The Blue House Tour

June calls our home, “The Blue House.”

We always laugh because the house is actually a dark gray color that I’ve always said looks more blue, but Grant debates me on it. Then, one day as we were driving home, June said “I want to go to the blue house.” It took us a minute to figure out what she meant. Now, we have pool cups and napkins in the powder room engraved with “The Blue House” which we now refer to as our new home.

We moved in almost two years ago and while the interiors have been complete, I’ve been resisting on sharing images of our space. I think it’s because it’s felt like such an incredible sanctuary for our family since 2020. We retreated here from a more urban neighborhood in early 2021. Both Grant and I were craving a more calm neighborhood, less helicopters, and a newer build which was the total opposite of our last home.

We loved our last home and I know a lot of you did too. Some of you even voiced your disappointment in our move on Instagram (ha!… sorry?).  You guys know we love a good house project, and I can see us eventually moving “on to the next.” But for the time being, as we welcomed two children into the world, launched a book and a new brand, we’re staying put for a little bit. Our previous home required a lot of ongoing work. Sometimes it felt like another full time job. The home was registered Mills Act which meant it was a historical home that required a lot of upkeep that neither Grant nor I ended up needing in our lives right now.

We were craving a calm, serene escape with a neutral, oatmeal palette. This way, when I came home from work each day with thousands of thoughts, creative ideas and stresses buzzing around in my brain, I could literally turn it off at home. When I look around “The Blue House,” I see no cracks that need tending to. It’s simply our peaceful oasis which is what our designer, Joyce Pickens, helped us to achieve. I’ve been a fan of JDP Interiors for many years and I knew she was the perfect fit for this particular project. We couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out. There are still a few pieces of the puzzle that we’ll slowly but surely chip away at (i.e. landscaping, kid’s bathroom, etc.) but for now we are very happy living here.

We cannot thank Joyce of JDP Interiors enough fro working with us on this project, also thank you to Micheael Clifford for the beautiful photos.

Kitchen: Bar stools and light fixture are custom by JDP Interiors (inquire with her), Amber Interiors Runner,

Dining: Round table is custom JDP Interiors, Maiden Home Dining Chairs, Majorie Curio Sideboard, JDP Interiors light fixture

Living: Design Fréres Side Tables, Custom Sofa, Dagmar Karu Chairs, (similar version here), Bogart Coffee Table, Lawrence of LaBrea Rug, Brown Woven Chair from Harbinger, Small brown side table is vintage, Pillows are Pat McGann, Tiny lamps are Panoplie (similar ones here), Entry table is Vintage, Entry stools are Hollywood at Home, Entry Lamp by Lawson Fenning (similar one here), Gio Ponti Mirror (similar one here) Powder Room Gio Ponti Mirror (similar one here)

Bedroom: Pacific Bed by Jenni Kayne, Bed cover by Pat McGann, Nightstands by Faithful Roots, Table lamps are Crate & Barrel