Rolling storage crates are a convenient solution to your messy house

Shoes, clothes, children’s toys… no matter what mess you might have lying around, having these functional and fashionable tools makes keeping your home neat and tidy a piece of cake.

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How To Make Rolling Storage Crates in 4 Easy-to-Follow Steps
What You’ll Need:

Wooden crate
4 pcs. of 2-inch caster wheels

16 pcs. of small wood screws and screwdriver
Paint and paintbrush
Piece of cloth or old newspapers

Step 1: Mix The Paint

Start by mixing your paint to get the color you want to achieve. The color you’ll be using for your rolling storage crates will depend entirely on you.

You can also use professional washes and wood stains. If you want to save money, however, you can also make your own with acrylic paint and water.

Step 2: Sand The Crate

With your paint ready, you can start prepping your crate. To do this, you first have to make sure that it’s smooth and ripe for painting.

Use sandpaper to file away those rough edges, uneven surfaces, and sharp pieces on the crate. Once you’re done, grab a brush or cloth to sweep away any tiny particles and debris that may have found their way between the creases of the crate.

Repeat the process until your crate is smooth and ready for painting.

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Step 3: Paint!

Now, you can start painting your crate. Make sure to do this with a piece of cloth or newspaper underneath to avoid getting paint splashes everywhere.

Once you’re done applying the first layer, let it dry for a few hours. If necessary, you can leave it overnight to give it enough time to dry completely before applying another coat.

Pro tip: You can opt to use a sponge brush instead of a bristle brush for this DIY project. This should help avoid those unsightly brushstrokes that might be visible on your rolling storage crates.

Step 4: Install the Wheels

With your rolling storage crates painted and dried, you’re literally ready to roll. Grab your caster wheels and some wood screws to get started.

Make sure your screws fit securely through the wheel mount’s holes. Remember that the crate’s wood boards are not thick, so make sure your screws are not too long as well as they might end up coming out of the base’s other side.

Secure a wheel on each corner of every crate. Roll them around and make sure the wheels don’t come off or shake when moved.

Your final project should look like this:

There you have it! Your DIY rolling storage crates are finished just like that. All that’s left to do now is to pick up those toys the kids left lying around and organize them in your new containers.

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Maintaining a clean and organized house doesn’t always have to come with a heavy price tag. The DIY rolling storage crates tutorial above shows you that even from the simplest things, you can come up with the most awesome crafts.

Other than these rolling storage crates, are there other organization crafts that you know about? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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