How to Decorate a Newborn Baby Room

Everyone who has had children, or who is about to have them, knows how exciting it is to decorate the baby s room: choose the furniture, the colors for the walls, the bedding thats why we show you, how Decorate a baby room.

How to Decorate a Newborn Baby Room
How to Decorate a Newborn Baby Room

What color to choose to decorate the room (the walls)

If you already have some furniture in mind, you can make that color and that of the furniture match or match.The important thing is to use colors suitable for children because, each color brings different things to the environment.

Stimulate your babies with bright colors

  • Orange: itis a color that is toning, providesenergy, vitality and safety(it is used in a therapeutic way to combat fears)
  • Rosa:hasrelaxingabilities, softens the character.
  • Red:stimulates a lot and attracts the eye instantly.It helps babies have afast learning pace.
  • Green: itis more suitable for children of a certain age than babies, since it is acolor that cleans.
  • Blue: helps youfall asleep.
  • Yellow:the most cheerful color, verybright and bright.

If theroom is white, a very interesting option to stimulate your babys curiosity is to choose to decorate them with drawings.If you decide to paint figures on the walls, the ideal is todraw simple or very recognizable shapes.One idea is that if there is any piece of wall that is visible from the ground, you use a slate painting on it that your baby can paint when he starts drawing.

Choose the furniture

  • A crib:there are different types of crib, some with a rocker, others extensible, so they can last longer.
  • A changing table:a changing table or simply a place to support the child.
  • A closet or dresser.
  • A toy organizer: a trunk, a small bookcase, a cupboard
  • A carpeton which the baby can crawl.
  • An armchair,so that one of the parents can sit next to the crib, give a bottle, breastfeed, read a story or sing a babysitter.
  • Curtains:the windows must be able to cover up in moments of much sun, since children are especially sensitive.

Obviously, the furniture must be adapted to the babys use: opt for furniture with rounded corners,carpets that are not hairy and bright colors.As for the sofa, the ideal is to opt for one with a soft fabric and rounded shapes.In the curtains, some are usually taken that combine with the walls or some matching with other fabrics of the room.

In the babys room, not much space is always available, but if it is a large room it is best to arrange the furniture so that there is space to move freely,for two reasons:

  • You probably have towalk with your babyin tow many times, to sleep, or just to take him to the changing table or the crib, and it is better to avoid tripping.
  • When the child starts crawling and playing, he willneed spaceto do so.

Choose the bedding

Although it may not seem so, the bedding you put in your child s crib is important, not only aesthetically, but also for the comfort it brings.You have to choosebreathable, resistant and soft-touch fabrics,have several sets of sheets and a few extra bottoms and protect the mattress well so you don t have to wash it every time the baby vomits or pees on it.

Choose ornaments and toys

In the early stages of your child s life, toys and ornaments are almost interchangeable concepts, and it is very positive that you choose objects with that double function: for example, although a baby of a few months probably still does not know what a lamp is for, Why notadd a mobile phone that includes lights or sounds to your crib?That way the room will be prettier and your baby will be lively and stimulated.

Today there are thousands of options in toy or furniture stores to have objects that the child can play with and that also have a practical utility, without forgetting that they are very decorative:lights that look like the sun, or clouds,carpets with circuits for cars, walls painted to be blackboards or to hit them magnets, beds that have a castle underneath Everything to decorate the room and, at the same time, make it stimulating for the imagination of babies (and children).

Choose the right light

It is a very important element in a baby s room, since many times you will have to try to keep sleeping with some light on so that you can walk through it.It is best to avoid floor lamps andopt for ceiling or wall lights,with a light as warm and blurred as possible.You should never use fluorescents,as their light is too strong and bright for the baby s eyes.

It is also a good idea to have a small table lamp near the cradle for emergencies, always withlow power yellow lightbulbs.If there is natural light, it must be sifted with curtains, and the crib should not be excessively close to the window.