It’s time to Reveal our U-Pick Sewing Tutorial for September 2019!

This month the voting was so close!

Each month for over a year now I’ve shown you three things that I really want to make, and I let you pick your favorite. I simply don’t have time to write tutorials for them all - and it’s so much fun to let you help me choose.

Voting for our September U-Pick project ended yesterday and the winning project came from behind at the last minute to win.

Here are the 3 ideas that were in the running… a mixer cover with a pocket for accessories, a clever yarn bag with a hole on tops, or the pleated pockets hanging organizer.

Can you guess which project won the vote?

It was the yarn bag!!

Looking at it, I think the cute shape of this bag will make it great for a lot of things.

I’ll put a grommet on the ‘lid’ of the bag so anyone who wants to use it as a yarn bag can do so (letting the yarn be pulled out through the hole.

But without the grommet, it would also make a great lunch bag, toy pouch, or even beauty bag.

I love the cute piping (you know I always love piping because it covers mistakes) so I’m going to include it on my bag.

My plan is to work on the pattern this week and once I have it down pat, I’ll show you how it looks. Then give me about a week after that to write the instructions in a tutorial.

I can’t wait!

Happy Sewing,


The mixer cover in my inspiration photo came from Amazon. If I have time to work on this project too, I definitely will, but I wanted to give anyone who wanted it a chance to get this inexpensive cover. The vote was so close!