12 Clever Ways to Organize LEGO Bricks

These LEGO storage ideas are genius; you might never step on another rogue minifig again

We know, the struggle that is LEGO organization is real. Even if you think you’ve managed to get them all contained, there are bound to be missing pieces that somehow find their way under your bare foot when you least expect it. In order to help you out, we rounded up genius LEGO storage ideas that range from sleek LEGO bags and bins to the ultimate DIY LEGO table. When you’re done looking, check out our other favorite ideas for toy storage.

Give Them a Corner

If you’ve got wasted space in your home, consider making it LEGO HQ. We love how there’s a space to build, pull-out shelves, bins for bricks, and a place for displaying completed sets.

Use Stylish Storage Cabinets

lego storage ideas from The Container Store
Container Store

You don't have to sacrifice style when it comes to storing LEGO. This sharp-looking five-drawer metal cabinet from the Container Store is offered in several bright colors (red, orange, green, aqua, and more). Simply add in some of the drawer dividers, and you've got a place for every last brick.

Available at thecontainerstore.com, $120. 

Stash Them Away in a Storage Pouf

a toy storage pouf is a good LEGO storage idea
Mimish Designs

This stylish pouf is also a storage container! You kids can stash their bricks, zip, and sit! Offered in four colors, the pouf makes a great seat at a play table. 

Available at mimishdesigns.com, $70

Store Them Under the Bed

under the bed LEGO storage idea
The Happy Housie

We get it, you dream of a clean look when it comes to LEGO organization. Whether you’re dealing with a small space or just want to maximize playable square footage, this DIY under-the-bed LEGO storage idea designed by The Happy Housie will make things easy. Just load them in and slide them for a quick, clean storage option.

Buy LEGO Bag Organizers


When it comes to organizing all those LEGO bricks, why not turn to the creators themselves? LEGO Bags is ready to rock your world with three super cool systems you can try out: The 4 Piece Organizer Tote ($50), which features a playmat and three zip bins to keep everything (including those “in-process” projects) in place. We also love the Cinch Buckets ($22) for travel.

Display the Minifigs

a minifig display case is a great LEGO organization idea

We love this minifig display case that’ll hold up to 16 of your master builder’s favorite characters. Baseplates are included inside each individual slot, you can mount it to the wall, place it on a shelf or flat surface, and best of all, each case is designed to look like a LEGO and is stackable, for easy storage! 

Available at Amazon for $35

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Keep Them in a Rolling Cart

a rolling cart is a good LEGO storage idea
courtesy The Container Store

Sometimes your kids will want to build with LEGO in their rooms, sometimes they'll want to build in the living room, kitchen, or wherever else strikes their fancy. An arts and crafts storage cart will also work for their bricks, especially if you find bins to organize the pieces. This one from The Container Store is great because it comes with the organizers included in the total price. 

Available at containerstore.com, $87

Keep Track of the Instruction Manuals

a cool LEGO storage idea for instruction manuals
My 4 Misters & Their Sister

Now that all the bricks have a place, find a spot for those building manuals, too. Believe us, once one of those suckers disappears, the chances of re-building that set are slim to none. We love the simple but brilliant idea from My 4 Misters & Their Sister. Even busy parents (meaning all of us!) can manage this one. 

Cut the Cord and Keep Them in a Bag

Swoop Bags

If we're being honest, we know that even the best-laid-out LEGO organization idea is no match for a kid who isn't in a hurry to pick up and put away. Everything—eventually—winds up mixed all together, so make it easy on yourself by ordering a few Swoop Bags. These bags have a six-inch edge to help contain small pieces, are offered in small, medium, or large (this one doubles as an activity mat), and you can choose between all sorts of fun colors like royal blue, green grass, sunshine, and Seattle gray. Basically, it's a storage and carryall solution in one! 

Bonus: It comes with an easy pull cord that doubles as a carrying strap. 

Check out the entire stock over at Swoop Bags

Create the Ultimate DIY LEGO Table

IKEA lego table is a good way to store lego
That Mommy Blog

LEGO bricks are something kids love all the way through to middle school and beyond. When Michelle from That Mommy Blog was looking for a storage solution for her son’s exploding brick collection, she came up with this ingenious adjustable height LEGO table and storage unit, which can be used forever! We love the fact that Michelle covered one side of the shelf with green baseplates, and left the other smooth for the option of building without baseplates. For step-by-step instructions, visit That Mommy Blog.

Use a Bead Organizer Box for the Tiny Stuff

use a tackle box for lego organization
Gabby Cullen

Ever notice that LEGO sets come with a bit more, well, stuff, than when you were a kid? Yeah, us too. Using a tackle or jewelry-making box (snag one at your local crafting store) with tons of tiny compartments makes it easy to have a place for each little accessory: from food to sidekicks, tools, and more. We like this bead organizer for just $9 from Michaels. 

Go Basic with Plastic Bins

using bins are a good LEGO storage idea
Heidi Kundun via Happiness is Homemade

Forget fancy LEGO organizing systems. Get yourself to the local DIY store, pick up a package of plastic bins, and just like that, you’ll have an easily accessible solution to your kid’s brick collection. Get the detailed list of what you’ll need Happiness Is Homemade