A complete tour of kids’ bathroom organization ideas + all of the best organizers to make every bathroom tidy

Somehow, the last few days turned into a blogging break. I hadn’t planned on it.

But Monday when I woke up, I was just bone tired. Room renovation aftermath will do that to ya, and truthfully, my body told me I needed a breather after the rec room.

Just time to shut off from the world, get our house back to working order, and recover from a smidge of burnout.

While organizing the kids’ bathroom (because it looked like a bomb went off in here before I got my hands on it), I figured I’d snap a few cell phone pics. Maybe to share and also maybe to have proof it was once organized before the kids “re-organize” it.

I thought maybe it’d be fun in the process to share the tour along with some of my favorite bathroom organizers we’ve used in several areas of our house.

Kids’ Bathroom Organizing Ideas: 1. Acrylic Drawer Organizers
I use these little drawer compartment everywhere… in all of our bathroom drawers, in the junk drawer, in the office. They make every drawer feel twice as big by keeping everything accessible.

Since we have such a narrow sink space, we had to rework a console table to fit this bathroom with vessel sinks, which left these two teeny tiny drawers for storage. But they’re just enough for storing dental items in one and hair items in the other.

By the way, random but these individually wrapped biodegradable toothbrushes are the best to have on hand for guests.

2. Bath Toy Scooper & Storage
This little handled bucket makes scooping toys easy at the end of bath time and has a separate base to catch water as they dry.

3. Lidded Baskets for Sheets
We are very thankful to have this small linen closet in this bathroom or else storage would be pretty much non-existent. We’ve had this pair of lidded baskets for 3ish years that work perfectly for separating our different sized sheet sets.

4. Acrylic Drawers
These little drawers are my favorite for storing small items in plain sight and making them readily available. I keep guest toiletries, spa goods, bath salts, Q-tips, nail polish, and toilet bowl cleaners in ours. I plan to make labels for them, but I didn’t get that far.

5. Lidded Jars
I’ve used these lidded jars all over our house (even at our last house) for years. They come in handy for cotton balls and bar soaps for guests. This acrylic version is better for younger kids if you’re worried about the chance of glass breaking.

6. Deep Handled Canvas Baskets
We have super deep shelving in this linen closet, so I wanted to get baskets that utilized every inch. These do the job for holding extra toilet paper, a humidifier, and washcloths.

7. Caddies
I stuck this small caddy inside one of the handled baskets for storing extra full-size shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, plus hand soap refill and dog shampoo.

This larger caddy is perfect for storing cleaning supplies and toting around the house on cleaning days.

8. Wheeled Light/Dark Hampers
The visual makes it a tad easier for kids to sort their dark and light dirty laundry.

9. Large Handled Woven Basket
I use these little guys everywhere too, but in this case, they’re great for rolling up extra quilts to have ready as backups.

So now that the pictures are taken, it’ll be undone in 5 seconds. But I’m hoping now that everything has a place, it’ll encourage good habits.

I rounded up some of my other favorite bathroom organizers, if that helps at all.

Bathroom Labels Caddy Leather Handled Canvas Basket Stackable Acrylic Drawers MakeUp Organizer Bath Toy Scooper Bin Lidded Jars (for kids, this acrylic version is safer) Metal Towel Ladder Rack Stackable Wire Drawers Acrylic Drawer Organizers Lidded Basket Set Handled Woven Basket Shower Shelf Organizer Wheeled Hamper Storage Bins
There really is something about organizing our home that makes me feel better and gives me the burst of energy I need once I get started. Maybe it’s a sign that spring is finally arriving, but I don’t want to jinx it.

Have you gotten the spring cleaning bug yet? If you do, you wanna come over here and do the rest of our closets? ‘Kay, thanks.

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