Turn Video Conference Screenshots Into Fun Products

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are spending more time socializing on video conference platforms like Zoom and FaceTime. Events and milestones are now being celebrated virtually, giving friends and family the chance to be together even when they’re miles apart. To celebrate your most memorable video conference moments, take a fun screenshot and turn it into a fun custom product or personalized gift. Whether you’re creating a graduation gift for your classmates or transforming your funniest screenshot into your everyday coffee mug, a unique product made from your favorite photos will make you smile each time you use it.

From keepsakes and home decor to custom apparel, let your personality shine through by adding your special touch to custom-made products. Get inspired by checking out our Shutterfly products that you can make to showcase your favorite video conference screenshots.

Personalized Gifts And Keepsakes

After you’ve taken the screenshots of your best video conference moments, the best way to showcase them is by transforming the images into custom products you’ll get tons of use out of. From photo books to jigsaw puzzles, there are so many unique ways to put your favorite screengrabs on display for you and your friends to enjoy together.

Photo Book

Three small paper photo books.

Compile all of your funniest and most memorable virtual hangout screenshots into a custom photo book you can look back on for years to come. You can personalize a photo book with unique layouts, covers, and decorative embellishments that represent your friend group’s personalities. Don’t forget to add custom text to write down all of your best moments spent chatting on video conference calls. While video conference photo books are fun personalized gifts to make for your friends while self-isolating, they’re also the perfect gift to celebrate long-distance friendships and relationships.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Person putting together a collage puzzle.

Put together your favorite video conference snapshots piece by piece with a custom jigsaw puzzle. Shutterfly offers a vast collection of photo puzzles that showcase your favorite memories in a fun and creative way. Add custom text and fun background colors and patterns to make your puzzle fit your style. Custom puzzles are great gift ideas that your friends and loved ones will have a blast putting together.

Phone Case


Keep your loved ones with you wherever you go with custom phone cases decorated with your favorite screenshots of virtual happy hours and group FaceTime calls. Your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone will stand out from the crowd with its personalized case. You can even make phone cases as holiday or birthday gifts for your friends and family to add a touch of personalization to something they use every day.


Designing personalized drinkware with your best video conference memories will make you smile each time you reach for your favorite drink. Make custom drinkware like wine glasses, beer steins, or water bottles for a unique way to celebrate or stay hydrated. These fun, personalized products are perfect for entertaining guests and make the best housewarming gifts.

Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs.

Custom coffee mugs decorated with pictures of the fun times spent video chatting make for adorable friendship gifts or kitchen accessories. Choose from Shutterfly’s vast collection of mug sizes and designs to create a photo coffee mug that’s uniquely yours. From monograms and photo collages to beautiful watercolors, there are endless options and something for everyone.

Wine Glass

Monogrammed wine glasses.

personalized wine glass is fitting for any virtual happy hour. Customize matching glasses for your friends with cute screenshots from your past video calls to stay connected from afar. Shutterfly offers a variety of themes and designs from florals and stripes to elegant monograms, so there’s a wine glass style for everyone.

Beer Stein

If you prefer beer, customize your own beer stein with pictures of you and your friends. These are the perfect gifts for bachelor parties that may have been postponed or transitioned into a virtual celebration. You can upload your video conference screenshots and add your own text to tell your story. Personalized beer steins are a unique and functional way to display your favorite memories and pictures, and make for unforgettable gifts for friends and family.

Water Bottle

Monogrammed stainless steel water bottles.

Stay hydrated with photo water bottles you can take with you on the go. Celebrate your individuality with a water bottle covered with pictures of your most memorable Zoom moments. Shutterfly’s stainless steel water bottles are BPA-free and are thoughtful gifts for the most active friends in your life.

Home Decor And Desk Accessories

Add warmth and personality to your home with pictures of your friends and family. Decorate your empty walls and desk space with customized wall art and gifts made with screenshots of your best moments. From canvas prints to personalized mousepads, there’s a unique piece of home decor for everyone.

Custom Wall Art

Gallery wall of various canvas and framed art prints

Surprise your friends with customized pieces of wall art made with your favorite FaceTime or Zoom screenshots. Design custom canvas prints, framed prints, metal prints, and more with Shutterfly to make your screenshot masterpiece. Create a photo collage with everyone’s individual picture or feature one photo of everyone on the call. Give your unique wall art as a gift to your best friends or hang it in your home to relive the memories each time you see it.

Pillows & Blankets

Put your unforgettable memories on display with personalized pillows and blankets. You can design your pillows and blankets with any style, color schemes, materials, photos, and text. Simply upload your screenshots to create personalized home decor pieces or housewarming gifts that are both functional and one-of-a-kind.

Desktop Plaques

Framed pictures.

You’ll love seeing your smiling friends’ faces on a desktop plaque that’s perfect for any home or office. Choose from an array of plaque designs, shapes, and sizes to customize one that complements your screenshot and suits your style.

Planners & Notebooks

Keep your friends’ smiling faces where you can see them with custom planners and notebooks. Perfect for everyday use, adding your video conference screenshots will add flair and personality to your notebook or monthly planner. Customize your stationery with fun patterns and designs that suit your style to make a planner or notebook that stands out from the crowd.


Warm up your desk space with a custom mousepad decorated with a photo that makes you smile. If you’ve been enjoying video conferencing for work meetings or company happy hours amid shelter-in-place orders, consider designing a mousepad for your coworkers or employees. They’ll love seeing it on their workspace at home or their desk when they return to the office.


Custom magnets are the perfect addition to any kitchen or office. Take a fun video conference screenshot and showcase your friendships on magnets of all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can even customize magnet sets so you can share more than one photo or split each set up among your group of friends.

Laptop & iPad Cases

What better to place to showcase your video conference screenshots than with the devices used to take them? Customize your laptop or iPad cases with images of memorable happy hours or virtual celebrations. These unique cases are fun, give your tech a cool look, and make a statement.


Create fun and creative custom apparel decorated with pictures of your video conference screenshots. Custom hoodies, socks, and tote bags are fun gag gifts to make for your friends and family. Whether you’re making a custom hoodie for a virtual family reunion or adorable socks for your bridesmaids, make your loved ones laugh with fun pieces of clothing featuring your funniest moments.


Monogrammed socks with pictures.

Create a gift you can laugh at with friends with custom socks personalized with your fun photos. If shelter-in-place guidelines adjusted your bachelorette party plans, add your bridesmaids’ faces to a pair of socks to have a Zoom call celebrating virtually. You can customize photo collages or creative designs to make your pair of socks truly one-of-a-kind.


Make unique gifts for your friends with custom hoodies showcasing your video conference screenshots. With a variety of unique designs, there’s a hoodie style for everyone. Even when you aren’t all together, it will be nice knowing you’re matching with your friends even from afar.

Tote Bags

personalized cotton tote bags

Carry around your personal times in a cotton tote bag decorated with screenshots of you and your friends. Create custom tote bags for you and your loved ones with different colors, patterns, and designs so you can all coordinate. Whether you’re carrying books, gym clothes, or groceries, you’ll love carrying a bag adorned with your most meaningful memories.

Fun Video Conference Screenshot Ideas

Whether you’re screenshotting a candid moment on your call or coordinating something together, your screengrab is the perfect photo to add to a personalized product or gift. Here are some screenshot ideas to get you started.

group of friends in a video conference

  • Strike a pose: Choose a funny or cute pose — like a peace sign or toasting with a drink — and take a screenshot when everyone’s ready.
  • Spell out a funny message: Use pieces of paper to all spell out a message in your screengrab. Spell out “congrats” to celebrate a graduate or a wedding couple, or “happy birthday” for a virtual birthday party. Make sure that whoever is taking the screengrab coordinates with everyone so your letters appear in the right order!
  • Coordinate outfits: Wear fun onesies or dress up as if you were actually going out.
  • Create a shape: Use your arms and any tools around you to create a shape, like a heart, on the screen to get a cute screenshot.
  • Turn on fun filters: Let everyone choose their favorite video conference filter, or all choose the same one, to get a hilarious screenshot you’ll be excited to show off on any custom product.  
  • Celebrate graduation: Wear your cap and gowns to celebrate your achievements together in one screengrab. If you don’t have a cap and gown, each student should wear their new college’s sweatshirt to show where they’ll be heading next year.

Wrapping Up

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected with friends and family. While social distancing has become our new normal, video conferencing gives us the ability to communicate with our loved ones while staying safe at home. When you create custom products from those moments, you can turn precious memories into special keepsakes.

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