Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 15th 2021

full moon in taurus

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 15th 2021


Show yourself some love and appreciation

If you want something new you have to try something radical

Just ask!

Let’s talk appreciation and deservedness this week, Aries. And how powerful you feel when it comes to getting or asking for what you want. If there is any shortfall happening deep within you – I am talking about that feeling that you have to ‘settle’ for something less than you know you deserve. Or that belief that you’re not good enough, worthy enough or that the goodies always go to others – this week says time to stop that.

Dare to try the untried!

Ruler Mars is in its ancient ruling 8th along with the Sun and Mercury. Knowing what outcome you want plus a core sense of knowing that yes, this is nothing short of what you are entitled to or how you deserve to be treated, is your starting point. If you want a different outcome you have to dare to try something you’ve never done before. Or else simply speak up and ask for it. This could even be saying No to someone as Mars opposes Uranus in your 2nd on the 17th calling on you to make a radical and perhaps even shocking shift when it comes to your usual way of doing things. Hey – you’re the sign associated with warrior-like boldness. Work that signature superpower!

We’re in eclipse weather now and this week’s partial lunar eclipse at the time of the full Moon in your 2nd is a foretaste of the eclipse cycle across your 2nd/8th houses which dominates next year. This eclipse may reveal areas where you are not being appreciated or given the recognition and rewards you are due. Look carefully as we know eclipses conceal – this one only partially so you have part of the picture.

It could just boil down to someone around you taking you for granted. Only you can change this up by showing them this isn’t on. Venus which rules your 2nd sits in your 10th of all things rewarding but also the house where we determine how we are seen, recognised and perceived. It trines Uranus in its ruling house/sign on the same day as the eclipse. Don’t be afraid to shake things up Oliver Twist style, Aries. And simply ask for more.

In a nutshell: What you feel you deserve and how you are treated by others is all wrapped up in this week’s full Moon eclipse enigma, Aries. Are you being loved and/or rewarded the way deep down you know you should be? Is it time to ask for more?


Engage with the love evolution

Share your soul

Reconnect to beauty and delight

This week’s partial eclipse of the full Moon in your sign on the 19th is a foretaste of themes next year’s eclipse cycle is set to deliver, Taurus. It has two parts. You as part of a double act, duet, duo or duel. And you as you and your connection to pure delight, beauty and appreciation. So, take it you are working on relationships. Your relationship to a key person and your relationship to yourself and your connection to the material and physical world.

You have the Sun, Mars and Mercury in your 7th which could see you in search of more meaning in your primary connections or looking for one that delivers that! You seek depth, meaning and an openness to sharing. Above all, you need to feel safe, seen, treasured and able to drop all pretences and to be who you are. And expect the other party to do the same.

Take things slowly under this eclipse if you are just starting out. Mercury and Mars both in your 7th make for candour when it comes to conversations. You open up and are fearless around sharing. Ensure the other party is equally truthful and this always takes time to emerge under an eclipse. However, if it’s no longer working you will be equally honest now. And should be if you are coming from your truth.

Freedom, love, beauty and truth evolve your soul

Ruler Venus in your 9th aligns to Uranus in your sign the same day as the eclipse occurs. By now you know Uranus is leading you into the new love evo/revolution. It wants you to experience whatever freedom to love means for you personally, Taurus. In whatever form this takes. This may begin with a conversation you initiate this week and flow on from there. Connect to that love experience this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: To have more of anything, appreciate what you already have. This week’s eclipse shows you that the more you love, the more you have to love. And the more love you get. A connection undertakes a radical evolutionary twist as a result.


Give yourself the power of the KISS – principle

Follow that feeling

What you need to know emerges

Mercury in your 6th is operating on the K.I.S.S principle now (Keep it Simple, Stupid!). So, do just that under an eclipse in your 12th house which occurs at the time of the full Moon on the 19th.

This is a partial lunar eclipse in your house of hidden truths and secrets. And also searing intuition and soul knowledge! So, you have a piece of the puzzle, but not the entire picture – yet. A bit like doing a jigsaw but someone took the main picture on the box so you are having to piece it together without it.

Now, the KISS hack is simply observing the eclipse rules very much like you do the retro ones. That way you emerge with the element of truth intact or what you need to know. Keep a close eye on anything happening around your work, career or wellbeing as the day before the eclipse occurs you have Mercury shine a light on Neptune ruler of your 12th in your 10th. This could provide you with a glimpse of what is really going on.

The truth begins within

Eclipses just are. They are neutral. They can just as easily contain wonderful surprises as anything not quite so nice. This one says there is something you need to know – one way or the other. The eclipse rules tell you to try not to make decisions or jump to the obvious conclusions under them. And also that the truth will always emerge. Because this is a lunar eclipse your emotional ‘gut’ feeling is probably your best guide. Even if it defies logic or the facts initially. That’s another simple rule to follow.

The day of the eclipse also sees Venus in your change sector trine Uranus in your 12th. Uranus rules revelations and also awakenings. Awakening to the truth is what sets us free. That’s the simple truth of this eclipse for you, Gemini.

In a nutshell: A week to go old school and keep it oh-so-simple, Gemini. The truth boils down to this simple premise. You’ve got a glimpse of it at the time of the eclipse. Follow the rules and your gut for the bigger picture.


Don’t give in to confusion

Stay connected to your soul compass

Opportunity or love arrives in disguise!

When ruler the Moon is eclipsed you experience emotional uncertainty and confusion. It’s like Cancer Interrupted when you can no longer rely on the wisdom of your emotional compass or tune into what others are feeling.

The eclipsed full Moon in your 11th on the 19th is only a partial one. So take it you have a splash of insight into something and don’t be distracted by someone else’s denial or explanation if your own gut tells you different! This eclipse hits friends, groups, contacts, networks, the internet, associations, clubs, bands, unions, movements and anything you are involved with on a larger social scale. This is also your house of the future and where your goals are born, nurtured and manifest.

A goal could change or enter a key stage. Uranus is the ruler of this house and just happens to be in residence. Uranus always asks us to keep an open mind. And this is merely the best strategy under an eclipse as we yet to have all the facts. Or to see people or situations for what they really are. Please don’t jump to conclusions as to what someone is thinking or feeling under this eclipse. You may literally have it all wrong. If you are uncertain there is only one way to be sure – ask them.

Be open to something different

Also – don’t judge a book by its cover under it either. Eclipses are neither good nor bad. And thinking that what’s hidden is a nasty surprise simply isn’t true either. This day sees Venus in its ruling 7th trine Uranus in its ruling house. So, we way these two are having a conversation. Uranus likes to surprise us however. But Venus simply wants us to have a beautiful experience. Someone with a pivotal role to play in your future could appear. But you may not know what that is. Don’t dismiss them. If you do get a gut feeling around an existing connection however, stay with that. A friendship could require your attention. If a name just popped into your head – that’s your compass pointing in the right direction.

In a nutshell: This week’s eclipsed full Moon asks you keep an open mind, Cancer. Sometimes love or other benefits arrive in disguise. One particular friend or group may require your extra special brand of caring.


Protect that rep!

Be transparent

Get ready to make your best ever impression

A week to guard that reputation and to be aware at all times of how you come across to others. Especially bosses, VIP’s, gatekeepers and people in positions of influence or authority, Leo. Also remember the internet is forever. Yes, anything you put out there stays there. So simply ensure that its nothing you wouldn’t be happy for anyone to find.

This week brings you a preview of what Eclipse Season 2022 is set to deliver. Next year sees the eclipses occur on your 4th/10th house axis. And this week hands you a partial lunar eclipse on the day of the full Moon in your 10th (19th). Like the Cancerians next door, you are particularly sensitive to eclipse energy as your ruler is always involved. However, unlike a solar eclipse when the Moon blots out that shining Leo energy, a lunar eclipse has your ruler casting the shadow of the earth across the surface of the Moon. So, that makes you piggy-in-the-middle from your earth-bound perspective.

Showcase what you stand for

It’s therefore very important to ensure others know exactly where you are coming from now. Don’t hold anything back. And if there is something someone needs to know – don’t keep this to yourself. This eclipse for you is all about ownership and transparency. Even owning your mistakes. Truth telling is favoured. If you neglect to follow this simple rule you may discover the truth emerges anyway – leaving you with a lot of explaining to do.

So, be your radiant, shining, 22 carat self this week and adopt a ‘What you see is what you get’ approach. That gold standard of yours could just open doors as the day of the eclipse sees Venus in your work sector trine Uranus also in your 10th. The opportunity to make that lasting impression in the very best way possible, Leo. When it comes to success – out of the shadows and into the light this week.

In a nutshell: This is not week for half-measures, Leo. Or for not sending others a clear message when it comes to what you’re about – and all you have to offer. Bring your best game – and best face forward.


Ideas kick start opportunity

One conversation or piece of news opens up fresh possibilities

That retro rule book comes in handy at other times too!

You’re firing on all cylinders this week, Virgo. You’ve ruler Mercury in its ruling house along with the Sun and Mars. Ideas, getting your point across, writing, the internet, design and doing business as well as how you get around feature. Time to submit, launch, apply, vlog, share, podcast or simply engage as much as you possibly can.

This week hands you a superb trine between your ruler and Neptune in your 7th. One conversation or interaction takes on a deeper significance for you. You’re welcoming in anything that allows you to explore the potential between you and another.

Check that internal compass before setting off

We also have a partially eclipsed full Moon in your 9th on the 19th. If travelling, there is something you don’t yet know about where you are going or who you are meeting. You’ve insight and a feeling to go on however. Perform checks very much as you would on a Mercury retrograde.

But just don’t assume what’s wrapped up in the shadows is necessarily negative. The 19th also brings you the element of the unexpected surprise as Venus in your 5th trines Uranus also in your 9th. A chance to be noticed, an opportunity, solution or stroke of luck could put a better spin on your week. But look back and you may see this stems from something you yourself set in motion. But then – that’s what kick-starts so-called luck, Virgo.

In a nutshell: You’ve got that retro rulebook memorised by now. Funny how it can come in useful at other times too. This week’s eclipse for instance could show you that knowing things can change or that you may not have all the insight you need, can be used to your advantage, Virgo!


Focus on beautiful assets

Your biggest asset is time for what you want to do

Abundance thrives on appreciation

The focus is on your money, income and resources this week and your link to the material world. Like your fellow Venus ruled sign Taurus (your 8th house of ‘other’ money), you are hard-wired in this lifetime to appreciate beauty. Art, music, design and the beauty of the natural world around you. You understand these things are an essential part of the human experience. And you need them just the way you need air and water.

Whenever you feel frazzled or unsettled, you may have noticed how time spent in nature or appreciating the creativity around you, recharges you and restores your balance. That ability to either engage in the creative process yourself or to take time to appreciate the beauty around you, is also your key to engaging with abundant flow. Bear this in mind this week when dealing with money matters or changes under the partial lunar eclipse on the 19th – in Taurus strangely enough, and your 8th.

Make time for beauty

Ruler Venus is about to remind you along with Uranus (also in your 8th), that it’s not so much about how much you have, but your ability to appreciate what surrounds you. And how you value what you have or even just the time you take to let beauty into your life. Carve it out now and prioritise it. If you are engaged in negotiations or money matters please read the fine print carefully. If this involves property purchasing, ensure you get a survey. A new beginning is lying ahead for you this week. Perhaps one that gives you more time to simply be and appreciate the beauty in your life. That’s a good place to begin now, Libra.

In a nutshell: What’s truly important to you is hidden in the heart of this week’s eclipse, Libra. It may be more than just what money can buy you. It could simply be more time to appreciate beauty and let in love. You can access that rich feeling without having to break the bank now.


Take a ‘You + Me’ approach

Find that sweet spot

What’s the missing element in love?

This week’s eclipse – a partial lunar one at the full Moon in your 7th on the 19th, gives you a foretaste of what the eclipse cycle of ‘22 has in store for you, Scorpio. You are of course in your birthday cycle where your desires for the coming year, your plans and expectations are in the spotlight. Now, throw into the mix your needs vs. your needs in a relationship and those of the other party.

Find the sweet spot

So, this is all about striking that perfect balance. Ancient ruler Mars in your sign hands you that sexy self-assurance and go-getting self-confidence. Your passionate intent propels you forward in search of that true intimate intensity. While Mercury also in your sign hands you the words to express this.

Just ensure that in your determination to go for it, you don’t ignore the other party’s needs. Which is where that balance comes in. Balance is a complex element in our relationships and one we have to work hard to maintain. The sweet spot and also the person who helps us find and maintain that.

This week also has you looking at whether there is an imbalance due to a missing element. Singles could identify what this has been in the past – so know how to spot it in the future. If you are settled then this week’s discussions may revolve around living arrangements, moves or lifestyle changes. Venus in your 3rd trine Uranus in your 7th opens the way into new possibilities or a game-changing conversation starter. Ensure you embrace the balance of being two if that’s your chosen goal this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Finding that perfect balance so you can fulfil your needs yet be part of being two and meeting another’s needs requires work, Scorpio. This week sees you wanting to explore that either via your existing partnership – or in becoming two for the future.


Decide what needs to be released

Work on wellbeing

One door closes while another swings wide

You’re now a week away from new beginnings and the start of your birthday season, Sag. Chances are you are in the process of re-booting your signature optimism and already making those plans for 2022.

You have the Sun, Mercury and most importantly Mars in your 12th making this a week of peak energy and a desire to bring through changes. Before this can happen, there may be one or two finishing touches you need to make around what you need and what does and doesn’t support you. Now, you may have already begun this work having identified something that was no longer serving you back in August/September. This week closes that door for good.

No more avoidance tactics

Conversations will be had and actions taken if you have been putting these off, Sag. This week shows you what does you good – and what doesn’t. And will have you face to face with anything you’ve shoved aside or been in denial over. Focus on your work and your wellbeing and anything that impacts on these areas as we have a partial lunar eclipse in your 6th on the 19th. It’s all about how something makes you feel – and its emotional impact on other areas. Such as that sinking feeling when you see someone’s name come up on your screen for instance. Or that habit you know deep down inside isn’t good for you but it provides temporary soothing.

Begin instead to focus on renewal and shedding anything that honestly doesn’t contribute to how you feel in a positive way. You have Venus in its ruling 2nd boosting your overall self-worth trineing Uranus in your 6th connecting you to your values and what money simply can’t buy you. Peace of mind, meaning, vibrancy, wellness being top of that list. There’s your focus, Sag. Anything that takes away from that – you know what to do!

In a nutshell: You’re days away from your brand new cycle. Feel that optimism and big dreams return. Time to deal with any minor issues which might still slow you down, Sag. No more procrastinating. Ditch anything between you and that vision now.


Discover what you need where you least expect it

Change your image – electrify that attraction

New wrapper – even more delicious contents!

Lovers, children, young people, creative self-expression, fun, pleasure and good times. All ruled by your 5th house. What’s missing for you in one, some or a mix of these areas could be on offer this week. But where it can be found may not be immediately obvious.

This week tells you to think different, act different and above all, look somewhere new and different to fulfil those desires, needs or goals. If you want a different outcome you have to make a different choice. It’s that simple. Or does the chocolate have a different wrapper but always taste the same? It’s a week to do what you do best – look back at your past efforts and be honest about whether you got the result you wanted or not. Owning that you are the common denominator is always the breakthrough moment. Here’s yours.

Unwrap the power of attraction

Venus in your 1st is the ultimate astro makeover. And cosmic attractor for that matter. Take it that anyone or anything that crosses your path under the eclipse and the alignment which takes place between Venus and Uranus also in your 5th on the same day, attracts to you exactly what you need to break free of past patterns that have brought you nothing but the same result. Impatient for the results? Project a different image or energy to attract something equally electrifying in return.

The eclipse in here is a tantalyzing foretaste of the themes next year’s eclipse axis across your 5th/11th houses has in store for you. Sure eclipses cover up and conceal. It doesn’t automatically follow what’s hidden within them is necessarily negative. This one tells you there’s a new emotional outcome just waiting to make itself known. Expect the unexpectedly freeing which brings you a different taste in a whole new wrapper.

In a nutshell: Craving a different outcome, Capricorn? Perhaps your tastes have changed or evolved. This week invites you to get a taste of a new experience. There’s something different about the whole package on offer this week.


Worldly ambition vs. inner satisfaction. Yes, you CAN have both

Deal with issues in the moment

Make self-care your priority

Your public image and nurturing, soft private persona vie for your attention this week, Aquarius. You may feel pulled in two equally compelling directions. The Sun, Mercury and Mars in your 10th of career and achievement trigger Jupiter in your 1st and ruler Uranus in your 4th. So, there’s this push/pull between the desire to achieve and the equally important need to cuddle up and gather those loved ones close. Or merely to nurture yourself and look to those needs now.

Something close to home may in fact be calling out for some TLC. Or is that your inner need to cocoon and self-care that’s demanding you give it serious attention now? This week tells you that you can attend to both worldly success and those emotional needs and you don’t have to choose between them. Or shouldn’t have to. And if you feel one is being sacrificed for the other then this week’s eclipse may hold the long term answer for you.

Know your price

If something comes to a head this week, please deal with it and don’t allow the issue to continue into ‘22 when the eclipse axis of the entire year triggers your 4th/10th houses. Especially when your ruler Uranus is in your 4th. The question at the heart of all this is what is really important, Aquarius? What is or isn’t for sale at any price when it comes to love, the people you care about, your true calling or even the place you call home? This week tells you to determine that or count the cost of not doing it.

Venus in your 12th provides the creative insight you may need while ruler Uranus tells you not to be afraid to temporarily upset the apple cart if it results in something so much better and satisfying. Not just for you but for all concerned. Home is where the heart can be itself, your sanctuary and nurturing temple or space. This week enables you to create or better that on some level. Move in to something so much more emotionally sustaining without having to ‘sell out’ or sacrifice another area to get it.

In a nutshell: You don’t have to sacrifice what’s close to your heart to make it in other ways. Aquarius. Not if you know what you are and aren’t willing to sacrifice at any price. Your value system makes it easy to ensure your heart and the outcome you get, meets your needs – and those of others too.


Step into a new cycle

Make that missing connection

Leave the familiar behind

The Sun, Mercury and Mars all in your 9th points to movement, travel, release and opportunities in the making for you this week, Scorpio. The day before an eclipse occurs in your 3rd, Mercury’s trine to ruler Neptune could herald the beginning of a real or metaphorical learning journey you are about to undertake.

If you are travelling this week, please fallback on the tried and trusted Mercury retro rules. Mercury is very much in direct motion. But what may give the week a strange retro flavour is the partially eclipsed full Moon in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 19th. As you know, eclipses hide things. This is only a partial cover-up so you could just be minus one piece of information but it could make all the difference – such as making or missing a connection for instance. So, just double check everything to be certain.

Take a chance on something new

Next year’s eclipse cycle plus the Nodes will be across your 3rd/9th houses. Adventure or something bigger is calling you from this point onwards. An opportunity may ask you to leave what you know behind and step into unknown territory or try something new for a change. The question is – are you willing to take a chance?

Friends and contacts – past, present and potential feature so look to who is in touch or who crosses your path in the two days either side of the eclipse. Venus trines Uranus in your 3rd from Uranus’s ruling 9th the day the eclipse happens. News which connects you to another party has the potential to send your future along a new path or offer entrée into that unknown but enticing territory I spoke of. Even if you’re not sure what it holds immediately – consider saying yes anyway, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Often what holds the biggest potential for us isn’t the most obvious choice. This week asks you to take a chance on someone or something. Opportunities like angels can appear in disguise. You’ll never find out without taking that all important leap of faith, Pisces!



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