Our Favorite Things Under $30

All of our familys favorite things in 2019 for fashion, beauty, health, toys, babies, kids, home, and lifestyle for less than $30.

How in the WORLD is Christmas already just 9 days away?! Is it just me or did December always drag on for eternity as a kid but now it zooms by as an adult?

I decided to put together one last gift guide, but really this one is more like a, Hey, heres all of my favorite things that are totally unrelated to each other but I cant live without them. That kind of guide.

So many of you have told me these guides have helped you (YAY!), which is ultimately why I write them, so this time, I brainstormed ALL of the beauty, fashion, health, home, lifestyle favorites of mine, Roberts, and the kids.

Theyre not all exactly gifts really, but theyre all things we personally own and love the most and have either used for a long time or would buy again. And theyre all under $30. I hope it helps!

Laurens Favorites (For Her)

Favorite Things Under $30 | All of our family's favorite things in 2019 for fashion, beauty, health, toys, babies, kids, home, and lifestyle for less than $30.

(Affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

1. Favorite Concealer ($27) This stuff covers eeeeverything. It was my saving grace for covering my viciously dark under eye circles during the sleepless newborn days.

2. Favorite Embellished Tee ($17) I love the versatility of this top to dress up or down, and its juuuust loose enough so as not to show every lump and bump.

3. Favorite Bracelet ($10) Im not normally a bracelet kind of girl, but this one doesnt get in my way at all and goes with everything.

4. Favorite Makeup Finishing Spray ($5) When I spray this on after applying my makeup, my face doesnt budge in whatever conditions all day long.

5. Favorite Lip Gloss ($5 / each) Its called butter gloss for a reason. Feels like buttah!

6. Favorite Tunic ($25) I have the white version of this tunic and its perfect for layering underneath cardigans. Mom-tuck it and it looks instantly polished.

7. Favorite Mascara ($11) Ive tried them all at every price point and this one is the clear winner.

8. Favorite Water Bottle ($19) Im TERRIBLE at not drinking enough water. This one keeps me on track and encourages me to keep going. Dont put it in the dishwasher though. Ask me how I know. That was a sad day.

9. Favorite Supplements ($13 & $30) These gummies and this supplement keep my anxiety at bay, and I feel like the person I WANT to be when I take them every day. If you struggle with PPD, I highly recommend. (Consult with your doctor first, of course.)

10. Favorite Devotional ($6) Its so good, especially if you struggle with the inner critic.

11. Favorite Shampoo & Conditioner ($17) If you have blonde hair, I use this purple shampoo and purple conditioner twice a week to keep the brass tones away.

12. Favorite Hair Styling Product ($28) I owe the health of my hair to this stuff. Spritz it on before blow-drying and curling/straightening.

13. Favorite Loungewear ($30) Sooo comfy and cute.

14. Favorite Leggings ($16) Like the pretty faux leather Spanx version but without the $98 price tag.

15. Favorite Jeans ($16) I cant believe my favorite jeans are from Walmart, but there ya go. They suck me in in all the right places.

16. Favorite Earrings ($10) Its almost embarrassing how often I wear these. Almost. I have them in taupe and they go with everything.

17. Favorite Jacket ($25) The perfect casual jacket to wear just about anywhere.

18. Favorite Scarf ($15) So cute and cozy and can be worn as a scarf or a wrap. (Or doubles as a table runner / tablecloth, if youre feeling repurposeful.)

19. Favorite Long-Sleeve Tee ($16) I plan on buying this in every color because I love it that much.

20. Favorite Facial Toner ($7) I know its sort of trendy right now, but this toner completely transformed my adult acne-prone skin. (Thanks for that, pregnancy & postpartum hormones.)

21. Favorite Hair Straightener ($30) My hairdresser recommended this one to me 4 years ago, and Ive been a fan ever since. Its tiny, so it travels easily, and it heats up in seconds. Not a frizz in sight.

22. Favorite Blouse ($15) I love wearing this blouse so much. Tuck it in or out; wear it with jeans or slacks or a skirt; layer it with a cardigan or blazer. Its so versatile.

23. Favorite Blush ($29) This blush stays all day and the pigmentation in it is so good; a little goes a long way. Ive probably had mine for way too long, but its still going strong. My fave shade is Blissful.

24. Favorite Breakout Rescue ($17) When I feel a skin breakout coming on or my face is red and irritated, this mask resolves it immediately.

25. Favorite Moisturizer ($21) I have combination skin, and this one is perfect for hydrating the dry spots without causing oily breakouts.

26. Favorite Cleanser ($24) Ive used this cleanser for years because Im so hooked on how balanced and well-toned my skin is now.

Roberts Favorites (For Him)

Favorite Things Under $30 | All of our family's favorite things in 2019 for fashion, beauty, health, toys, babies, kids, home, and lifestyle for less than $30.

1. Favorite Beard Product ($26) If theres one thing Robert loves, its a good lookin beard. Chuck Norris would be jealous. (I know. Thems fightin words.)

2. Favorite Comb ($8) Versatile for all hair types and its the handsomest comb I ever did see.

3. Favorite Wallet ($8) Robert is a minimalist guy when it comes to what he carries in his pockets. This one is simple but nice and has an RFID blocker.

4. Favorite Flannel Button-Down ($25) The perfect business-casual shirt.

5. Favorite Tees ($13) Robert loves working in these especially because they wick away sweat. Pretty sure he has one in every color.

6. Favorite Workout Recovery ($27) The dude swears by this foam roller to massage muscles for faster recovery after workouts. He has a Bachlors in exercise science, so I guess he kinda knows these things.

7. Favorite Hair Gel ($15) For YEARS, this hair gel has been his must-have. It stays put and doesnt flake.

8. Favorite Socket Tool ($20) This little guy works on all kinds of bolts and screws without having to change a drill/driver.

9. Favorite Measuring Tool ($30) Ever since we started using this, our home improvement projects have gone so much faster.

10. Favorite Shampoo & Conditioner ($14) Another one hes loved for years. This shampoo and conditioner tingles, smells amazing, leaves hair shiny, and is great for the scalp.

11. Favorite Hat ($13) The dude wears this hat ALL THE TIME.

12. Favorite Grilling Accessory ($27) Perfect for the meat master. Robert and my dad are the BBQ kings, and they both swear by these.

13. Favorite Cooking Utensil ($13) Maybe its because he looks like Wolverine while wearing them. Maybe its because they make awesome pulled pork. Either way, these get the seal of approval.

14. Favorite Coffee Mug ($30) Best coffee mug on the planet and worth every penny. Hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold for hours.

15. Favorite Socks ($14) He never goes a day without wearing these.

16.Favorite Pants ($23) Pretty sure he has 4 pairs of these in every color. Theyre fitted just enough without being skinny.

Olivia (7) & Regans (1) Favorites (For Babies/Toddlers & Little Girls)

Favorite Things Under $30 | All of our family's favorite things in 2019 for fashion, beauty, health, toys, babies, kids, home, and lifestyle for less than $30.

1. Favorite Kids Journal ($10) Olivia is just getting to the age where she loves to write notes to people. This journal provides a great opportunity for us to write notes back and forth to each other and paves the way for open communication between mother and daughter.

2. Favorite Supplement ($13) We take these every day, but we especially make sure the Olivia takes them to boost her immune systems and prevent the sickies. We give Regan the syrup version along with a probiotic to boost her immunity during the cold/flu season too.

3. Favorite Board Game ($21) We LOVE this game soooo much! Theres quite a bit of strategy to it, but its an absolute blast.

4. Favorite Art Item ($25) The ultimate box set of coloring supplies, if you have a little artist. We color with Olivia before bedtime several nights a week.

5. Favorite Toddler Bag ($20) Olivia loved this backpack during her preschool years, and now Regan begs to carry it everywhere.

6. Favorite Baby Travel Item ($16) We never went anywhere without this portable white noise/nightlight when Regan was a baby. Naps and car rides were so much easier on the go!

7. Favorite Outdoor Toy ($30) Both sets of grandparents have this swing in their yards, and its always a hit with the grandkids (and with grown-ups too).

8. Favorite Kids Book ($14) Olivia asks for this book all the time because it highlights the love of science, teaches the importance of learning from mistakes, and encourages kids to ask questions. There are a couple of others she loves in this series too: Iggy Peck, Architect and Rosie Revere, Engineer.

9. Favorite Hair Product ($14) With Olivia in school, lice cases pop up sometimes, but this leave-in conditioner prevents it, and it makes brushing tangly hair much easier.

10. Favorite Baby Shoes ($10) Whoever invented these is a genius. Baby socks/shoes that actually stay on! And they keep those baby feet toasty warm.

11. Favorite Newborn Item ($30) Pretty sure I would have felt completely helpless in the first 6 months of Regans life without this carrier. It makes me miss those early baby snuggles!

12. Favorite Lovey ($22) Olivia and Regan both have these types of stuffed animals that have become necessities for sleep every night. Theyre the perfectly floppy squishable huggable sleep buddy, and they come in a bunch of different types of animals.

13. Favorite Toddler Book ($5) We love this sweet story! The writing is so catchy, and you have an excuse to smooch your little one at the end not that you need one.

14. Favorite Baby Toy ($30) This talking elephant is off the charts adorable. Regan is absolutely smitten with this little guy and loves playing peek-a-boo with his giant ears.

15. Favorite Crawling Toy ($24) Once Regan started to learn how to crawl, we got her this tunnel to encourage her to keep going. Shes running at this point but still loves this thing (and so does Olivia, our 7 year-old). Sooo many giggles.

16.Favorite Girls Jeans ($10) Without a doubt, these are Olivias favorite jeans because theyre super soft and stretchy like leggings but have the look of denim.

17. Favorite Eating Accessory ($14) This toddler dish is brilliant for staying on the table and keeping food separated, if you have a picky eater.

18. Favorite Kids Bath Item ($8) Olivia has loved these since she was 2 to make colorful bath water. Always the best stocking stuffer.

19. Favorite Baby/Toddler Hair Accessory ($15) The details on these bows are so pretty, and they have grip to prevent slipping out of baby fine hair.

20. Favorite Toddler Bath Toy ($15) Hours of entertainment (if we actually let Regan stay in the tub that long).

21. Favorite Toddler Art Supply ($15) Perfect for mess-free drawing.

22. Favorite Baby Sleep Accessory ($22) I dont think we would have slept at all for the first 6 months of Regans life if it werent for this.

23. Favorite Toddler Sleepwear ($7) These jammies are made of organic cotton, so theyre super soft. And we like that they dont have feet so that little early walkers dont slip on hard floors.

24. Favorite Little Girls Toy ($28) Olivia is getting one of these for Christmas because she absolutely loves the one her cousins have.

25. Favorite Little Girl Dress ($22) Pink and shiny sequins and a twirly ballerina skirt need I say more?

26. Favorite Going Home Outfit ($26) This little cable knit romper is so soft, warm, and snuggly.

Our Familys Favorites (For Home/Lifestyle)

Favorite Things Under $30 | All of our family's favorite things in 2019 for fashion, beauty, health, toys, babies, kids, home, and lifestyle for less than $30.

1. Favorite Nightlight/Diffuser ($16) We have several of these around the house for diffusing essential oils, but Olivia especially loves it as a nightlight. I like to diffuse eucalyptus and lavender when the kiddos are struggling with a cough at night too.

2. Favorite Towels ($5) Weve tried a bunch of different bath towels, and Im so surprised that our favorite is from Walmarts Hotel line. Weve had them for 3 years and theyre still fluffy and look new. I just keep adding to our collection as I phase out our old towels we bought before these. Always in white of course.

3. Favorite Clothing Organizer ($18) This is the one of the few things we dont actually own yet, but its on its way to our house from Amazon. Totally brilliant for laying out clothes for the school week so that youre not arguing with your 7 year-old on a Monday morning about what to wear.

4. Favorite Serving Ware ($20) I use cake stands for more than just cake: to hold soaps beside the kitchen sink, to create centerpieces, to style shelves, to hold bathroom toiletries. This classic white one is sturdy and versatile.

5. Favorite Shelf Organizer ($25) We use these lazy susans with removable clear compartments to organize snacks on our pantry shelves and medicines/vitamins in our medicine cabinet, and theyre great for spice cabinets, bathroom toiletries, condiments, art/craft supplies, and any other small groupings.

6. Favorite Dispensers ($14) I love using these vintage style dispensers for soaps, lotions, mouthwash, and for dressing up any other toiletries.

7. Favorite Throw Blanket ($20) This is my favorite throw blanket for the price, and its so cozy soft. We own two and gave them as gifts this year.

8. Favorite Sheets ($25) We have two sets for every bed in our house because we love them that much. Theyre so soft, and I cannot believe the price.

9. Favorite Picture Frames ($16) We have these frames going up our stairway gallery wall, but I love hanging them anywhere. Theyre classic yet modern with beautiful thick matting.

10. Favorite Clock ($13) We have this little guy in our guest bedroom, and I love it because it blends so well into neutral decor, has a fresh modern look, and it has an extra port for a cell phone charger.

11. Favorite Candle Holders ($25) Its hard to beat a classic, and these will pretty much stay in my capsule wardrobe forever in every season.

12. Favorite Throw Pillow ($19) I love the texture of leather, but the leather throw pillows I see everywhere now are pricey. These covers are a really pretty fake for a total steal of a price. We currently have a couple of these in our master bedroom.

13. Favorite Dinnerware ($12) Weve been using these dishes since this past spring, and theyve held up perfectly. They look so much more expensive than they really are.

14. Favorite Basket ($18) Im a sucker for a good basket, and we have a few of this one because of its versatile size and the fact that it has handles to tote things easily around the house, if needed. And again, so inexpensive in comparison to others Ive seen.

15. Favorite Accent Rug ($14) I love placing these little faux accent rugs to add texture to chairs, benches, or bedroom floors. We have a couple of them tossed at the base of our Christmas tree for an extra cozy vibe.

16. Favorite Speaker ($17) We use this little phonograph all around our house to amplify the speaker of our cell phones to play music. Its so adorable and adds a vintage vibe.

Whew! Thats it! Those are all the bigwell, little ones. And really, I doubt this favorites list will change much at all in 2020 either.

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