Lotus in ten different colors and shapes. The large petals are made from a plush polyester material that is extra soft for your babys comfort. The unique shape is also perfect for fitting different sized sinks with the petals adapting to any size. The centerpiece is eight inches wide, with a total flower diameter of 33 inches.

The flower petals use a sturdy plastic to keep their shape and support your baby while the inside is soft and cuddly for extra comfort. On top of the natural cradling effect, the base (or center of the flower) features a soft textured finish to keep your baby from sliding around. After the bath, this tub can be wrung out and then put in the dryer to remove excess moisture. The Blooming Bath Lotus is designed for babies younger than six months or weighing fewer than 20 pounds.

Keep in Mind

Some parents have found that the Blooming Bath Lotus absorbs too much water and is difficult to wring out.

In a Nutshell

  • Soft and comfortable materials
  • Cradling effect with most sink sizes
  • Machine washable
Best Mat: Tike Smart Bath Tub Mat
Tike Smart Extra-Long Bath Tub Mat

The best anti-slip bath mat for smooth tub floors.

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Why We Picked It

Whether your child is old enough to use the full-sized tub or you need extra grip to hold your baby bath in place, this slip-resistant mat is perfect. Available in 21 different colors and two sizes, this mat covers the entire bathtub floor and can completely change the look of your bathroom. The mat is made from BPA and allergen-free vinyl that can be machine washed. The surface features 174 drainage holes to help keep water flowing through the mat.

This anti-slip mat is held in place with over 200 suction cups (meant for smooth surfaces only). If your child is ready for your bathtub, the cushioned surface of this bath mat will help keep them comfortable. The non-slip material and bubbled texture can also keep a baby bathtub from sliding around. The best part? This product has a lifetime warranty, and you can return it at any time for any reason.

Keep in Mind

If you have a newborn that cant yet sit-up by themselves, youll still need an infant baby bath to keep them safe and supported.

In a Nutshell

  • Padded non-slip surface
  • Machine washable
  • Lifetime worry-free guarantee
Best for Travel: Puj Flyte
Puj Flyte

The compact design and pliable material is perfect for traveling with your baby.

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Why We Picked It

The Puj Flyte baby bath has a simple design that makes it easy and convenient to use. This single piece sink insert is made from a durable but soft foam material that cradles your baby and adjusts to your sinks shape. The backing features a grippy material to keep it from sliding in your sink, and the side has two overflow hole drains. The Puj Flyte Compact Baby Bathtub is designed for infants and newborns up to six months or 17 pounds.

The non-absorbent material is completely free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates. The smart design naturally cradles your baby while still being bendable when not in use. The Puj Flyte can fold to fit in a drawer or carry on bag and has a hole in the top corner for hanging. Weighing under a pound and the ability to fold this tub makes it the best choice for traveling or for those with limited storage space.

Keep in Mind

The ideal sink size for this baby bathtub is between 16 and 19 inches wide, as larger sinks will not be able to hold your baby in place.

In a Nutshell

  • Easy to clean non-absorbent material
  • Compact design with flexible materials
  • Non-slip backing texture

How We Chose the Best Baby Baths

To help you find the best baby bath for you and your newborn, we paid close attention to a wide array of details. Its our goal to find a tub that is safe, comfortable, and easy-to-use to make bath time fun and simple. To give you a better idea of how we picked the best baby baths, some of the considerations are explained below.


We wanted to make sure that your new baby bathtub would be flexible in how you can use it. We focused on finding sink inserts that fit and adjust to multiple different sink sizes or shapes. It was also crucial for us to find bathtubs that would grow with your baby, whether it be various positions or adjustable sizes. Depending on the type of sink and bathroom setup you have, some baby baths might not be the right fit. We wanted to find universal options as well as a variety of tubs that are ideal for different homes.

Safety and Comfort

Whether youre an expecting first-time parent or a seasoned pro, we wanted to make sure the baby bathtubs made it simple and easy to keep your child safe. We focused on finding tubs and seats that had helped keep your baby upright while during bath time. This includes a cradling effect or bumps to help keep your child from sliding. We also paid attention to how high an infants head would be kept above water while reclined. Its important to remember that, no matter how safe a bath is, a baby should never be left alone inside one.

Easy to Clean

It was essential for us to find baby baths that were easy to keep clean. Many of the tubs we reviewed had very simplistic designs. This is incredibly helpful when cleaning since there arent too many parts or hard-to-reach corners to cleanout. The material used is also critical in how to keep it clean. We focused on finding products made with non-absorbent materials or items that were machine washable.


We want to make sure you get the best quality baby bath for your money. That means we focused on finding simple and smart designed tubs that were cheaper while more expensive products needed to offer more features. We also looked at the longevity of a product to help determine the best value. Products that last you longer by accommodating both infants and toddlers will save you money down the road. Durable materials can allow a baby bath to last years, which is ideal for a fast-growing family.

What to Consider When Choosing a Baby Bath

Not every bathtub is perfect for you, your baby, or your home. There is an endless number of factors that can affect what type of product youre looking for. To help you narrow down your search, some of the most significant points to consider are explained below.

Intended Use

Certain baby bathtubs are only made to be used with a sink, while others give you more flexibility. You should figure out where youll most likely be using the bath to give yourself a better idea of what type of product you want. Also, consider measuring your sink before settling on an insert to make sure it fits.


Think about where youll be storing the bathtub when it is not in use. Some models are relatively compact and dont need too much space, while others are bulkier. Many tubs come with built-in hooks for easy storage, but thats only helpful if you have the available wall or cabinet space.


You absolutely want your baby to be comfortable in the new tub. Still, its also essential to think about your own comfort. Youll be heavily involved with bathtime for several years, so think about what set up is the best for you. New mothers, especially those who had a C-section, will want to consider a lightweight tub that doesnt require any bending or reaching.

Helpful Baby Bath Tips

Bath time can be a fun experience for you and your newborn, and to help make sure theyll love it, here are some helpful bath time tips.

  • Babies dont need baths as often as adults, so a few times a week will often be enough. If your infant has hair, it also wont get dirty too fast, so only clean it when you feel its necessary.
  • Always keep a hand on your baby to make sure they dont slip or slide, and take them with you if you have to leave the room.
  • Use a washcloth or sponge and make sure to pay attention to between the toes and fingers, and under the arms.
  • Have a dry towel ready to wrap your baby up immediately after the bath.
  • Pat your baby dry after the bath and consider using moisturizer to help keep your babys skin soft and strong.

Care and Maintenance

Just like a regular shower, you need to keep your baby bathtub clean from mildew and mold. You should regularly wash your baby bath and make sure it dries completely. Its also crucial to avoid harsh cleaning products for your babys safety. Consider single-piece designs for easy cleaning and give extra attention to any additional pieces or absorbent materials.

Other Baby Bath Products to Consider

  • Tub Spout Cover Products like the Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover will keep your baby safe from the metal faucet in your tub.
  • Kneeling and Elbow Pad A bath time kneeler can help save your joints during bath time and allow you to play more with your baby.
  • Bath Toy Organizer If the whole family is sharing the bath, youll want to keep babys toys up and out of the way with something like this.

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