Before & After: Our Grownup Playroom Makeover

This Grownup Playroom Makeover is a sponsored post on behalf of Rooms To Go. All opinions are my own.
Ready to turn your little kid playroom into a space the whole family can enjoy?  Get inspiration from our Grownup Playroom Makeover!
When you move from one house to another, you find yourself making what you have work for each room.  That’s the approach we used for our boys’ playroom.  The playroom in our old house had recently undergone an HGTV makeover so we brought what worked perfectly from that room and attempted to recreate the vibe in the new space.

It worked.  Sort of.  The kids didn’t seem to mind.  But that 2 and 4 year old are now 11 and 8.  And, we have a teenager living with us.  And, a new brother… who’s now five, himself.  (Crazy how six years can be that life-changing, isn’t it?)
Grownup Playroom: Makeover Before
BEFORE: All of the open storage means a lot of visual clutter.

BEFORE: This was a fantastic space for the little kids. But they look like giants in these little chairs now!

BEFORE: Laundry baskets are effective for storage, although a bit unsightly. And I have no idea why that wall has been empty all of these years!

Anywho, what started out as a little boy’s room for coloring and legos now needs to be a space for kids big and small.  We wanted to create a space that screams spend time here.  So we headed to Rooms To Go for new furniture, and we got the kids involved in making the room theirs. 

We ALL love the new space.  It’s perfect for cozying up for movie nights.  It’s a great pizza party room for the kids and their friends.  It’s a great family game night room.  We can read in there and the kids still have space for play.  
Want to create a Grownup Playroom in your home?  Here’s how we made this space awesome!

Head to Rooms To Go. 
Y’all, I’m not a shopper.  It really stresses me out.  But if I need to shop, it better be one place and done.  And, that is exactly why I’m lovin’ on some Rooms To Go.  I was able to get all of the furniture I needed in one place.  Need accessories?  They have that too.  I had picked out a few items I wanted to see; my sales person was helpful and made some great recommendations based on my goals for the room.  

Rooms To Go is where I scored all of the items that enabled me to transition our little kid playroom to a full-on Grownup Playroom Makeover.  When I saw the Haden Crossing Slate Sectional, I knew I had to have it.  With deep seating and tons of pillows, it screams family movie night, dontcha think?  I also ordered the Bristow Counter Height Table and Barstools and the Jenna II Off-White Wall Unit which will serve as the focal point in the new room.

Everything was delivered, hassle-free in just two weeks!!!
Get the family involved in the makeover.

I chose a light gray for the room.   I loved that our playroom was a bright and sunny yellow.  But in our new grownup playroom, we needed something a little more “sophisticated.”  The light gray was a perfect choice and everyone pitched in on painting day!  

It was also super helpful to completely empty the room before building it back up again.  This way, as the room was filled back up, we had to decide where it belonged.  Maybe it belonged in our new media console.  Maybe it belonged in one of the boys’ rooms.  Maybe it belonged in the donate pile.  A LOT of items ended up in the donate pile!
Refill the Room, but Leave Room to Grow!
Isn’t this a room you want to hang out in?

The Bristow Counter Height Table means that those sitting at the table can see the screen, too!

Drawers! I’m loving the storage space for all of the video game equipment in the Jenna II Off-White Wall Unit from Rooms to Go!

Grownup Playroom Makeover Finishing Touches

Art! I love collecting original art.  My favorites, happen to be the art my children make.  The magnetic chalkboards let me update the room with their latest creations.  

Plants! I had green plants everywhere in my house… before it was cool!  Does that make me a trendsetter? 🌵🌵🌵

Baskets!  I couldn’t get rid of all of the toys, so these woven baskets are a more aesthetically pleasing way to organize bulky toys than plastic laundry bins.

Blankets!  We’re blanket people in this house.  Lots of blankets means lots of cuddling!
Thank you Rooms to Go! We love our Grownup Playroom Makeover!

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