Brilliant Dollar Tree Organization Ideas Youve Got to Try!

Dollar Tree organization ideas that will blow your mind! Check out these smart, cheap ways of organizing your space using items from the dollar store.

dollar tree organization brilliance

If youre looking for smart ways to organize your space, its always a good idea to start at a dollar store.

Most dollar stores carry a variety of different storage solutions that you can use to inexpensively organize your home.

My favorite dollar store is the Dollar Tree.

A lot of the baskets and bins Ive purchased there over the years have held up just as well as some of our move expensive solutions.

And, if you dont live near a Dollar Tree store, you can order from them online!

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Where to Find Organizing Products in the Dollar Tree Store

Sometimes it can be tricky to find storage items within the Dollar Tree. Theres a LOT going on in these stores, and sometimes it takes patience to find what youre looking for.

Heres how I find storage finds in the store:

  • Walk around the perimeter of the store. Theres usually a section filled with plastic baskets and bins along one of the walls.

  • Check the end-caps. Ive found a lot of storage items not included in the storage section featured on end caps at the ends of each aisle.

  • Look in the bath/closet section. I try to find the hangers, and theres usually more closet/bathroom organization solutions in that area. This is a good place to find fabric storage solutions too.

  • Check the kitchen section. There are a lot of great storage options near the aluminum foil, baggies, etc.

  • Look in the gardening section too! You might be able to find containers that would work for home storage.

If in doubt, ask an employee. They usually know where to direct you, and they can also tell you when your store will get its next shipment of goods.

Cant find what youre looking for? You can order from the Dollar Tree online, and theyll ship it to your store for free.

Dollar Store Organization Ideas

With a little creativity, you can organize your home on the cheap using items from the dollar store. Here's a collection of super smart organization ideas to inspire you!

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This super simple organizing idea will help you organize all of your baseball caps in one place.

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DIY Dollar Store Hair Brushing Station

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Make school mornings a breeze by having hair brushes and accessories in one handy spot!

DIY Dollar Store Homework Caddy

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Never waste a minute searching for sharpened pencils or glue sticks again. Put together this dollar store homework caddy and have school supply essentials ready to go!

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33 Garage Update: Outdoor Toy Organization

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Use colorful bins and baskets from the dollar store to organize toys, gadgets, and more.

Our Chest Freezer Organization System

Organize your entire freezer with color-coded baskets from the dollar store!

DIY Dollar Store Tiered Tray

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This storage solution is so pretty you'll want to have it out on display! Use it for things you need to grab easily.

How to Organize in Style Using Dollar Store Baskets

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Put together a cute organizational system using these free printables, dollar store baskets, and ribbon.

Dollar Store Lazy Susan Organizing Idea

Lazy susans can be expensive, but this dollar store version isn't. Such a clever idea for organizing any area that needs a turntable.

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