The Link Up: Two More Books Emily LOVED, A Bra That Comes In More Than One Skin Tone, & $25 Sandals Ryann Won’t Take Off

Hi hello and welcome! It’s Sunday and chances are if you are here, you know what that means. It’s Link Up time and the EHD team has some awesome product recs that we simply can’t wait to share. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

Today’s home tour is a modern traditional farmhouse located just north of Portland, OR. Sound familiar??? Its idyllic location and European inspired charm is SO good and makes us all want to follow Emily out of the city and into the Oregon “countryside”:)

From Emily: If you are looking for another great read try Reckless, by Selena Montgomery (aka Stacey Abrams). The fact that Stacey Abrams is ALSO a romance novelist is so impressive to me, so I had to give it a shot. I thoroughly enjoyed Reckless, about three orphans who commit some mysterious crime then grow up to have to deal with it. There is a fun romance between the protagonist (Kell, a high-powered defense attorney) and the sheriff. It took a minute to get into it but trust me, not long. It’s a series so it doesn’t have a conclusion re the mystery, but I’ve already started the next book that follows one of the other children, grown-up. P.S. this is what most romance novels do – the love story doesn’t continue but you start another character’s journey. This is why Shonda Rhimes didn’t understand why people were freaking out about Bridgerton not renewing the hot guy (Regé-Jean Page) for multiple seasons. Their story is ended and we are on to the other siblings  – so each book and each season is its own love story (and don’t worry – ALWAYS happy ending which I know can be annoying for some, but I find great comfort reading them). Anyway, Reckless is a fun romance thriller, but just more impressive is Stacy Abrams in every way.

Also from Emily: If you liked Beach Read by Emily Henry, you’ll LOVE The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. It’s a workplace romance, the usual where the two HATE each other and compete against each other only to, you guessed it, fall in love. This one you can’t put down the second you start. It’s fun, steamy, and with really good snarky dialogue.

From Ryann: Last weekend, I innocently went to Target to buy something that I actually needed (what that thing was has escaped me though. hmmm..) and what happened next was completely out of my control. I meandered through the shoe section and these sandals pretty much fell into my cart! So weird. Once I tried them on I realized it was fate because they are really nice, chic, and look expensive (but are only $25). I liked them so much I bought them in both black and yellow and I can already tell I’ll be wearing them with so many outfits.

Also From Ryann: I have a new hobby and it is more proof that the year 2020 made me even more of a hermit. It’s called PUZZLING and I look forward to working on my puzzles every evening. My fiancé and I recently finished this one which was super fun but now I am very into all the Piecework Puzzles and want to collect them all. We are doing the Spaghetti Western one currently and next up is this beauty. The only problem is we don’t have a good table for larger puzzles so does anyone know of any compact puzzle tables or good puzzle mats?? Please advise.

From Albie: Here is another bra from my haul that has blown me away — Third Love! I went with the classics kit so I could try more than one bra style & aside from being crazy soft, the shades of brown are so yummy! As a woman of color, not having to only choose between “nude” and black is a dream come true. I have sienna, espresso, and mahogany.

From Caitlin: I’m back on the East Coast today for my best friend’s bridal shower, but I decided to extend my trip a little bit so I could squeeze in some beach time with my mom! Last fall, she scooped this sun shelter on clearance and I’m excited to get it back on the beach – it’s kind of tricky to fit back into the little bag alone (cue to a scene of me yelling “I DON’T NEED HELP” while sitting on the floor in the entryway when we opened it up for a test run) but once you figure out how to de-assemble it (spoiler: it involves someone holding the tent AND someone zipping the bag around it), it’s quick and easy and the price is pretty unbeatable.

From Jess: I feel like every time I go out I wish I had a light jacket juuuuuust in case I want an extra layer but never have one that feels light or summery enough. I know I could have easily solved this long ago but for one reason or another just hadn’t. But then this past Monday I innocently popped into Target for a broom but per usual took a stroll through the clothes section. Then I saw this it! An easy-breezy, almost linen-like, light cream blazer. I love it so much and am probably going to buy the brown one too (looks more rust in person). It’s the perfect way to look like “you tried” without actually needing to. Highly recommend!

Also From Jess: In case you’re in need of a bop. I’ve had it on repeat for the past week.

From Mallory: I’m having a real candle moment over here so I bought these AWESOME candle holders from Food52 that I’m obsessed with. I paired them with these super overpriced but also awesome candles (in the ribbed green color) and I’ll say it again: I’M OBSESSED.

Also from Mallory: It’s PERFECT timing for us to have a special Madewell code for you because I just bought these sandals and I was about to rave about them this week anyway. Emily has them in the calf hair version which is also very cute, but I was in need of a simple tan summer sandal and boy oh boy do these fit the bill. I also love that they’re velcro but don’t scream “LOOK AT MY VELCRO SANDAL.” It’s a classy velcro. Man, it is so easy to get on and off.

As Mallory mentioned above, Madewell has extended a special discount for our readers!
Code: EmilyHenderson
Code Dates: June 22nd – June 29th
Details: $25 off purchases of $125+

That’s all she wrote, folks. See you tomorrow? Yay, It’s a date!

Opener Image Credit: Design by Jessica Helgerson and Yianni Doulis | Photo by Aaron Leitz and Lincoln Barbour | via Architectural Digest

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