Ugly Holiday Sweaters by Jenn McKinlay

 Jenn McKinlay: Show of hands, who owns one or more of these  delightfully over the top gems? 

This pic is actually from a jigsaw puzzle and I think those are cookies, which is probably the best way to display such holiday hoopla as then you can eat it and destroy the evidence instead of having it live in your closet forever.

Why am I mentioning holiday sweaters? Well, because someone got the great idea to have an ugly holiday sweater party at her friend's book signing. (Yeah, it was me.) Who is the unfortunate friend? Paige Shelton as we celebrate her latest release Winter's End. And, of course, we had to drag in Kate Carlisle as well. 

So, if you want to see our horrific sweaters, we'll be at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore at 2 PM MST today (Saturday, the 3rd) where we are giving prizes to randomly chosen sweater wearers or you can catch the live stream where we are also giving prizes to randomly chosen viewers who post a pic of their sweater in the comments: 

FUN FACT: Ugly holiday sweaters began in the fifties and were called "Jingle Bells Sweaters". I love that! Here's more history if you're interested:

Now confess, Reds and Readers, who owns one? Are you a lover or a hater?