Gift Ideas Under $30 (Men, In-Laws, Adult Children, Tweens)

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Gift ideas for the most difficult people on your list – men, adult children, in-laws, and tween boys. And these are all budget-friendly and under $30!

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Let’s go ahead and admit that gift shopping is a lot more fun when you have a lot of money. But even if we did, would we want to spend it all on Christmas?

I love browsing gift guides and giving gifts. But I’m also on a budget. And if you’re here, you probably are too.

So here are a few gift guides for us real people on a real budget. I have gift ideas for all the most difficult people to shop formen, tween boys, adult children, and in-laws!

Every gift idea is $30 or under (many items are less than $10!), and thoughtfully selected using people in my life who know what they’re talking about (like my tween boys and husband with expensive taste).

If you’re looking for budget-friendly, real food stocking stuffer ideas, I got you covered there too. Just go here!

Gift Guide for Tween Boys (Ages 8-11)

Men’s Gift Guide

Maybe it’s your husband or significant other. Maybe it’s your brother-in-law, your adult son, your father who has everything, or your father-in-law you don’t see very often.

Here’s a list of thoughtful gifts under $30 that a wide variety of men would appreciate.

Chris, my minimalist husband who has everything he needs and expensive taste (shopping for him is as fun as it sounds) helped put this guide together, and most of it is items we own or have gifted to other people.

cookbook gift guide

Gift Guide for Cookbook Lovers

Gifts for In-Laws

For the in-laws you don’t see very often or who seem to have everything!

Gifts for Adult Children

Adult children are so hard to shop for. I know because I am one.

Here are some fun and practical gifts for young people who are just starting out, or are struggling financially, or just don’t have a lot of cash to spare.

What You Can Do Now:

Who’s the most challenging person to shop for in your life?

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