The Best Gifts for Readers 2022

Finding the absolute perfect gift for everyone on my Christmas gift giving list is one of my absolute favorite parts of the holidays. Call me corny, but I just love seeing someone light up when they see what gift I got for them. Maybe you’re like me and scouring the internet for that perfectly unique gift or maybe you struggle in the gift giving department and are just looking for whatever help you can find. Either way, I think you’re going to find that this list of gifts for readers in 2022 is exactly what you need to get ready for the holidays this year.

Not only have I scoured Etsy, Amazon, and a few other sites for some of the best new gift ideas for readers, I’ve also included enough options that you could probably knock out — oh — half of your gifting list before this article is through. We’re talking bookmarks, mugs, stickers, and bookish apparel — and that’s just to start. Whether you’re shopping for a tried-and-true bookworm, a teacher, a librarian, a fantasy lover, or a writer, you’ll find the best gifts for readers 2022 has to offer. Let’s make it a bookish holiday season for one and all, shall we?

The Best Gifts for Readers: 2022

Pressed Plant Book Page Holder

Clear resin thumb book page holders with dried greenery inside laid out artfully along an open book spine

Stave off hand strain with one of these gorgeous pressed plant book page holders that will keep a book open with ease. $12 from Casual Crafty Creation on Etsy.

Jane Austen Coffee Mug

White mug with black handle and interior covered in cursive place names from Jane Austen novels like

This mug might look like a random collection of English towns, but a true Jane Austen fan will see it for what it really is: a homage to our favorite author. $26 from Quill And Bean on Etsy.

Holographic Go To The Library Sticker

Black sticker with rainbow holographic text reading

Anyone would be lucky to find this sticker at the bottom of their Christmas stocking this year. $4 from Quill And Bean on Etsy.

Sword Bookmark

Silver metal bookmark with a sword that will dangle over the spine.

Your favorite fantasy lover is going to swoon for this sword bookmark fit to fight off any errant orcs or goblins lurking in the pages of their favorite book. $15 from Nerd Cat Creations on Etsy.

Book People Tote

Black tote bag with white text reading

Know a tote girlie who also loves books? This one’s for her. $17 from Hope a Little Shop on Etsy.

Booklovers Book Box

a box containing a pair of bookish socks, a tshirt, page holder, greeting card, and more | best gifts for readers 2022

This curated box combines a few cozy items for the perfect booklover bundle. It comes with a bookish tote bag, a pair of comfy socks, a wooden page holder, a silicone bookmark, and a small “Shhhh I’m reading” sign. $40 on Amazon.

Sappho Enamel Pins

Three enamel pins of gold outlined white hands with black banners wrapping around them featuring various quotes from the poet Sappho.

Sapphics and classicists alike will love one of these Sappho pins. $13 from Rose Finchie on Etsy.

Support Public Libraries

A white enamel pin in the shape of an open book with a black outline and the text

This is the perfect addition to any bookworm’s enamel pin collection. $13 from Mariah Draws Things on Etsy.

Ban Bigots Not Books Shirt

Dark heather gray short sleeved tee-shirt reading in all caps

Look, the shirt says it all. Do you honestly know any readers who couldn’t use this shirt? $20 from First Amendment Merch on Etsy.

Reader Wall Art

Artwork featuring a woman in a floorlength pastel blue dress reading a book in profile while sitting in a chair. A quote from Northanger Abbey is added in the left-hand corner.

Any at-home library could use a gorgeous piece of reader wall art like this one. $6 from The Journey of Books on Etsy.

Rainbow Penguin Books Mug

Three mugs covered in Penguin Books spines of various colors to create rainbow stripes.

Give a big cup of cheer with one of these rainbow spine Penguin Books mugs. $15 from A Bit of Banter on Etsy.

Read T-Shirt

White tee-shirt with rainbow colored speech bubbles featuring the word

This shirt is perfect for all the teachers, librarians, and polyglots on your list. $23 from KeenBeeStudio on Etsy.

Botanical Bookmark

Pink and yellow tinted bookmarks with botanical illustrations of strawberries on one and lemons on the other.

I can’t imagine a cuter, cottagecore gift than these botanical bookmarks. $3 from Mind Daisies on Etsy.

Second Breakfast Tee

Tee-shirt featuring a spread of yummy looking illustrated food and drinks underneath the text

Every good hobbit knows there’s nothing better than a bit of second breakfast, so show your favorite hobbit you care with this adorable Lord of the Rings inspired shirt. $35 from Jaclynne Anne on Etsy.

Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls Sweatshirt

White sweatshirt with bubble letters on the back that read in all caps

Gorgeous gorgeous girls read romance and give the very best gifts. $42 from Tyler Shea Designs on Etsy.

Coffee. Books. Cats. Naps. Mug

Clear glass coffee mug with black text that reads

If your favorite bookworm is also a cat person, this is the mug for them. $16 from Fable Bound on Etsy.

Acrylic Library Card Bookmarks

Colorful semi-transparent acrylic bookmarks designed to look like library card book inserts.

Having fun isn’t hard when you have an acrylic library card bookmark. $12 from Fanesha Fabre Art on Etsy.

DIY Secret Garden Book Nook

A book nook nestled between books features a scene full of greenery from The Secret Garden. | best gifts for readers 2022

This DIY Secret Garden book nook is a gift and a craft project all in one. $51 from Omoshiroi Block Store on Etsy.

Custom Book Spine Art

Customized art print featuring colorfully illustrated book spines all in a row.

You can never go wrong with a personalized art print featuring spines from your loved one’s favorite books. It’s simple, iconic, and sure to delight. $12 from This Paperback Life Co on Etsy.

Handwoven Bookmark

A hand holding up a cream colored hand-woven bookmark with autumnal colored horizontal dashes of varying lengths.

This handwoven bookmark has a cozy charm any reader is sure to love. Pair with a roaring fireplace and a great new book. $24 from Cord x Clay on Etsy.

Bookworm Sticker

Pink illustrated stickers in the shape of a cute little worm with glasses and an orange hat reading an orange book with the words book and worm on either side of them.

All your favorite bookworms will be delighted to get this adorable sticker for the holidays. $5 from Kap Kap Co on Etsy.

Mad Tea Party Homesick Candle

A white candle in a clear glass jar with a white label that reads

What book worm doesn’t love a good candle? And a candle inspired by Wonderland? Even better. $40 from Storiarts on Etsy.

Little Women Art Print

Illustration of the four sister from Greta Gerwig's

An iconic line for all the iconic little women out there. $18 from Spilt Milk Press on Etsy.

Tile Bookshelf

Small floating wall shelf in orange tiles.

I’m a bit obsessed with this iconic little tile shelf, and all the trendy booklovers on your list will be, too. $214 from Studio Cubbe on Etsy.

Locket Book Earrings

Gold locket earrings in the shape of a book.

Is it a book? Is it a locket? Is it earrings? Why not all three? $7 from Le Bua Jewelry on Etsy.

Composition Notebook Earrings

Acrylic composition notebook earrings hanging from a sparkly silver dot.

These composition notebook earrings are perfect for teachers, writers, or anyone who longs for their carefree elementary school days. $19 from Paiges Unlimited on Etsy.

Book Haven 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Puzzle featuring a sweet illustration of a blue book store with a window revealing displayed books and a little dachshund walking out front.

The venn diagram between puzzle lovers and bookworms is basically a circle, so you can’t go wrong with this frame-worthy book shop puzzle. £14.99 from The Literary Gift Company.

Readers Paradise 1,000 Piece Puzzle

puzzle of a reading room packed wall to wall and floor to ceiling with books, plus a winding staircase on the left | best gifts for readers 2022

And another bookish puzzle for anyone who wishes this reading room were their own. $20 on Amazon

Transforming Jane Austen Fashion Mug

White mug with fashion illustrations of regency dress that shift from daywear to formal evening gowns with temperature changes.

A mug that not only shows of a love for Jane Austen but also transforms? Austenites are gonna love this one. $17 from Uncommon Goods.

Alice in Wonderland ‘Drink Me’ Mug

White Alice in Wonderland Mug with black outline text within a black square border reading

Who wouldn’t want an adorable Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party mug? You’d have to be a bit, ahem, mad. (Cackles in Mad Hatter.) £10.99 from The Literary Gift Company.

Maya Angelou ‘Still I Rise’ Scarf

White infinity scarf featuring the text of Maya Angelou's poem,

Storiarts makes gorgeous literary scarves perfect for every bookworm on your holiday list. $54 from Storiarts on Etsy.

May the best gifts for readers 2022 has to offer help you with your gifting needs!

- Rachel Brittain