Of course with Halloween coming, you’re looking for DIY dog costume ideas

Don’t fret—we have them here, plus tips on what to pick for your kind of pup!

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Halloween’s right around the corner and your cute pup shouldn’t be left out. Because who says Halloween is for us humans only?

I never leave out my two darling Welsh Corgis, Bugsy, and Mickey — they come with me to the market, accompany me on trips, and get decked out in DIY costumes whenever an occasion arises.

Last Halloween, they attended my daughter’s grade school Halloween parade as Vikings. This year, I scoured the internet for fresh DIY costume ideas and found super cute and super awesome possibilities.

These DIY dog costume ideas will allow your pooch to get in on the fall festivities! Check out the great costumes I found!
1. DIY Minion Costume for Doggies

The Minion craze extends to pups and we are loving it! Watch the step-by-step tutorial here to make one for your dog.
2. Monster DIY Dog Costume

The cutest monster you’ll ever encounter. Make one of the easiest last-minute dog costumes with this guide.
3. No-Sew Ewok DIY Dog Costume

Just in time for Episode 9!  If this is your first time and still struggling with how to make a dog costume, this no-sew piece is for you.

Anf if you or your kid are especially Star Wars fans, then nothing could be more fitting!
4. Walking Teddy Bear Costume

A stuffed toy and a few minutes of your time will make you this super adorable dog costume not just for Halloween.
5. DIY Spider Dog Costume

Looking for DIY dog costumes for big dogs? This spider costume isn’t only perfect for your massive pooch, it’s also simple and easy–another last-minute DIY costume to save the day for you!

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6. Dog Piñata DIY Costume

Sweet as a piñata with actual candy inside. You can definitely dress up your dog as your Halloween mascot to meet and greet trick-or-treaters.
7. Lady Doggy Gaga DIY Costume

If your pooch is a glamour-puss, this one is for your pup. A Lady Gaga-inspired suit, sure to turn some heads.
8. Cupcake DIY Dog Costume

So cute, I just want to eat this up! Take your creative and DIY skills up a notch with this adorable costume idea.
9. Chia Dog DIY Costume

Ch-ch-ch-chia dog! Just don’t actually water your pooch 🙂
10. Stormtrooper Dog DIY Costume

An absolute must-try for Star Wars fans–a dog stormtrooper. Perhaps you can also go as another stormtrooper or Darth Vader!
11. Dog Dinosaur DIY Costume

Now just get your dog to RAWR! It’s an amazing Halloween dinosaur costume but it can be your dogs wear any day.
12. Lightning Bug DIY Costume

If you have a petite dog, say a chihuahua, this lightning bug DIY costume you can make from socks should be perfect. This one will also look great at night because the lighting will help you see where you’re going whilst trick-or-treating!

Make room for one more special yet easy DIY dog costume idea! Check out this Stranger Things-inspired dog costume in this video from Jumita:

There you go, dog lovers and DIY junkies! Homemade pet costume ideas in time for the Halloween parties and trick-or-treating.

Make sure to give your dogs a treat for dressing up for you!

Which DIY dog costume do you think is best for your dog? Let us know in the comments section below!

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