I have to have an organized home

It honestly makes me feel better when everything is put away at the end of the night. During the day, things aren’t put away. Toys are out. It is a mess. We live here so of course it will be like that. But I make sure that every night, our house is well organized. Because when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I can start my day. I feel like I can do the things I have to do rather than trying to clean up yesterday’s mess. I have tips for how you can get a well-organized home to save your sanity and stop the clutter from piling up!

10 Tips For a Well Organized Home

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Only Keep What You Use

This is my very favorite piece of advice when it comes to creating a well-organized home. Only keep what you use. This is a change from finding the things you don’t use mindset. There are some out there who want you to focus on getting rid of what you don’t use. I tend to think of this as the “glass half empty” mindset on organizing. It can be tough to find what you don’t use. But selecting the items you actually use helps you see which items you don’t use. So it is more of “the glass half full” mindset!

To do this, take things out of a drawer or cabinet. Then only put back the things you use. Everything else? Let it go!

Give Everything A Home

When everything in your home has a place, you are less likely to collect unnecessary things. Think of your mail. When you don’t have a place to put it, where does it end up? But when you have a specific spot to store it, you are more likely to keep it in that spot and know where to find it when you need it.

I have more tips on how to give things homes below.

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Label Everything

Another way to maintain a well-organized home is to label everything. And I am talking about everything! The reason I love labels is that it helps everyone in the family understand where things go. There is no more second-guessing. No more putting things in the wrong spot because you “didn’t know”. Or leaving things out because “you don’t want to mess anything up”.

That is the reason I have custom label packs that are so popular! They are the best way to help keep things organized. You can get your label packs below!

Caps Font Printable Labels Pack

Toy Bin Labels Bundle Pack

Color-Coded Labels For Lego Storage

Do An End Of Night Clean Up

An end of night clean up is something I suggest to everyone. It can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it! Yes, difficult because sometimes you just get in that mood and need to do a deep clean clean-up, and that can be difficult!

To do the cleanup, start at the lowest level of your home and work your way up. Tidy up the rooms by putting pillows on your couches. Folding blankets. Putting stuff away where it belongs (or in areas it should go). Carry a basket or bin with you to collect items that don’t belong in that area of your home. Move from room to room, floor to floor until everything is tidy. I am not saying perfect, I am saying tidy. Tidy is when you look at the room and it looks “good enough for company”. Like company isn’t going to be going through your cabinets or drawers. They are just getting a view of the space. I have a whole series on end of night clean up that you can watch here!

Deal With Mail Right Away

Mail can be a big cause of clutter, preventing you from creating a well organized home. So stop the counter clutter and deal with the mail right away. All junk mail should go directly into the recycling! Open bills and remove the envelope immediately…not the one to send in if you do mail in the payment, but the envelope it came in. Why hold onto that when it just takes up space?!


Stop Papers From Taking Over

Give your papers a place to go. I like using trays or magazine holders to collect papers. It keeps things tidy but also gives them a designated place for them to be stored. You will no longer have to worry about all the extra papers in all the rooms because you have created one dumping ground for everything.

It can seem overwhelming at first, but when you actually see that all the papers are in one place, it makes keeping things that way much easier.

My favorite paper containment products:

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Do A Weekly Reset

Another thing to help create a well organized home is to do a weekly reset. A weekly reset is where you get your home ready for the week by filling bathrooms with toilet paper, doing laundry and putting it away, stocking the fridge. Meal planning is another way to do a weekly reset by planning out all your meals so you don’t have to think about it all week. By resetting your home, you are able to create a routine for yourself to keep everything tidy!

Make Your Bed Daily

I know this sounds obvious but it really helps you keep things organized. Every family member has to make their beds daily. The Organized Kids have a video for how to do this (and I follow this same method as well)! To do my lazy method of making the bed, get in your bed (yes in your bed). Then pull the sheets and comforter up towards you then fold it over. Slide out of the bed. Then fluff each side of the bed. Add the pillows and your bed is made! I do this before I get up in the morning because it really is the easiest way to make the bed!

Put Things Away Right After You Use Them

One giant task can seem like putting everything away right away. So what I suggest is to put them away after you use them. This is especially helpful for things like scissors, silverware (into the dishwasher), or pens. Just taking an extra second to put them away can easily stop piles of clutter later!

Get Help To Clear Clutter

If you are still stuck with the clutter, then the Declutter Like A Pro Blueprint is going to be your lifeline! The Declutter Like A Pro Blueprint is a self-guided course. That means that you go at your own pace to declutter your home and put everything away in spots that make sense to you. There are 18 video lessons that help you figure out where to put things, worksheets/cheat sheets to support you as you declutter, and audio to use as you declutter. It is just like having an actual professional organizer standing next to you, without the price tag!

Join the Declutter Like A Pro Blueprint now!

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