Tuesday, April 28, 2020 Kevin Salat

Don't Cross Me!  The circled letters spell out three separate threats.  I think my Mom used a couple  of these phrases back when we were kids.

18-Across. 1981 fantasy about thieves hopping through historical eras: TIME BANDITS.  I MEAN IT!

39-Across. Many a millennial, now: THIRTY-SOMETHING. TRY ME!  This was also the name of a television show in the 1980s.  I called it NerdySomething.  The characters were all such whiners.

60-Across. "It's taken care of": YOU'RE ALL SET.  OR ELSE!

And the Unifier, which is a 2-parter:

5. With 47-Down, multitalented Broadway star ... or what's "veiled" in this puzzle's circles: TRIPLE. //  And 47. See 5-Down: THREAT.  Together this gives us a Triple Threat.  And, as we saw above, the circles gave us three threats.

Today's puzzle had lots of CSOs to our regular posters.  Can you find them all?

1. Disorderly do: MOP.

4. Canadian capital: OTTAWA.  Hi, CanadianEh!

10. River to the Severn: AVON.

14. Sashimi choice: AHI.  Yummers!  (or should I say nom nom nom?)

15. Investigated deeply: PROBED.

16. Gossip columnist Barrett: RONA.

Rona Barrett (née Rona Burstein; b. Oct. 8, 1936)

17. Derelict in one's duty: LAX.

20. Ensnare: TRAP.

22. Hedgehogs and gerbils, often: PETS.

23. Ski lodge mugful: COCOA.  I would have gone for something a bit stronger.

24. Story in installments: SERIAL.

26. The Auld Sod: EIRE.  Hi, Abejo!

27. Alternatives to teleprompters: CUE CARDS.

31. Stick-in-the-__: MUD.

34. Channel covering Capitol Hill: C-SPAN.

37. Site with posts: BLOG.  A CSO to all reading this commentary.

38. Green and brown garb, for short: CAMO.  Can you spot the owl?

42. The Beatles' "Abbey __": ROAD.

43. Sicilian volcano: ETNA.

44. Nickname for the MLB's Angels: HALOS.

45. Quarterback Dawson: LEN.

46. Patent pursuer: INVENTOR.

48. 10:1 or 5:2: ODDS.

50. Poet Langston with a Spingarn Medal: HUGHES.  I discovered Langston Hughes (né James Mercer Langston Hughes; Feb. 1, 1902 ~ May 22, 1967) when I was in high school.  He is one of my favorite poets.

54. __ wave: TIDAL.  Ever wonder what a Tidal Wave is?

56. In the distance: AFAR.

59. Gutter locale: EAVE.

63. No longer edible: BAD.

64. A midi covers it: KNEE.

65. Hebrew prophet: ISAIAH.  A book of the Hebrew Bible is named after him.

66. State east of Wash.: IDA.

67. Grub: EATS.

68. Contribute to a GoFundMe campaign, e.g.: DONATE.

69. Boxing count: TEN.

1. Ice-creamy drinks: MALTS.  Yummers!

2. Chicago hub: O'HARE.  The airport is O'Hare.  Originally, however, the airport was known as Orchard Field, hence, the airport code ORD.  In 1949, the name was changed to O'Hare to honor Edward Henry O'Hare (Mar. 13, 1914 ~ Nov. 26, 1943), a World War II flying ace, who was killed in the War.

3. "Inside Out" (2015) studio: PIXAR.  Pixar is a computer animation company that is a subsidary of Disney Studios.

4. Decide: OPT.

6. Heavy book: TOME.

7. Help with a robbery, say: ABET.

8. Halloween decor: WEBS.

9. Cavity-fighting org.: ADA.  As in the American Dental Association.

10. Zeal: ARDOR.

11. Phone message: VOICE MAIL.

12. Suspicious of: ON TO.

13. Artemis lunar program org.: NASA.  Hi, Gary!

19. TV maritime drama: NCIS.  //  And 28-Down. 19-Down network: CBS TV.  I have never watched this show, but the initials stand for Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

21. Captain Jean-Luc of the Enterprise: PICARD.  Hi, Picard!

25. Uncle's love: AUNT.

26. Cube part: EDGE.

29. Solo: ALONE.

30. Like some clock numerals: ROMAN.

32. "Sorry, that's not happening": UM ... NO!

33. Pooches: DOGS.

34. Key near Alt: CTRL.  As in the Control Key.  On my Mac keyboard, the full word "control" is spelled out.

35. Adidas product: SHOE.

36. Keyboard work for two: PIANO DUET.

38. Dead battery's need: CHARGE.

40. Desires: YENS.  Also the currency of Japan.

41. "... wherefore art __ Romeo?": THOU.  A reference to Willie the Shakes.  Hi, OMK.

46. Doing nothing: IDLE.

49. Challenges: DARES.  This could go with today's theme.

51. Checking for messages, e.g.: HABIT.

52. Dodge: EVADE.

53. Police car, usually: SEDAN.

54. Little fella: TYKE.

55. New Rochelle college: IONA.

56. Part of aka: ALSO.

57. Spanish dessert: FLAN.  Yummers!  When I lived in France, I ate these all the time.

58. Home of the world's six tallest buildings: ASIA.  Here's a list of the World's Tallest competed buildings.

A view from the Shanghai Tower.

61. Assistance: AID.

62. None of __ above: THE.

QOD:  The presence of those seeking truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they’ve found it.  ~  Sir Terry Pratchett (né Terrance David John Pratchett; Apr. 28, 1948 ~ Mar. 12, 2015), British humorist and novelist