Preparing For The Coming Winter

With everything else going on around here I am working really hard to get ourselves ready for winter.  The chickens have already molted which tells me winter is likely to hit early this year.  The mornings are already getting chilly and we have leaves on the ground.  I want to be prepared as always for the cold months and higher heat bills that are an inevitable part of the season.
Almost have this baby filled back up!
Ever since I cleaned out the chest freezer in our garagemy goal has been to get it filled back up with meat, frozen veggies and some bread.  Thanks to some really great sales, coupons, markdowns and store rewards points I was able to get that accomplished over the past six weeks.  That is the best feeling to know you have all the meat you will need for several months stashed away in the freezer.
Our bins hold over 100# of chicken feed plus I bought 2 extra 50# bags
The next area I focused on and is really important to us is to lay in enough pet food to get through until spring.  I don't like to go to the feed store in winter and then have to lug 50# bags of chicken feed across an icy driveway.  So in two trips I was able to get enough chicken feed, bunny food and cat food to stock up for winter.  I used two $10 OFF $50 Purchase coupons to make it even more affordable and money I earned working overtime to make this happen.
Plenty of laundry supplies and toiletries
Throughout the year I've gathered and stocked up on laundry detergent, fabric softener, toothpaste and other toiletries that I've purchased on sale and with coupons.  I've spent very little on any of it, around a dollar an item, including the laundry detergent.  Last month I picked up a case of toilet paper to add to our linen closet and that pretty much has us set for now.
Next area to work on will be canned goods
The last area to work on is our pantry.  I'll be stocking up on canned goods next.  Mostly tomatoes, tomato sauces, mayonnaise, some more salad dressing and some canned veggies.  Most of our condiments have been acquired, again while on sale and with coupons.  We don't need much so that should be easily handled with our regular grocery budget.
Jack appreciates the 50# of cat food we have in stock
I have a few winterizing projects to tackle before the cold weather sets in and then we should be pretty well set for when the cold weather arrives.  I'll be sure to share those with you as I do them.  Once preparations are completed my plan is to hunker down and move into craft and create mode.  I can hardly wait for that.  I have a lot of things on my list I'd like to do.
Plenty of spices and extracts for cooking and baking
Do you do anything like this to get ready for winter?  I'd sure love to hear about it. #BudgetAndFinances #Organization
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