What to Pack In A Carry On: For Boys!


Traveling with kids is all about strategy. I finally feel like I'm hitting the level of expert in mom traveling and I'm all for sharing the knowledge. 

Gray has tried and tested so much of this list and gives me his honest feedback, like all children haha. We have books, electronics, items for comfort (for them and us), and all-around convenience. Different price points that can accommodate all family budgets! 
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1. Fire Tablet: I've said it before, the Fire Tablet is absolutely amazing! Built-in functionality allows you to pick and choose which games and shows are permanent on the tablet. No need to constantly have to restart shows or games for the kids. With wifi, you can download more games, stories, or shows. The parental controls are easy to follow and very specific if that’s what you need. 

2. UNO: This UNO card set is great for small spaces on the go. It's a simple enough game that a great range of ages can play and enjoy. I love that it comes in a little tin case for storage. 

3. Extra Chargers & Charging Bricks: Extra Chargers and Charging Bricks are essential for your carry-on. If you're traveling with tablets and cell phones you want to make sure you have access to a full charge and have the tools to make that happen depending on your form of transportation. It's also useful to have a backup for mom and dad in their bag. This pack is great for the price. 

4. Minecraft Graphic Novel: Having a couple of books on hand for plane rides and downtime on vacation is necessary. Gray loves his poolside read just as much as I do. I so love it lol. This Minecraft Graphic Novel is packed with a good storyline, an easy read, and fun adventures from the Minecraft games. 

5. Rubik's Cube: If your kids are past the age of leaning into the fidget spinners or cubes I raise you the Rubik's Cube. It is a brilliant distraction for the hands-on long lines, or while waiting in restaurants. Small enough to store and grab on the fly.  

6. Minecraft Travel Puzzle and Logic Game: My son loved this Minecraft Travel Puzzle and Logic Game on the plane. Complete success, it kept him off electronics for much longer than expected. The puzzles were challenging for him but still fun so as to not discourage him from finishing. I also appreciate that there are 40 different beginner, intermediate, and expert-level challenges. 

7. Wireless Headphones: Wireless Headphones are a must for all travels in my household. Let's be real, travel can be very overstimulating for kids and I love that my son can simply slip these on and take a mental break from the hustle and bustle of transportation. Being wireless they will connect to his tablet, they can connect to our phones, and most airlines offer Bluetooth access to connect your own headphones.

8. Pokemon Paperback Book: Another cool Pokemon book that gives tips and tricks to help all aspiring Pokemon trainers learn how to find and catch the most legendary and mythical Pokemon in the world! I'm going to say it's probably a real page-turner for the kids. 

9. Scooter Carryon Suitcase: We were the stars of the airport with our Scooter Suitcases. Not the smoothest on tight turns but luckily an airport is full of long hallways and walkways. These scooters made waiting in long customs lines easier. We moved through big airports without whining or the kids wearing out from all the walking. The scooter board folds flat turning it into a regular rolling suitcase if scootering gets old or is inconvenient. 

Best part was when the kids started to get the zoomies we would find an empty gate and let them scoot around and enjoy. 

10. Phase 10: Phase 10 is a great family card game. Another good choice that appeals to different age groups. It's great for longer flights and we love playing during our family downtime while on destination.

11. Travel Magnetic Shape Puzzle: This Travel Magnetic Shape Puzzle set is for a younger crowd but still great fun. It's more of matching the image with the puzzle pieces provided. Its selling point is that it is an easy activity that kids can enjoy without parental assistance. Great for plane and car rides and restaurants! 

12. Pokemon Chapter Book Series: The Pokemon Chapter Book Series comes with two books in one. If your kids are Pokemon fans then they will love this set of their favorite trainers and Pokemon characters on fun adventures. 

13. Travel Pillow: Travel Pillows are so helpful for little ones while traveling. Sleep and rest can be so inconsistent depending on your itinerary and anything to help them get more comfortable is a clear win for me. This travel pillow can be folded into a small travel bag and clipped onto your suitcase. 

14. Bendable Phone Stand: Phone Stands are simply essential for me now so it's a no-brainer to put them in Gray's carryon. I personally use this Bendable Phone Stand for family movie watching while in flight or during downtime (like while waiting to board) for us to catch a show or listen to some music. 

15. Slim Portable Charger/Power Bank: Since you're going to go through your battery pretty quickly while traveling, I always make sure to have a power bank with me for emergencies. This Slim Portable Charger/Power Bank is easy to store and a lifesaver in moments where you have no access to an outlet for a charge. This charger is great because it comes with different plugs so you don't have to search for your chord.