This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To “Useless, Unsuccessful, And/Or Unpopular Screenshots” And Here Are 113 Of The Best Ones

In only 23 years, the 21st century has already pumped out dozens of revolutionary, life-changing inventions. If you love your smartphone, social media, cryptocurrency, GPS navigation, online streaming platforms and e-cigarettes, you can be thankful that you’re living in this day in age. Personally, I have to say that my favorite invention from this century is the air fryer (seriously, don’t knock it until you try it), but I have to say that another invention that has changed my life is the screenshot. You know it, you love it, and perhaps you fear it if you send your friends embarrassing, unflattering selfies via Snapchat or Instagram, but it’s likely that you use it too.

So in honor of the famous screenshot, we’ve taken a trip into the UUU Universe to visit the Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Screenshots Facebook group. This community has amassed an impressive 65k members for sharing exactly what their title states, so we’ve gathered some of their very best posts down below for your entertainment, pandas. Be sure to upvote all of the screenshots that you enjoy, despite how useless they may be, and then if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article diving into the UUU Universe, you can find some useless yet hilarious signs right here!

#1 Oh, That Was My Favorite In Dave Mirra!

Image credits: John Connelly

#2 Bonk Of America Is Gonna Get Me!!!

Image credits: Vickie Crizer

#3 It Has Again Come Back To Haunt Me

Image credits: Kayla Marie

The Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Screenshots group is part of the UUU Universe, which encompasses a host of groups including UUU Ginko Trees, UUU Reruns, UUU Facts, UUU Philosophy, UUU Movies, UUU Memes, UUU Grocery Store, UUU Almost Dead Plants, and more. But today we’re focusing on the screenshots, so let me give you a little background information of this massive community. The group was launched on February 11, 2017 and is for posting all of “your ridiculous screenshots that don't fit into any other groups.” There aren’t too many rules, aside from the general UUU tenets and that members must only post screenshots they’ve taken themselves.

No punching down or edgelord “humor” is tolerated in the group, and members are told to resist the urge to engage in “pointless online discourse”. “Seriously, why do you care so much? Take a deep breath. Get off Facebook for a bit. Maybe go outside if you can and look up at the sky. Read a book. Google ‘eel reproduction’. Find five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste,” the admin rules state.

#4 I Have So Many Questions.... Is The Cat Part Of The Deal? What Is A Women's Bread Size? Are You Selling Cats Loaves?

Image credits: Abby Scott

#5 Ahh, It's Good To See The Oldies Are Still Around

Image credits: Melissa Hofmann

#6 Um No Thank You

Image credits: Bridin Broadway

And although the group has been around for 5 years already, it continues to thrive. At the time I’m writing this, the group has already seen 107 new posts today and gained over 300 new members in the last week. So clearly, there is a huge audience for UUU screenshots. You never know exactly what you’re going to get when you take a scroll through this group. Will you find screenshots of bizarre items being listed on Facebook Marketplace and eBay? Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll feast your eyes on extremely cringey content from social media or texting conversations that make you lose all faith in humanity? Regardless of what you find, you know it’ll qualify for at least one of the U’s.

Part of the fun of this group is participating in the sharing as well. We all have smartphones or computers if we’re using Facebook, so chances are, we all come across something bizarre that’s worth screenshotting every now and then. Whether it’s a terribly photoshopped ad, a hilarious post on another social media site, or a strange item being sold on Amazon, the possibilities for screenshot hilarity are endless. In fact, you probably have some photos that you could share on UUU screenshots just sitting in your camera roll right now, waiting for you to recognize their potential.  

#7 My Small Towns Yard Sale Pages Are Filled With Scammers. They’re Not Even Trying To Hide It

Image credits: Danielle Weimer

#8 Walmart Brooch For Sure

Image credits: Brittany Nikole

#9 The US Will Use Anything But The Metric System

Image credits: Paril Langard

According to Riccardo Coluccini at Vice News, the first smartphone to introduce the capability to screenshot was the beloved iPhone, in 2007, but the history of the screenshot itself actually goes back much further. In 1959, “The very first photo of a screen featured the image of a pin-up model, drawn by a computer programmer for fun on a 213 million euro Cathode-ray tube screen,” Coluccini writes. “The screen, which was owned by the American military (and usually used for detecting nuclear threats), was photographed using a polaroid camera, resulting in a rudimentary – and very expensive – first example of computer art, and the world's first-known screenshot.”

#10 Unsuccessful Because I Did Not Go For A Swim. I Was Packing My Closet

Image credits: Melissa Hofmann

#11 Uhhh I Can Definitely See The Cracks

Image credits: Brandi Coble

#12 Instructions Unclear

Image credits: Jessica Turner

Fast forward a few decades, and finally, in the 1990s, the “print screen” command became standard on computers. The general public was suddenly able to screenshot to their heart’s desire, as long as they owned a PC or had access to one. Today, however, screenshots are used for a variety of reasons, including to convey information and to hold private conversations unbeknownst to the individuals whose messages have been screenshotted. Screenshots can also be nefarious, as many Snapchat users unfortunately came to learn after sending NSFW photos. But for the most part, screenshots are, or should be, used just for fun.

As Coluccini writes for Vice, “Screenshots have become the faceless selfie, and a way to share what happens when we're alone on the internet. And while they're still important for archival reasons (like in the prolific work of the Internet Archive), they've evolved as vitally important evidence or ‘receipts’ of behavior people might have wanted to forget.”

#13 Talk About Minimal Effort

Image credits: Megan Wirth

#14 No And Not Sure Why This Ad Was Directed At Me

Image credits: J.D. Hayes

#15 It’s A Hard Knock Life. Keep Your Heads Up, Friends

Image credits: Corey Perrine

While screenshots can be used for many purposes, I personally love to use them for sentimental reasons. When a friend or family member sends a particularly sweet or hilarious message, I love to screenshot it and keep it in an album on my phone for use in the future. When I’m in need of a kind word or I find myself missing them, I just look back on my screenshot archive, and I start smiling. If I see something on social media I’d like to share with a friend who doesn’t use that platform, I can simply screenshot it and pass it along. We all know that screenshots can be used for good or evil, but I have to say, using them for good just feels so right.  

#16 I Hate When My Computer Runs Out Of Ink, Too

Image credits: Jillian Butler

#17 Whoops!

Image credits: Ben Feria

#18 I Bet You Do Need These Gone Asap. They Probably Tried To “Go Chucky” On You In Your Sleep

Image credits: Brittany Coleman

Screenshots, in general, are not useless, as we’re able to use them for a variety of practical purposes. At work, you might need to send a quick message to a colleague with a screenshot of a part of a document you’re discussing. Your landlord might try to change the terms of something you’ve previously agreed upon, but by sending a quick screenshot of your prior conversation, you can clear up any confusion. But there’s a big difference between keeping a screenshot between you and whomever you’ve had a conversation with and posting screenshots of private conversations online. That’s where screenshots can enter some ethical gray area.

#19 It Is So You Can Get Better At Arm Wrassling. Even Simulate Sweaty Palms

Image credits: Jennifer Rodriguez

#20 Because Work Is Killing Us All Anyway

Image credits: Jimbo Cannata

#21 I Don't Care How Silly This Looks. I Want It

Image credits: Mateo El Fulano

Victoria Angelova wrote a piece last year for API Layer discussing how ethical screenshots are, and she mentions some of the times where it might be questionable to take screenshots. “First, if you are taking a screenshot of someone else’s work (e.g., a website or document), you should make sure you have their permission before doing so,” she writes. “Otherwise, you may be violating their copyright. Second, if you take a screenshot of confidential or sensitive information (e.g., a medical record), you should ensure you have the proper authorization to do so. Otherwise, you may be violating patient privacy laws.”

#22 For Just A $150 Christ Will Walk With You, Seems Legit

Image credits: Adele Berger

#23 Me- Oh, That's A Nice Vestaggggggghhhhh My God What Happened Here

Image credits: Kelly Willemsen

#24 Umm...who's Gonna Tell Them?

Image credits: Charlie Benedetto

“Just because you can easily take screenshots doesn’t mean that you should,” Victoria goes on to write. “More and more technologies are implementing methods to either block screenshots or alert other users when screenshots are taken. There could be many reasons someone would want to be alerted if you take a screenshot. For example, if you are taking a screenshot of a confidential document, the other person may want to know so they can take measures to protect the information. Or, if you are taking a screenshot of a conversation, the other person may want to know so they can continue the conversation offline.” So let’s keep our screenshotting harmless and useless, mainly for purposes of documentation, to help us remember things and to have something silly to post on UUU Screenshots.

#25 When Your Dopamine Levels Are So Low You'd Do Anything To Feel Alive

Image credits: Rachel Gray

#26 Update On The Nelflix Situation

Image credits: Kieren Jones

#27 Leave Me Alone, Trivago

Image credits: Chris Bear

These screenshots might have been deemed useless, unsuccessful and/or unpopular by the people who shared them in this group, but at least they’re able to serve a purpose here: entertaining us pandas! We hope you’re enjoying this list, and please, remember to keep upvoting all of your favorite useless screenshots. Let us know in the comments down below what feelings these bizarre pics are bringing up in you, and then if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article featuring a page from the Useless, Unsuccessful and/or Unpopular Universe, look no further than right here

#28 Is Anything On This Table Really On This Table?

Image credits: Artie Schmutze

#29 Hmmm

Image credits: Nermin Drinic

#30 Unsuccessful Translation

Image credits: Shannon Wells

#31 Instantly Reverses Hair Bleaching And Applies Makeup Too!

Image credits: April Ward

#32 Excuse Me What Are You Selling Me For Two Dollars

Image credits: Lena Seymour

#33 Ahhh Yess Hot Dogs.. Perfect Christmas Decor

Image credits: Heather Rose Pirre

#34 Ah, Yes... Perfect For Winter

Image credits: Sam Taylon

#35 I'm Concerned About This Lady. Does She Have Legs? Is The Bathing Suit Flossing Straight Up Between Her Lady Bits? Someone Help Her!

Image credits: Jessica Gardner

#36 Idk Who Would Put These 2 Concepts Together

Image credits: Elana Overcash

#37 Swing And A Miss

Image credits: Corey Perrine

#38 Sometimes You Find Cockroaches In The Food But The Food Is Excellent Though

Image credits: Robert Barnard

#39 One Of These Is Not Like The Other

Image credits: Alison Thornton

#40 Times Are Tough Out Here

Image credits: Jared Ribbler

#41 Why

Image credits: Jennifer Law

#42 I Don’t Think That Reclines

Image credits: Bonnie Radecki Reidel

#43 No, Thank You

Image credits: Jennifer Watkins

#44 Just…no

Image credits: Jennifer McElroy

#45 Was Looking At Reviews Of A Bathing Suit. This Was The Most Helpful

Image credits: Kristie Brisby

#46 This Is How Someone Quit Where I Work

Image credits: Meggi PooperScooper

#47 I Watch Ads For Rewards In Some Games I Play And I Had To Laugh At The "It's Definitely Not A Scam But It's A Pain In The A**" Part

Image credits: Candice Tsung

#48 Anyone Up For Some Whipped Ranch In A Can

Image credits: Natalie Patters

#49 Unpopular With Me Because I Feel Like It Would Bend On Impact

Image credits: Laurel Nikole Kolenda

#50 Ebay Beat Up Amazon This Time … This Is Horrendous

Image credits: Estefany Gobble-Rosales

#51 These Are Very Strange Ads I Get About Some Fantasy Story.... The Pictures Or Video Clips With The Excerpt Make Absolutely No Sense

Image credits: Cecelia Zechmann

#52 Just Sharing Because Of The Bonkers Stock Photo

Image credits: Colin Newman

#53 I Think I Was Just Fat Shamed For Loving Sugar And Carbs And Banana Muffins

Image credits: Brittany Darlene

#54 Pikachu Has Seen Some Things

Image credits: Alyssa Stamps

#55 Did I Miss That Day In Geography Class?

Image credits: Jacob Stebleton

#56 Valentines Day Gift

Image credits: Beth Balgenorth

#57 Dude Knows What He's Got. He's Got Gold

Image credits: Samantha Anderson

#58 Hmmm

Image credits: João Gomes

#59 Those Toenails Look Like Little Pieces Of Paper Glued To Her Toes

Image credits: Jailene Jewell

#60 Oh The Horror Of Pennywise Virtually Touching Your Food!

Image credits: Richard Seeger

#61 How Can I Pass On Such An Amazing Deal

Image credits: Natasha Jaded

#62 I’m Not Paying $25 For Anything That Looks At Me Like That

Image credits: Elizabeth Häxa Swan

#63 I Don’t Have A Cart At IKEA And I Definitely Don’t Know Which This Object Is

Image credits: Esther McCune

#64 It Made Me Laugh So Much Because It Came Out Nowhere

Image credits: Cameron Nowill

#65 No, Bonds. Just No

Image credits: Christine Morton

#66 Looks Like It’s In Almost Mint Condition

Image credits: Keanna Robertson

#67 Thank You, Instagram, For Letting Me Know That Ozzy Osborne Is False Information. He Almost Got Me

Image credits: Cheyenne Gypsy

#68 I Always Wanted To Find One Of Those Fake Listings Locally But I Haven’t Found One Until Now!

Image credits: Madison Brooks

#69 Can Someone Please Tell Me What It Is That I’m Looking At

Image credits: Jake Harkanson

#70 If You Look Really Close There Is A Girl Kissing His Cheek

Image credits: Emma Pate

#71 You Can Now Order Ugly, Off-Centered Earrings That Match Your Grandma's Old Dishes

Image credits: Melissa Boxell

#72 Shakespeare Was Clearly A Time Traveler And Discovered Ai To Write His Plays Way Before Any Other Person

Image credits: Lucy Cooper-Kerry

#73 Hhmmmmm

Image credits: River Mowbray

#74 Fishing For Cats?

Image credits: Kelly Brady Whiteside

#75 I Would Need To Buy A Life Alert Before Visiting A Shower Like This

Image credits: Auburn Schmidt

#76 Ummmmm

Image credits: Krissy Skibinski

#77 The Cake, Or The Price?

Image credits: Lawren Elizabeth

#78 Gandalf What Happened To You

Image credits: Jess Rae

#79 Say What Now? Checked My Energy App

Image credits: Amanda Van Haasen

#80 Whatcha Reading There, Belle?

Image credits: Elise Payne

#81 New Pineapple Flavour Just Dropped

Image credits: Lizzie Hicks

#82 I’m Cracking Up, People Always Talk About How Hard It Is To Sell A Mirror Because The Fear Of The Accidental Mirror Selfie.. Well… They Solved That One

Image credits: Theresa A Schlaybach

#83 The Caption

Image credits: Dottie Mlln

#84 Ookayyy

Image credits: Corey Perrine

#85 I Love It

Image credits: Ahmad See

#86 A Shirt For People Who Want To Show Pikachu's "Pika Pika" To The World

Image credits: Christina King

#87 I Think We Can All Understand Why This Is Unpopular

Image credits: Angie Cuny St-louis

#88 This Came Up On A Search For Tea Bags

Image credits: Meghan Addie

#89 Help! I Drank A Bottle Of Vinegar And A Half Cup Of Baking Soda And I Can't Get It Back Down No Matter What I Do!

Image credits: Nic Fera

#90 Freddy Krueger Crabs

Image credits: Chris Barry

#91 Lmao

Image credits: Trista Ann Marie Eazell

#92 When The Mothballs Didn’t Work

Image credits: Yvonne Davis

#93 It's Something Alright

Image credits: Looly Cohen

#94 I Dont Own Any Cats...and I Really Don't Want To

Image credits: Aubrey K. Bianchi

#95 Yeah, No Thanks

Image credits: Saul Ennett

#96 Hmmm

Image credits: Jill Ohaus

#97 Ummm..... That's Definitely A Special Salt And Pepper Shaker Holder

Image credits: Melissa Boxell

#98 Unpopular Because Who Wants To Feel Like There Being Eaten By A Anaconda

Image credits: Scott M Eichinger

#99 Come On Now If I Put A Soda Can On My Heel I’d Look Like A Crazy Crackhead But When Dolce And Gabbana Does It It’s “Fashion”

Image credits: Vanessa Merrill

#100 Every Picture Had The Ring Posed On A Banana

Image credits: Liana McMaugh

#101 All Official Texts About Missing Packages Contain The World "Pls"

Image credits: Sarai Harsha Lockett

#102 These Imitations Are Killing Me

Image credits: Katie Parker

#103 Decisions.... Decisions

Image credits: Jc Thrall

#104 Always Wanted To Look Like A Baggy Bedskirt

Image credits: Emily Slutz

#105 What Even Is Going On Here?

Image credits: Jei Chan

#106 They Come In Multiple Colors!

Image credits: Bryanna Whitman

#107 Ah. Must Be Italian Yogurt

Image credits: Erica Cole

#108 Raisin Bran Is A Delicious Drink

Image credits: Vanessa Proffitt

#109 They Have Clearly Never Done A Puzzle (Correctly)

Image credits: W.A. Miller-Bird

#110 Unpopular With Me Because It’s Terrifying

Image credits: Chris Gowen

#111 What Do People Even Do If They Buy These?

Image credits: Lucy Cooper-Kerry

#112 Made Me Laugh

Image credits: Jessica Baer

#113 Lobster Slippers

Image credits: Liz Cats