The Best Fun Winter Activities For Teens To Beat The Boredom

Selection of winter activities for teens that will quickly relieve the winter boredom. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that will keep them occupied throughout the cold season.

Here you will find great ideas for all family members which will ultimately encourage quality time together.

Selection of winter activities for teens that will quickly relieve the winter boredom. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that will keep them occupied throughout the cold season. Here you will find great ideas for all family members which will encourage quality time together.

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Winter can seem like a tough season to get through, especially for teens.

It’s cold, dark and can be rather uninviting to venture outdoors. If you are not careful this can lead to hibernating indoors and gravitating to lots of screen time to ease the boredom.

The truth is that there are a lot of winter activities for teens and the whole family to keep everyone active and entertained throughout the whole of winter and the winter break.

Read on to find some great ideas that will ease boredom and provide a lot of opportunities for both teens and kids of all ages.

There are so many fun winter activities for teens that they will soon be spoilt for choice.

Outdoor Winter Activities In The Snow

Just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean that teenagers have to stay indoors.

In fact there are SO many fun activities that can be held outdoors, especially if you live somewhere it snows!

This is the perfect time to enjoy lots of activities that can only be appreciated in the winter season, whilst still enjoying that beautiful fresh air.

Enjoy this list of things that will make living in the snow so much fun.

In fact some of the best winter activities can occur in the snow!

Snowball fight:

Let’s face it, nothing beats a good snowball fight and it would be hard to find a teenager who would not be keen to do this.

It’s fun, it’s easy to do and it will use up a lot of that teenage energy!

Teenagers having a snowball fight

Snow Angel:

Looking for something a little more relaxing?

Get the teens to lie in the snow and create multiple snow angels.

Their inner child will come seeping out and before you know it they will be laughing and giggling like 5 year olds!

Teenage boy making a snow angel

Build A Snowman, Sculptures or Fort:

Building a snowman is NOT just for little kids. Everyone regardless of your age can enjoy this.

If the teens put up a bit of a fuss, tell them that you will be judging the best made snowman.

You will soon see them running for hats, scarfs, carrots and anything they can get their hands on to build the best snowman ever!

And if building a snowman is too easy, then why not try building snow sculptures or a snow fort instead.

This will really test the creativity.

Teenagers building a snowman

Snow Tubing:

For any teen living near the snow this is an absolute “must do” activity.

They can literally spend all day at it and they will have so much fun.

You certainly won’t hear any complaints of “i’m bored” with this activity.

Ice Skating:

Depending on the set up around you, teenagers can enjoy ice skating in either an indoor or an outdoor setting. Either way it will still be cold!

Regardless of the location, ice skates can be hired which makes it super easy for everyone.

And half the people that ice skate can’t actually do it, so there really is no excuse for not giving it a go.

Teenage girl ice skating

Build A Bonfire or Campfire:

One of the most awesome things about winter is having bonfires, and it is also a great way to warm up in the snow.

This is also a great option after spending the day playing in the snow. Team it with some hot cocoa and this is one of the best ways to enjoy winter.

Teenagers sitting around a campfire

Some other fun ideas to undertake in the snow include:

  • Ice fishing – Find a lake and learn how to ice fish.
  • Ice hockey – Provided that the ice is safe to be on, why not have a game of hockey!
  • Star gazing – The winter sky can be a pure delight. Rug up warm and stare at the stars.

Fun Indoor Activities

It’s not possible to be outside for the entire winter season. There are times when you want to stay indoors in the warmth.

That’s not a problem at all because there are plenty of winter activities for teens that can be undertaken under shelter!

Play Video Games:

Whilst you want to encourage the teens away from the screen as much as possible, there is nothing wrong with having SOME time playing video games.

They can even hook up the games so that they can play with friends, so they are still getting some social interaction.

Limit the amount of time that they can play so they don’t spend all day in front of the screen though.

Teenagers playing video games

Game Night:

Do you have a bunch of board games or card games sitting in the cupboard?

Now is the time to go and grab them!

Playing board and card games is a lot of fun and can also be quit addictive. In fact, several days can be taken up playing games if you have a few to get through.

If you havn’t played board games in a long time, it is easy to forget just how much fun they are

Teenagers playing board games

Movie Marathon:

On particularly cold days, teens might just want to hibernate inside. If this is the case then a movie marathon is an incredibly fun activity.

Get them to select their favorite movies, prepare some snacks and snuggle up.

They could even combine this with having a pajama party for a bit of extra fun.

Karaoke Evening:

Lots of fun can be had with a karaoke event. Just think. A group of teenagers, a microphone and their favorite tunes.

They will be in their element for hours!

karaoke party

Bake A Cake:

Baking can be a lot of fun, especially if it’s not something that you normally do. Try a new recipe for something a bit different.

Family members will definitely appreciate this activity as they get to enjoy all the delicious baked goods.

Teenage girls baking a cake

Some other fun winter indoor activities include:

  • Learn some magic tricks – This would of course mean performing a show too. There are lots of magic tricks that can be found on you tube using items already in the home.
  • Make cookies – If the teens love the cake baking idea then they might as well bake some cookies to go with it!
  • Cook a fancy meal – Has your teen ever cooked an entire meal for the family? Now would be a great time to give it a go.

Relaxing Winter Activities For Teens

Not everything has to be full of adventure. Teenagers can also learn to appreciate that relaxing activities are also fun ones.

This does not mean staying in bed all day and being waited on, but rather choosing an activity that will stimulate as well as calm them.

Enjoy A Hot Chocolate:

It doesn’t have to be winter to enjoy a hot chocolate, but it does seem to taste better!

There is something simply amazing about sitting down with a hot cocoa and relaxing with a book or a favorite movie.

Just make sure that you have some marshmallows and cookies to hand to complete the experience.

Teenager drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream

Build A Puzzle:

Many an hour can be spent building a puzzle.

Find a picture that your teenager would be excited to create, clear some space on the table and start building.

Have some music on in the background and have some snacks handy and this is a winter activity that will be incredibly popular.

Play with Lego:

Yes I did say play!

Lego is not just for kids. It is for all ages and hours can easily be spent creating something magical out of Lego.

Whether the teens use an established kit or individual bricks to make their creation is totally their choice.

And if they havn’t played with Lego for a while, they will soon re-discover its appeal.

Have A Spa Day:

This is something that the teenage girls will enjoy.

They can either do it by themselves or with a friend or two. There would be nothing more satisfying that undertaking a complete pamper on a cold winter day.

Some things to ensure a fantastic spa day include:

  • Eye mask
  • Face mask
  • Foot spa
  • New nail polish
  • Make a bath bomb
  • Ensure soft towels are handy
Teenage girls having a spa day

Some other fun relaxing activities include:

  • Read a book – This is a great time for the teens to find a quiet space and indulge in a new novel.
  • Listen to an audio-book – For true relaxation, the teen can get comfortable, close their eyes and listen to a book.

Indoor Creative Activities

Creative activities are perfect for stimulating the brain and winter is a great opportunity to start exploring this outlet.

There are a number of creative winter activities for teens that they can undertake.

Whether its something that they are used to or new to, there are lots of options to give a try.

Adult Coloring Book:

Gone are the days when coloring was considered just to be for kids!

There are so many adult coloring books of all different styles and complexities just waiting to be filled with some creative flair.

There are also numerous free printable sheets online that can be used to try first.


Painting is a great creative outlet and a lot of fun too.

If your teenager has never painted before, they might like to take a lesson or get an idea from you tube for some easy paintings to start with.

Paint by numbers have also become a popular thing which makes it very easy for anyone to do.

Teenage girl painting

Some other fun creative activities include:

  • Take an art class
  • Take a pottery class
  • Hire an instrument – This would be great for the entire winter season. There are many online lessons that can be undertaken. Hiring an instrument is a great way to discover what they enjoy before splashing out and purchasing one.

Activities Undertaken Outside Of The Home

There are many establishments that provide activities all year long.

Winter is however the perfect opportunity to check them out.

Laser Tag:

Laser tag is a lot of fun and perfect for a group of teenagers to undertake together.

It allows them to release some energy, whilst staying in the warm and having a whole heap of fun.

Indoor Rock Climbing:

If your teenager is athletic then they might like to try some indoor rock climbing.

Many rock climbing centres offer beginner lessons and sessions so regardless of experience it is something that everyone can enjoy.

The older kids are also more likely to challenge each other to see who can climb the highest.

Teenage girl at indoor rock climbing

Ninja Warrior:

Look to see if there is a ninja warrior base camp near you. These centres off a great experience for kids of all ages to get active and try new things.

Teenagers wont even notice the cold weather as they build up a sweat inside.

Escape Room:

Escape rooms have become incredibly popular and is a perfect winter activity for teens.

Held completely indoors, the teens have to race against time to solve the clues and be released from the room.

This will require the teens to work together to solve the puzzles.

Visit a Museum:

Is there a museum that you have always said “I should go there one day”?

Well the winter season is the perfect time to tick it off the list!

Check out the local museum or art gallery, learn something new and have fun in the process.

Teenage boy at a museum

Some other fun activities outside of the home include:

  • Go to a swimming centre
  • Grab a friend and play some squash on a local court
  • Attend a yoga or pilates class

Teens might feel bored in the winter season because they feel they have nothing to do, but that’s far from the truth.

Teenagers may need to be guided towards some interests, but there is always something to do and there are a lot of fun winter activities that they can explore.

Whether it is combined with family activities or solely for the teens, there are plenty of ideas to keep everyone engaged and entertained throughout the cold winter months.

Perhaps get the teens to write a winter bucket list and have them cross things off when completed. It will be a race to see what is finished first. Winter or the list!

Encouragement is the key when it comes to teens.

Don’t allow them to spend much time in their boredom wallow and instead get them to focus on what it is they enjoy and refocus their energy.

The best part is that there is something for everyone here and before long they will discover that they have a lot of fun options open to them.

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