Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 15th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 15th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 15th 2021


Finishing touches give birth to new beginnings

Be a 24 carat minted version of you

Don’t settle for less than the Big P

Time to wrap things up while simultaneously planning for new beginnings, Aries. We are a month away from your birthday as the Sun lands in your house of soul secrets on the 18th. Look back at what you began almost 12 months ago. If it is still unfinished then either complete it now or consign it to the past under ‘Learning Experiences’. And put that knowledge into something new.

The new you is emerging as Ceres enters your 1st on the 21st. This is the same day as Mercury heads direct once again in your house of the future – your 11th. It’s time to focus on your values and the things you hold dear. The Gold Standard of your soul if you like.

Stand by You

This week brings two squares and squares always bring us something to ‘push’ against so we can grow. The Saturn/Uranus square of the 17th is one of the most important of the year. It will also be in orb for a while. What values you identify with, what you will stand by no matter what, will define 2021 for you. And also how others see you. So, know what these are and stick to them.

The Venus/Mars square on the 19th has a very different feel. It stirs up passions one way or another. But with Mercury about to head direct – it’s an opportunity to go after what you want. To get it of course, you have to know what that is. Think value-added passion this week, Aries. And don’t settle for less.

In a nutshell: Heightened feelings tell you that passion has to be present now for you to be truly invested. Stand by those emotional beliefs. And what you know is right for you this week.



Think before acting

Recognition and rewards stem from that track record

Fire up that ambition!

Choose your path and your battles carefully this week, Taurus. Diplomacy and discretion are the hallmarks of not only valour, but success for you now. Above all, be aware of how you are coming across to others. Particularly superiors at work or people in positions of authority and influence. This is not a week for cruise control. But a week for a serious, considered approach and knowing what it is you want to achieve.

You will feel the impact of the Saturn/Uranus square on the 17th in a big way. Not only is this one of the most important tensile transits of the year for all of us, but for you it could bring a status enhancing opportunity which springs from past efforts. Provided you remain aware of your pubic/professional image and reputation at all times.

It’s a passion, not a procrastination mind-set

We also have ruler Venus in your Now Age 10th squaring up to Mars also in your 1st on the 19th. With the Sun now in your 11th from the 18th, take the time to look back at what you have achieved so far. And then use this energy to go after what you want for your future with fresh determination.

Mercury heads direct in your 10th from the 21st. The same day as Ceres arrives in your 12th. Any deal on the table now either personally or professionally may call for a compromise on your part. This is all about your ability to do that and be seen as someone willing to be flexible and incorporate the wishes of other in your plans. The result can only enhance your stock and send it higher.

In a nutshell: Know what it is you want this week, Taurus. And when going after it, take a cooperative and diplomatic approach. Above all, really want it. No half measures when it comes to desire.



Changes set 2021 in full motion

Don’t resist

Soul shakedowns make room for what’s missing

Changes that are ultimately designed to lead to freedom are your theme this week, Gemini. First, ruler Mercury finally heads direct in your freedom-inciting 9th from the 21st. However, it’s not just this that is designed to propel you up, up and away from what confines or restricts you.

Now Age Saturn squares evolve-your-soul Uranus in your 12th on the 17th. This is one of the most important squares of the year for all of us. It will also remain in orb for some time. You will either intuitively know change is on its way. Or it will catch you unawares. No matter what form it appears in, you have to understand that its ultimate goal is to free you from something that keeps you stagnant, stuck or is simply lived out.

Shake down to shake free of what holds you back

Hanging on to ‘the way things were’ – which is what Saturn likes, won’t happen now it is in future-focused Aquarius and your 9th. Also, this square involves Uranus ruler of Aquarius. Which likes nothing more than overturn the status quo. This could even extend to your personal relationships as the second square of the week on the 19th involves Venus in your 9th and Mars also in your 12th. If passion is missing in your union now, expect a shake-up which allows you to bring it back in.

Your ambitions receive a boost this week thanks to the arrival of the Sun in your 10th. Time to look at your career progress over the past 12 months. Or just those personal achievements. Did you achieve what you set out to do? Put finishing touches to projects. Set new goals for the coming cycle. And be prepared to adjust these as Ceres lands in your 11th also on the 21st. Compromise or striking a deal leads to something better. This week sets the future in motion again. Be ready for it, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Bob Marley said it best: There’s gonna be a soul shakedown party. It may come in an unexpected form this week, Gemini. But its designed to free you into fresh potential for 2021!



Be proactive

Go where change wants to take you

Revolutionary develops put goals within reach

Like next door sign of Gemini, you may be at the crossroads of changes this week, Cancer. However, unlike them, it is highly likely these are already in motion and/or you know what form they will take. There is also a high probability these are self-directed. You see the need for them, grasp your empowerment and set events in motion to bring them about.

One of the most powerful tensile squares of the year occurs on the 17th between Saturn in your Now Age change sector and Uranus in its ruling 11th. This could also be about daring to try a different approach when it comes to changes to money, sharing, assets, income, joint financial dealings, mortgages and yes, your intimate relationships too. Taking the bull by the horns – literally in this case as Taurus is your 11th house, and fearlessly tackling something head on. Especially if you have been putting this off. Mercury direct in your 8th from the 21st hands a green light.

Put a new deal on the table

Another square occurs on the 19th. This time between Venus in your 8th and Mars also in your 11th. This could involve your money – especially joint money with a partner. Or a sexual relationship. The theme is about power sharing and new deals as Ceres lands in your 10th on the 21st. A square between Venus and Mars is like a dance of attraction. What are the steps you need to take with someone?

You may need to take the initiative but it will be worth it. The Sun moving into your 9th from the 18th also has you looking at those bigger, wider goals that are behind money maneuvers in the first place. Or again, the goals you share with another. If you can bring anything to completion now – do so. New beginnings are on their way, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Tackling an issue head-on or actively bringing something to a conclusion sets the scene for new beginnings now. And could just set you on a new (and easier) path towards getting what you want, Cancer.



Love or let go

Make that soul choice

Let passion take you somewhere new

Daringly different love, partnerships or outcomes between you and another are possible now. This could cut across the entire spectrum of duos and double acts you can possibly imagine. Yes, I’m talking Now Age love, Leo. That loaded 7th house alight with so much you and someone else potential.

Whichever key relationship is in focus this week – be it between you and your boo, your boss, your bestie, your business partner or that in-your-face individual you simply cannot abide, expect a lasting and dynamic shift. This doesn’t just include present connections. But past and potential too.

Love goes full circle

The biggest tensile angle of the year forms between Saturn in your 7th and Uranus in your 10th on the 17th. In or out? To change or not? To commit or walk away? These could be the choices before you. Venus also in its ruling 7th squares Mars in your 10th on the 19th. Plus, between these two squares, your ruler the Sun shifts into your house of empowerment, rebirth and change on the 18th. Opting for a different choice than what you have made in the past is one outcome. Especially when it comes to entering into something new.

When it comes to the past – it’s time to close a chapter and step forward into new beginnings now. This includes hanging on to the past. Regrets, recriminations and self-blame are what need to be left behind there now. Ceres in your 9th from the 21st – the day Mercury heads forward in your 7th once more, says whatever new deal is on the table it’s guaranteed to free you and hand you an opportunity. Bigging up that love or relationship choices is what your future wants for you, Leo.

In a nutshell: The Now Age is all about togetherness, Leo. Duos and double acts of all descriptions. Love may look different or want to take you somewhere you’ve not been before. Embrace the change this week.



Weave some practical magic

Love gets a grand design makeover

No more talk – just action!

Ruler Mercury heads direct this week from the 21st. Despite the retroactive factor, this cycle should have handed you fresh starts or a way forward with those every day, best life plans.

You will be asked to set these in motion or back them up now. This week is about pushing through barriers and taking action. The time for talking and planning is now well and truly over. Work with all you have at your disposal in the present moment.

Be in the Now. Act in the moment.

And please, don’t fall into the waiting for a better time to act trap. Because that’s an excuse we use when we want change but are afraid to claim it. Usually because deep down we feel we don’t deserve something better. Harness the power of the present instead.

Uranus is the planet of the future but Saturn is all about the here and now and working within what we have. So, practical future magic in other words. The square between Saturn in your Now Age 6th and Uranus in your 9th is one of the most powerful transits of 2021. It will also remain in orb for some time. Your willingness to take evolutionary steps around work, study, habits, wellbeing and routine paves the way for opportunities and freedom. Break through to break free.

Everyday Love is Being Present

Appreciating and working with what you have right now rather than what you may have in the future, brings you a sense of satisfaction and puts you back in the flow of life – and love. We all know the Now Age is about creating an everyday life to fall in love with. But this also includes having someone to love.

The second square of the week happens the day after the Sun shines a light on partnership matters when it enters your 7th on the 18th. This is between Venus in your 6th and Mars in your 9th. So, the love that’s with you day in day out. Not the occasional, passionate splurge. Look to who or what provides this for you in the here and now. If there is no one special for you at the moment, then understand creating something better for yourself is what clears the way for this to happen. Ceres in your 8th from the 21st says a better balance results if you do.

In a nutshell: That best ever life is all about clearing space for what’s missing in it, Virgo. But not about getting so fixed on it you don’t enjoy what you have right now. But plans need action now – not talk.



What’s missing?

Magnetise your desires

Attraction and sudden change send you down a new path

Children, creativity and yes, magnetic and powerful sexual and alchemical attractions make for a potent mix this week, Libra. One word of warning – if the patter of little feet is not part of your game plan right at this moment, then please take extra precautions to prevent this happening. That being said, benefits could flow to you via connections with children or simply those younger than you.

Something Wild and Freeing

Romance and passion are what you are seeking to capture now. This could form a missing piece of a larger puzzle linked across your entire love, work, partnership sector. It may be bigger than just one person. Look at what is missing for you. And whether or not you are looking to one person to fill multiple gaps in your life. The biggest transit of the week for all of us is the Saturn/Uranus square of the 17th. This high tensile angle between these two – heavyweight Saturn in your house of pleasure and playfulness, at odds with Uranus which wants your freedom. If you are not getting that, sudden changes or even wild attractions bring an opportunity to your door.

How ready are you to embrace change no matter what it looks like? It’s okay to want more and not feel guilty about that, Libra. Ruler Venus in your 5th also squares Mars on the 19th. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want. Sudden, hot lightning strike desire could see you suddenly enraptured.

Time to look at your daily habits and ask whether they support you – or not. Does your routine leave you feeling energized and accomplished? Or drained and wondering where the days have gone? Have a review as the Sun lands in your 6th on the 18th and then Mercury which rules this house, finally shifts direct again in its other ruling 3rd on the 21st. Sometimes we are unaware of the rut we have fallen into. Until we look back at the time before it happened.

Ceres in your long-term partnership and love zone also on the 21st points to a new dawn, day or deal between you and someone else. That past, present or potential partner for instance. This could just fill that gap you’ve been unaware existed – until now.

In a nutshell: Review those daily habits and that routine. Support structure or rut, Libra? The unexpected could act like a wake-up call showing what’s been missing. Love fills the empty space this week.



Avoid knee jerk reactions

Channel energy into home improvements

If it’s hot you know it!

Hot or not? There’s also a saying about fools rushing in, Scorpio. If you are locked down with that long term love, then this week asks you to keep your cool if possible. Uranus and ancient ruler Mars in your 7th are making narky, snarky angles to 4th house planets. The main one being the Uranus/Saturn square on the 17th. This will be in orb for a while.

The best use of this energy is to voluntarily initiate changes and make these joint ones with your partner or even those you live with. Anything to do with improving or moving your home. Especially as Mercury heads direct in your 4th on the 21st. If you do find yourself getting irritated – channel your energy into these areas even if this is a solo activity. And if you can, wait to vent.

Spark or Slow Burn?

The other risk as the Sun lands in your 5th from the 18th is you get all excited over nothing. Especially as it is followed by the Venus/Mars square on the 19th. Past, present and potential partners are in focus. Just pace yourself. And if you are getting all hot and bothered ask yourself if it (or they) are really worth it?

You’ll have a much more considered approach to work, your daily routine, habits and wellbeing thanks to Ceres in your 6th from the 21st. This is real ‘one step at a time’ energy. A wait-and-see-count-to-three could be your best option whether it’s around love or business now. No rush, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Those lockdown feelings demand a release this week, Scorpio. So, take action especially when it comes to domestic matters. When it comes to love – go for the slow burn, not the flare that fizzles!



Sudden, surprising and new directions appear

Say what needs to be said but take your time replying

Get a new deal on love

Work, business, communication, ideas, discussions and plans all feature this week. And when it comes to plans – be flexible. Above all, consider your reply before responding. So, this week, watch for that Sag foot-in-mouth tendency. And know that sometimes no response is the best one. And that taking your time to craft yours gives you the advantage.

The main action this week is centered on your Now Age 3rd and your 6th. Both Mercury ruled. Mercury in your 3rd finishes retrograde in here on the 21st. But is still in retroshadow. If an opportunity vanishes, remember – ruler Jupiter has your back. Wait and don’t panic. Especially if those plans are going awry under the Saturn/Uranus square of the 17th. This is probably the most high-tensile aspect of the year. Plus, it remains in orb for a while. News that arrives may catch you unawares or simply not be what you expected.

Don’t jump to conclusions!

Try to remain an observer if this happens rather than reacting. The themes that emerge or any new project or direction that begins will be with you now throughout 2021. Hence, being adaptive and not judging a book by its cover. The same goes for the Venus/Mars square on the 19th. This can manifest as powerful creative energy which launches something skyward for you. Even if initially it doesn’t appear that way.

Home, business, assets, living arrangements, flatmates if you have them, family matters, will be in focus once the Sun lands in your 4th from the 18th. It’s about more than bricks and mortar. But spiritual ‘belonging’ too. Especially if your home has now become your world lately. The 21st sees new day, new dawn Ceres enter your 5th offering a fresh deal on romance. Time to plant seeds for your future this week. Grow now, bloom later.

In a nutshell: Ideas, work, your routine, how you get around, writing, devices, that day job – one, some or all could change and shift. Your best tactic? Being flexible. And thinking before you reply, Sag.



New money rules

Love needs to balance with values

Change gets you closer to goals

Money, assets, valuables, possessions, income and most importantly of all – your value system. The gold standard under which you operate, Capricorn. Expect to ‘stand by your stock’ this week. You are going to feel the high tensile strength of the square between ruler Saturn in your 2nd and Uranus in your 5th which occurs on the 17th.

This is the first ‘hit’ of what is the biggest square of the year. Because both planets move so slowly, it will remain in orb for a long time. So, what occurs under it will influence you for a long time to come. Uranus wants change. Saturn wants status-quo. But at the same time, it also rules just that – time. As in time for or time’s up. Saturn also sits in what we call the ‘depositor’s’ ruling sign – Aquarius.

Capricorn Family Values

It’s time for new rules for money, income and yes, your values. Saturn wants the old playbook, But it sits in new rules for the Now Age Aquarius. Uranus which wants to break every rule, sits in Taurus the sign of tradition. Add this up and you are likely to experience seismic shifts around what you have, earn and what you hold as valuable to you.

Venus is the ruling planet of your 2nd and from here makes the same angle to Mars also in its ruling sign on the 19th. Lovers past, present, potential need to share your value system. And show you how they value you now. Money talks as Mercury heads direct again from the 21st – but actions speak louder than words when it comes to how you are treated.

The Sun in your 3rd from the 18th sees you unafraid to talk about your aims and your goals. In other words, what you want – one way or another. After the challenges you faced in 2020, 2021 ushers in changes that will put this behind you once and for all. Just accept these have to happen now. New beginnings should appear from the 21st. Not just because Mercury is direct but due to Ceres in your 4th of hearth, path and home. Take ownership of your value system and your goals. You’re on the brink of attainment now, Capricorn and change is what gets you there.

In a nutshell: Now Age values are your gold standard for your future. Lovers need to share these too, Capricorn. Plus your values are linked to your path. Own both now.



Set those boundaries

Break free from the past

Werk your message!

The Now Age for you is all about brand YOU. Literally. Changes and bold new beginnings around personal goals, how others see you, your message, appearance and what you put ‘out there’. The evolutionary revolution has well and truly begun for you.

This week, look to people who may be rubbing you up the wrong way, not know where boundaries are or simply being uncooperative. Because no matter how many buttons are pushed or feathers get ruffled this week, take it they have something to show or teach you. Or you may be two sides of the same coin. If you do find yourself in narkyland, look for common ground instead of simply focusing on your differences.

A new way of doing things for the Now Age

One of the biggest transits of the year for you occurs on the 17th. When ancient ruler Saturn in your 1st squares contemporary ruler Uranus in your 4th. You are being asked to show your growth by responding in a new and different way now. In overturning everything from the expectations of others to the past. Now Age – new world order and way of doing things.

The reaction you choose this week determines a future course for the rest of 2021. This transit will remain in orb for a while. But this is the first and most powerful ‘hit’. And therefore, the most important one. Venus in your 1st makes a second square to Mars on the 19th. This is not quite so impactful but could involve someone not respecting your space. Between these two, the Sun leaves you sign and arrives in your 2nd. This is your house of values. Don’t shy away from showing someone – even a family member, that your space or wishes require respect.

A win/win could emerge from this or you just seeing that someone is merely showing you an hitherto hidden aspect of yourself. Integrate it and you change the dynamic. Within you and between you. Ceres in your 3rd from the 21st can hand you this kind of rebalancing act. And the means to show, not just tell others via how you respond, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: You feel different inside. So, ensure Now Age you doesn’t just look different but acts and responds differently to. Be the emerging force to be reckoned with now – especially when it comes to those who may take advantage.



Heads-up or head in the sand. Which one is it?

One cycle ends as a new one brings an unexpected turn of events

Happy birthday, Pisces!

You either know what’s coming before it arrives. Or else sit there saying: ‘Wow. Didn’t see that!’. I’m not saying this is bad thing. Just that it may take you by surprise. Hey – isn’t that what birthdays are all about anyway?! Surprises!

So, don’t enter into your new cycle this week thinking changes to plans or unexpected developments are a bad thing. In other words – don’t judge the gift by its wrapping paper. It is time to push for or actively embrace changes. In the full knowledge they are designed to gift you with something more meaningful and freeing for 2021. The Sun arrives in your 1st on the 18th and its all about new you, new cycle and new opportunities. Possibly those you set in motion for yourself.

The future is about you and someone else

Back in your loaded 12th house Saturn will make a high tensile angle to Uranus on the 17th. This is one of the most important aspects of the year for all of us. And because both planets move so slowly, it will hang around for a time. You should feel the effect almost immediately however. It’s time to end one cycle and step into a new one of change.

Changes may even involve a past, present or potential partnership or close working relationship. By now you know that the Now Age 12th house energy is packed with opportunities and growth if you allow valuable insights and lessons in. These could be around love, or any kind of double act as Venus also in your 12th squares Mars on the 19th. The news you hear this week sets the scene for 2021. Mercury direct in here points to a move forward. While Ceres in your 2nd tells you what begins now is an investment in self-worth. This birthday – unwrap changes that are gifts.

In a nutshell: The start of your birthday cycle sees you ready to embrace something (or someone) new, Pisces. Insight could hand you the ability to see what’s coming next. Or you unwrap a wonderful surprise that begins an exciting new cycle.




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