Weekly Update, 7.13.2020


dress (also come in green) // sneakers // small hoops

Happy Monday, my vacation is officially over and I’m sad but I plan on taking another in September so I have that to look forward to. My week off was amazing and exactly what I needed. I kind of put myself in a bubble, and tried my best to disconnect. I feel like everyday the news just get worse and at this point for my mental health I have to stay away.

I’m still trying to get dressed a few times a weeks so that i can get out of my workout clothes. I shared these sandals in a post a few months ago and could not get them out of my head. Last weekend, while putting a post together for EIWTW, I found them on sale and I did not hesitate to pick them up.

kimono // swim top // shorts

I did make it to the beach and this was my look, I’m loving Jade Swim and would love to pick another set from them.



I got a new pair of workout sneakers at the beginning of the year and they are already destroyed. They were my second pair of Brooks Ghost and I loved them. This time I decided to try something new to me and got the Asics Gel Nimbus, they are equally supportive but look slicker and you are in luck because they are having a great sale right now.

I’ve talked about the LuvScrub and it is truly amazing, the best thing about it is that it makes any little amount of body wash lather so much. So it exfoliate your skin and make your body wash last longer. I’m also currently obsessed with the Necessaire body wash, I didn’t want to love it but it is truly amazing. I got the eucalyptus scent.


Over the weekend, I was craving wings and made a big batch, but the best part of the meal were these potato chips I made with my mandoline slicer. I didn’t have a mandoline for the longest time but it’s really key to get every piece to be the exact same thinness, so they can cook evenly. I coated them with olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh rosemary. If you do want to make them, do not crowd the pan so that the have all the space to get nice and crisp.

I’ve made this recipe so many times and it is truly perfect. I use buttermilk instead of milk every time, I also try my best to do it as quickly as possible so that the butter doesn’t have much time to warm up. It’s a great weekend treat instead of having toasts.


pinky ring // middle finger ring // index ring

My latest mani, here are the colors I’m wearing from thumb to pinky.

  1. Going my way or Norway?
  2. 1 + Alpine Snow, by mixing them on a piece of aluminum foil.
  3. Do you take lei away?
  4. Machu peach-u
  5. Samoan Sand


I haven’t done a new puzzle in a while, I was so excited when this one was back in stock. The colors are so pretty, it’s a fun one to do and it’s only 500 pieces. I did it in two days.


I started I may destroy you last week and I am officially obsessed with Michaela Coel. This show deals with sexual assault, so trigger warning for you.

The new Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix is a hit. I binged this so fast, my favorite episode was the one that happened in France. Thankfully I speak french, I really hate reading subtitles but it’s really worth it if you don’t.

I watched Palm Springs on Sunday and it was a fun movie to watch, not too deep. It’s a rom-com, two people attending the same wedding are stuck in a time loop.

Tomorrow is book review day and it’s my best one so far this year.

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