DIY Home Projects With Lots Of Potential and Charm

Were constantly on the lookout for new and exciting DIY home projects and ideas that we can share with you which is always fun and exciting. Today however we want to look back and revisit some of our favorite projects, the ideas that usually come to mind when referring to DIY home projects in general. They all have lots of potential and can be customized in a variety of different ways so think of them more as guidelines and concepts.

Chalkboard paint on glass this is the main idea that we want to transmit through this first project. Using chalkboard paint you can transform any picture frame, big or small. Turning the frame into a mini chalkboard is fun and simple and you can then use this as a decoration for your entryway. Also, it could be practical to add something like this to the kitchen so you can have a chalkboard to write notes, lists and recipes on.

Decorate the empty walls in your home with custom-made DIY artwork. Dont worry, we know not everyone is an artist. For the project that we have in mind all you need is some leftover paint, white poster board and foam paintbrushes. Just make something super simple like a bunch of geometric shapes of different colors. Abstract art doesnt need to be complicated. This is also a great example of how you can make really cheap wall art.

Colorful furniture is also fun and interesting and this wooden dresser is one of our favorite examples. It has a simple design but it doesnt look boring. You can actually build this entire thing by yourself from scratch if you want to. Alternatively, the design can become a source of inspiration for future makeover projects, whenever you want to refresh an old piece of furniture.

Customizing and reorganizing the interior of your storage cabinets can potentially bring lots of benefits. One particularly great trick is to expand a spice shelf by adding a divider. This way you get to use the entire space and you can create a separate little pull-out drawer for all your tiny containers. On the outside the cabinet would remain exactly the same.

We often tend to forget that we can actually build our own custom furniture from scratch if we want to. Thats very useful when you simply cant seem to find the right design in the stores. Building a desk is really easy, especially if youre a fan of simple and casual designs. A wooden top and a set of hairpin legs is all you need. Other elements such as storage shelves can be added to the DIY desk as needed.

We love DIY projects that just seem to perfectly fit a certain type of space. A good example is this wooden toy box for the kids room. Its a fairly simple build and you can paint it and decorate in lots of different types of ways in order to make it look cute and attractive. What a nice solution for keeping the room clean and organized.

Some projects are meant to make our homes look nice and pretty and others are oriented towards the more functional side of things. These built-in wall garage shelves fit into the second category although thats not to say you cant also make them look good. Its amazing how useful a set of garage shelves can be. They keep items off the floor and organized, easily accessible but also out of the way.

The coffee table which is at the heart of every living room can also be looked at as a potential DIY project. This design is in fact really simple. The top is an open rectangular box with built-in storage. Its supported by four hairpin legs which are very accessible and easy to install. The table looks chic and modern and is the type of accent piece that can fit nicely in a variety of different spaces and decors.

DIY light fixtures can be a fairly controversial subject since not everyone is inclined to work on something that involves electricity. However, theres definitely no reason to ignore the idea before you actually give it a chance. Consider making your own DIY globe wall sconce which would be a fairly simple project. The brass accents look quite elegant in this particular case but of course the design can be customized according to your own preferences.

A good and practical shoe storage system doesnt have to cost a fortune. In fact, it can be super cheap if you choose to build it yourself. That also gives you the opportunity to customize it according to your specific needs. It can all be made using wood, plywood or whatever else you can find. Perhaps you can use some leftovers or reclaimed boards as well.

Yes, we are aware that iPad stands are a thing and can be bought in stores but that doesnt mean you cant also make one yourself. Check out this cool copper pipe stand thats super easy to make. It has an industrial vibe but it also looks pretty chic. You can keep the stand in the kitchen so you can look up recipes and other things while cooking.

If you like to travel and to visit all sorts of places, you might enjoy making a map bulletin board which you can display on a wall. You can use it to keep track of all your adventures by placing pins in every location that youve visited. You can also just use this as an organizer for your workspace. The map is a nice touch and can simply be a design statement.

On a similar note, you can also make a cute embroidered map which you can frame and display around the house or offer to someone as a gift. You can mark on the map a special route or destination that has an important meaning or you can mark the route between your location and someone elses who is far away from home. Its a nice way to stay connected.

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