Tuesday, February 1, 2022 // Julian Lim

White Rabbit and Happy Chinese Spring Festival!

Sweet Anticipation.  Any second now, you will espy the word Any in the circles the theme answers.

17-Across. Poseidon's companions: SEA NYMPHS.  In Greek mythology, Poseidon was one of the 12 Olympians.  He was the god of the seas, storms, earthquakes and horses.

23-Across. When a major might be chosen: FRESHMAN YEAR.  And again in the Sophomore Year, and again in the Junior Year.  Some students take years to settle on a major.

39-Across. Query from "Test Man" in old Verizon ads: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?  When I stand behind a podium, I have to ask: Can you see me now?

50-Across. Oscar-winning actress for "12 Years a Slave": LUPITA NYONG'O.  Lupita Nyong'o (b. Mar. 1, 1983) is a Kenyan-Mexican actress.  She was born in Mexico City, where her father was teaching at the time.  She holds dual Kenyan and Mexican citizenship

And the unifier:

62-Across. "It's about to happen" ... or what each of the four other longest answers in this puzzle has?: ANY MOMENT.

1. iOS computers: MACs.  As in Apple computers.

5. Inbox annoyance: SPAM.  Also a brand of canned meat parts.

9. Increase: ADD TO.

14. Texter's modest "I think ... ": IMHO.  Textspeak for IMHumble Opinion.  Often the opinion offered is not done in a humble manner.

15. Trendy berry: AÇAÍ.  These berries, native to South America, have become very popular in both foods and in the crossword puzzles.

16. Stadium levels: TIERS.

19. Rushed: RAN AT.

20. How ballerinas dance: ON TOE.  //  And 68-Across. Ballet class bend: PLIÉ.

21. Surprise from hiding: STARTLE.

27. Watson's creator: IBM.  Everything you wanted to know about Watson, but didn't know to ask.

31. About to arrive: NEAR.  Are we there yet?

33. Road crew supply: TAR.

34. Netflix series set in central Missouri: OZARK.  Ozark is a dark crime series.

43. Disney mermaid: ARIEL.

44. Purchase: BUY.

45. Californian wine valley: NAPA.

46. Territory that became two states: DAKOTA.  I had a similar clue in a recent puzzle and provide you with the history of the reason behind the two Dakotas.

49. Floral greeting: LEI.  A crossword staple.

56. Turn to mist, in Manchester: ATOMISE.  On this side of the pond, the word would be spelled Atomize.

57. Cocktail cubes: ROCKS.  Hi, Tinbini.  We miss you.

61. Brunch hr.: TEN AM.

66. __ de cacao: CREME.  Creme de Cacao is, as its name suggests, a chocolate liqueur.

67. Insightful: DEEP.

69. __ fit: tantrum: HISSY.

70. Work with notes: SONG.

71. URL opening: HTTP.

1. Japanese soup: MISO.  Sometime's it's best not to know how the sausage is made.

2. Sermon-ending word: AMEN.

3. Brit : chin-wag :: Yank : __: CHAT.  Other British idioms that might confuse those of us on this side of the pond.

4. "__ a gun!": SON OF.  American idioms that might confuse the Brits.

5. "Stay With Me" singer Smith: SAM.

6. Angel dust letters: PCP.  It's formal name is PhenylCyclohexyl Piperidine.

7. "Feels amazing!": AAH!

8. Returning lover's question: MISS ME?

9. Unsystematically: AT RANDOM.

10. Anne Frank journal: DIARY.

11. Al __: pasta order: DENTE.  Today's Italian lesson.

12. Cheerful refrain: TRA LA.  Probably a few more LA's will follow.

13. Long-time kitchen products brand: OSTER.  I know of their line of blenders, but the company makes a whole host of other kitchen items.

18. "__ out!": ump's call: YER.  Think baseball.

22. Sunbather's goal: TAN.

24. Caesar's rebuke: ET TU.  Today's Latin lesson.

25. Ousted Iranian ruler: SHAH.  The ousted Shah of Iran makes frequent appearances in the puzzles.

26. Call to a pooch: HERE, BOY!

27. Ancient Cuzco resident: INCA.  Cuzco is found high in the Peruvian Andes.  It has an elevation of over 11,100 feet.  You will definitely get altitude sickness if you aren't careful.  Cuzco is near Machu Picchu, which is actually at a lower elevation, so visitors to Machu Picchu often spend some time in Cuzco.  It's a beautiful city and well worth the visit.

28. Boo Boo or Yogi: BEAR.  Hanna-Barbara cartoons.

29. Salon service, briefly: MANI.  Hi, Lucina!

32. Bread for corned beef: RYE.

35. Extremely chill: ZEN.  I am not sure I would describe Zen this way, but ...

36. Like neat freaks: ANAL.

37. Lasso: ROPE.

38. River in a 1957 movie title: KWAI.  I think there is a bridge over this river.  But did you know that the movie was based on the book Le Post de la Rivière Kwaï, by Pierre Boulle?

40. Quaint: OLD TIMEY.

41. One on the road: AUTO.  //  And 65-Down. 41-Down efficiency stat: MPG.  As in Miles Per Gallon.

42. Meg of "The Women": RYAN.  I am not familiar with this movie.

47. Remote batteries: AAs.  The batteries are far away in the Remote Control, which is never within reach.

48. Works with dough: KNEADS.

50. Fastening feature: LATCH.

51. Gestation sites: UTERI.  Usually one per woman.

52. Corn breads: PONES.  According to the Hillbilly Housewife, the dough of a pone need not be corn, it just needs to be baked in a cast iron skillet.

53. Muslim officials: IMAMs.

54. Miracle-__: garden product: GRO.  It really does help my flowers grow.

55. Zing: OOMPH.

58. Boston NBAer: CELT.  When I lived in Boston, I went to a few games in the Garden.

59. Work with needles: KNIT.  Hi, Madame Defarge!

60. Dance class move: STEP.

63. Three-time role for Keanu Reeves: NEO.  Think of the Matrix films.

64. Japanese coins: YEN.

And no, I didn't forget an across clue:

30-Across. Closing words: THE END.


Six more weeks of winter?  Will the Ground Hog tell us tomorrow?