Walking Date Essentials

I mentioned in my previous post talking about dates you can do alone and one of the suggestions I made was taking yourself on a walking date which got me thinking maybe I should let you know some essentials you can take on a walking date with yourself. Of course you can go on a walking date with a friend or partner so these essentials can work for any time you go for a walk. 

1. Comfy Walking Shoes
I think this is a pretty obvious thing to take when you're walking but just in case you forget, wear comfy shoes whether it's trainers or walking shoes or converse. Just wear some comfy shoes because there's nothing worse when you're out for a walk and your feet hurt because you wore the wrong shoes so on your next walk maybe don't wear heels. I know this is an obvious tip, but I thought I'd better put it in there just in case you forget. 

2. Rucksack/Backpack 
Whatever it is you call it; this is probably essential not just a walk but for everyday life. I love my little rucksack because it's just so convenient. I love having my hands free when I'm out an about. While I love some off my shoulder bags, they always fall down my arm and it becomes annoying for me. I don't mind a cross body bag, but I prefer a little rucksack on my back because my hands are free. It's hard to explain but I just prefer to have my hands free of a bag. Plus you can fit more stuff in a rucksack and it's just heavy on your back rather than your arms. 

3. A Drink
Sometimes it's nice to have drink when you're out for a walk but usually drinks can be expensive when you're out and about so you may as well make a drink at home. Whether it's a bottle of water or a flask of coffee. One good thing is a lot of places have a refill station where you can refill on water which is pretty great so if it's a hot day when you go for your walk then have a refill station will be a lifesaver and help you stay hydrated. Also taking a flask with a hot drink is also pretty nice, I don't know why there's something just exciting sitting on a bench drink some tea or coffee from a flask. It's just a pretty nice thing to take with you when you go for a walk.  

4. Headphones + Phone/iPod
I don't thing I can ever go for a walk without my headphones and my phone. If you ever see me out and about then usually, I have my headphones in and I'm most likely listening to an audiobook because I just need something to keep me entertained when I'm walking. I cannot go anywhere without my headphones and phone. I just can't do it. The day I forgot my headphones once was a very sad day for me. So definitely a walking essential especially when you're on your own. 

5. Camera
Technically you can use your own phone as a camera, so you don't need to bring an actual camera but it's also nice to take photos on an actual camera. There's plenty of photo opportunities and sometimes it's nice to have memories. Whether you post them on social media or print them out for a photo album or even a scrapbook then you'd always be able to look back on it as an exciting walking date.

6. A Book/Puzzle Book
There's always somewhere to sit when you go for a walk in the park whether it's on a bench, a table, or the grass. Sometimes you just need a sit down so it's always good to bring some kind of entertainment with you. I like to take a book or a puzzle book if I have my audiobook. It's just something nice to do while you're sitting in the sun and enjoying the fresh air, plus you don't feel as lonely if you're by yourself because you have something to keep you entertained. 

7. Sunglasses + Hat
This is definitely something important for the summer which is sunglasses. I always forget to wear mine sometimes or bring them out with me then when I'm out and about so here is a little reminder to bring some sunglasses out with you. Also a hat is good because I have a very sensitive head when it comes to the sun, so I need a hat if I'm going for a long walk. Trust me, even if you think you look silly don't worry about it because at least your head is protected from the sun and you can enjoy your walk even more. 

So there are my little essentials for a walking date. Obviously, there's so many more things you can take with you, but I didn't want to go to crazy. I did a what's in my bag post a few days ago so there's some other things you could bring with you on your walk. 

My question for the day is where do you like to go for a walk? Let me know down in the comments as I would love to hear about them. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I'll be back soon with another post.

See you then.

Megan x 

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