The 40 Best Rainy Day Date Ideas To Enjoy With Your Partner

There’s nothing worse than planning an outdoors date only to have the weather turn nasty and force you to cancel your plans. But that doesn’t mean you have to call the whole thing off.

Why not move things inside? There are plenty of great ways to spend time with your other half indoors away from the cold. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity that will get you sweaty or a relaxing day on the couch, these are the 40 best rainy day date ideas you can enjoy together.

1. Bowling

bowling rainy day date ideas

Ten-pin bowling is. a great date idea no matter the weather. It’s not only an active date but allows you plenty of time to chat between strikes. Bowling can be done day or night and requires no real planning. Best of all, most bowling centers come equipped with a bar so you can sink a few cold ones while finding out who the superior bowler is.

2. Movie Marathon

movie marathon rainy day date ideas

If you and your partner are film fanatics, there’s no better way to pass time together than with a movie marathon. Watch your favorite films or trilogies. Have a theme night where you watch different genres or films by your favorite actors. The possibilities are endless! With the number of streaming services available these days, you’ll have access to almost any film you can think of. All you need to supply is the popcorn and soda.

3. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum

visit an art gallery or museum rainy day date ideas

Get some culture in your lives and spend a few hours at your local art gallery or museum. This way you can learn something while hanging out together. Many galleries and museums host special events, so you might have the chance to see artwork or sculptures from world famous artists that wouldn’t normally be on display.

4. Pub Crawl

pub crawl rainy day date ideas

This idea won’t appeal to everyone (especially those who don’t drink), but if knocking back a few drinks sounds like fun, then bar-hopping on a rainy day is a great rainy day date idea. Experience what several different local bars and pubs have to offer, sampling different craft beers or spirits sold by each venue. Nothing beats opening up over a few cold brews in a warm and cozy pub, especially if it has a fireplace.

5. Indoor Go-Carting

indoor go-carting rainy day date ideas

This is a great date idea for those of you who are adrenaline junkies. While not on the same level as jumping out of a plane or whitewater rafting, go-carting still gets the heart racing. Zooming around a tight track as you try and hold off your partner for the win is stacks of fun. Just be sure not to get too competitive and ram your other half off the track. The date certainly won’t end well.

6. Visit an Aquarium

visit an aquarium rainy day date ideas

Spend the day at your local aquarium watching underwater wildlife go about their business. Whether you are a fan of fish, penguins, sharks, or crustaceans, there will be something worth seeing. This is also a great way to learn more about what lives in the ocean, so you can be stimulated both mentally and visually.

7. Play a Board Game

play a board game rainy day date ideas

This is another enjoyable date you can have at home. Playing board games become a big thing during the pandemic, and when it comes to what game to play, the choices are endless these days. You can go traditional with a game of chess or checkers, classic with Monopoly or Cluedo, or try something modern like Wingspan or Ticket to Ride. Even card games will suffice.

8. Experience High Tea

experience high tea rainy day date ideas

This might not be high on a guy’s list of dates, but it’s sure to win over your loved one. High Tea is a British tradition whereby you sit in high-backed chairs while chowing down on an assortment of savory and sweet dishes while sipping tea. You could be served everything from mini-sandwiches and pickled fish to tarts and scones. This is a top date idea for foodies.

9. Cook a Meal Together

cook a meal together rainy day date ideas

Nothing says “I love you” like a home cooked meal. If the weather has canceled your dinner plans, whip up something yourselves. Food is a great way for people to connect and gives you plenty of time to chat and flirt while cooking up a feast fit for a king. If you’re unsure what to cook, Jamie Oliver has a host of romantic options sure to get impress.

10. Wine and Paint

wine and paint rainy day date ideas

This activity has become popular over the past couple of years. The simple premises involves people drinking wine and painting pictures of their partner or friend. It’s great for those couples who are creative and even better for those on a first date. Having a few wines while painting each other is a great ice breaker and allows for lots of interesting chats.

11. Pub Trivia Night

pub trivia night rainy day date ideas

The pub is always a good destination for a date, but why not go when they are hosting a quiz night. This is a great way for you to see who has the greater knowledge, with a bit of friendly competition never hurting anyone. Not only can you put your intelligence to the test, but you can often win some great prizes throughout the night.

12. Take a Dancing Lesson

take a dancing lesson rainy day date ideas

Is there anything more romantic than going dancing? Unfortunately, some of us are born with two left feet, so to help this, book a dancing lesson with your partner. If you want to get her hot under the collar, try salsa or tango, two dances intertwined with love and sex. If you’re not that confident, you can go for a normal dancing lesson and learn something a little easier.

13. Ice Skating

ice skating rainy day date ideas

You might think this is more of a winter date idea, but there are dozens of ice rinks around the country where you can go ice skating all year round. This is super fun and a great active date that doesn’t require a great deal of planning. Even if you’ve never skated before, it’s a relatively easy skill to pick up. It won’t be long until you are both skating like Torvill and Dean.

14. Plan an Indoor Picnic

indoor picnic rainy day date ideas

Just because it’s wet and rainy outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the picnic you’ve been planning. Clear out the lounge room, lay down a rug, and wallah, you’ve got yourself an indoor picnic space. Prepare a basket of goodies—dips, crackers, cheese, meats, fruits, alcoholic beverages—put on some tunes, and relax in the comfort of your own home.

15. Visit a New Cafe

visit a new cafe rainy day date ideas

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t get out and about. If you and your partner are coffee lovers, why not visit the newest cafe that everyone is raving about. Grab a cozy spot in the corner, order your favorite coffee, and get lost in each other for a few hours.

16. Karaoke Night

karaoke night rainy day date ideas

This is one date you can do from home or at an actual karaoke bar. If singing in front of strangers isn’t your thing, get yourself a karaoke machine and blast out your favorite songs at home. If you don’t mind an audience, find your nearest karaoke bar and let loose with your best version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

17. Play Never Have I Ever

playing never have i ever rainy day date ideas

This is great for couples who are relatively new in their relationship. Playing Never Have I Ever will let you find out more about your partner and what type of person they are. If you’re stuck for what to ask, here is a list of the best 101 Never Have I Ever questions we have compiled for you.

18. Watch a TED Talk Together

watch a ted talk together rainy day date ideas

If you both like to learn this is a fantastic way to spend time together while gaining more knowledge. It might sound a bit nerdy, but TED talks are a fantastic way for you to bond while learning. They can be about anything from how to be a great leader to understanding how to converse better with people. Many are even hosted by famous people, adding a little celebrity to the talk. We are sure there are at least one or two TED Talks you and your partner can enjoy together.

19. Visit an Arcade

visit an arcade rainy day date ideas

Relive your youth by visiting a video game arcade. While you might not find classic arcade games like Mortal Kombat or NBA Jam, there will no doubt be a wide selection of modern arcade games to try your skills on. Have some competitive fun with your partner on the dance machines or car racers. You might even be able to win enough tickets to buy your partner a gift, which is sure to get you some brownie points.

20. Take a Fitness Class Together

take a fitness class together rainy day date ideas

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or someone who’s never stepped foot in a gym, taking a class together enables you to support each other on your fitness journey. For those who love hitting the gym, doing it together means you can push each other to new heights and challenge each other to hit your personal bests. Newcomers can experience the highs and lows together. Knowing you’re both suffering is a great way to bond. Plus, you might actually enjoy it and find yourself starting out on your own path to peak physical fitness.

21. Go for a Massage

go for a massage rainy day date ideas

If you’ve both been under a bit of stress, be it at work or in your relationship, a massage is a fantastic way to relieve all this tension. You can either have a private masseur come to you or head to your local massage parlor. You can even make a day of it and visit a wellness retreat where you can indulge in massages, face masks, spa treatments, and many other forms of relaxation.

22. Visit a Brewery or Winery

visit a brewery rainy day date ideas

Rain, hail, or shine, breweries, and wineries are always open. Plan a day date where you visit several local breweries and wineries, taste-testing new drops while indulging in some afternoon delights from the kitchen. This is alike a mini-road trip where you can get out into the country and taste some wonderful beers or wines. You might even come home with a few bottles for your collection

23. Get Matching Tattoos

get matching tattoos rainy day date ideas

What’s more romantic than getting matching tattoos? Whether this is the first time you’re getting inked or you’re a regular at the tattoo parlor, getting matching tattoos is a great way to confirm your love for each other. Get each other’s names, a small design, or a massive motif. Just as long as you both love it that’s all that matters.

24. Take Photos at a Photobooth

take photos at a photobooth rainy day date ideas

We are forever capturing moments through our phones, so why not try something different and visit a photo booth. This way you can goof about and have the photos in real time. If possible, find a Japanese photo booth. This way you can add all sorts of weird and wonderful graphics and images to your photos, adding another dimension to the snaps.

25. Indoor Rock Climbing

indoor rock climbing rainy day date ideas

Climbing has become hugely popular over the past decade, so much so that there are now multiple indoor climbing walls scattered across America. Most offer different levels of difficulty, so if it’s your first time you don’t have to worry about scaling anything too big. This is also a great activity to improve trust and communication.

26. Take Cooking Lessons Together

take cooking lessons together rainy day date ideas

So we’ve already suggested cooking at home together, but if neither of you is culinarily inclined, book yourself a cooking class. This way you can both learn a few skills in the kitchen while spending quality time together. This also allows you to work as a team and build your partnership. Once you’ve learned a few recipes, you can cook for each other at home, hopefully without burning down the house.

27. Indoor Mini-Golf

indoor mini-golf rainy day date ideas

If the rain is stopping you from getting out on the green together, why not swap the clubhouse for an indoor round of mini-golf. What’s even better, you can normally have a couple of drinks while making your way around the course, although this might not help your game.

28. Have a Cocktail Night

have a cocktail night rainy day date ideas

This one might require you get grab some supplies, but it’s another top idea for a date at home when it’s raining. Grab your favorite spirits and start whipping up some tasty cocktails. Maybe you’re an old fashioned fan or your girlfriend likes a spicy margarita? Whatever you poison there is a cocktail for you.

29. Play Video Games

play video games rainy day date ideas

While not everyone is a gamer, this is a fun way to spend an evening with your other half. Whether you want to play co-operative or against each other, there are hundreds of games to choose from. Great for those couples who are a little competitive.

30. Visit the Zoo

visit the zoo rainy day date ideas

Who doesn’t love the zoo? While the rain might cause a bit of havoc when it comes to the outdoor attractions, there are always plenty of indoor animals you can take a look at. Be sure to organize your trip for feeding time so you can witness the zookeepers and animals interacting.

31. Go To the Movies

go to the movies rainy day date ideas

Nothing beats the cinema. Sitting in the dark with a packed movie theater watching the latest blockbuster on the big screen is an experience best enjoyed with your partner. Make sure you grab some popcorn and a choc top before you settle in.

32. Attend a Comedy Show

attend a comedy show rainy day date ideas

Nothing is sexier than laughter, so take your partner to a comedy show. Most major cities have a comedy club and they generally operate seven nights a week. While we can’t promise the caliber of performers will be Dave Chappelle level, you’re sure to be entertained and at least have a few giggles.

33. Play Pool

play pool rainy day date ideas

Whether you call it pool, snooker, or billiards, heading to a local pool hall is a great way to pass the time together. This is an inexpensive way to spend a night out, with most of the money spent on beverages. While this might impact your playing abilities, it will provide plenty of laughs and good times.

34. Read Together

read together rainy day date ideas

This doesn’t mean you have to read the same book. Instead, take some time out to sit together and read whatever it is you are currently working your way through. If books aren’t your thing, grab a magazine or paper. This is a relaxing way to be in each other’s presence without needing to talk or entertain each other.

35. Throw a Wine and Cheese Party for Two

throw a wine and cheese party rainy day date ideas

You don’t need a large group of friends to host a wine and cheese night. Select your favorite bottle, grab a selection of cheeses, and enjoy some stimulating conversation with your partner. If you want to make it extra posh, dress up in your best going out clothes, break out your best glassware and make a night of it.

36. Go To a Concert

go to a concert rainy day date ideas

While live music has been off the table for much of the past couple of years, things are slowly returning to normal. For music lovers, this is great news. You can now head out to watch local artists or your favorite touring band. Studies show live music is good for your health, so there’s no better time than now to get out and about with your lady and catch some live tunes.

37. Take a Bath Together

take a bath together rainy day date ideas

This one is more dependent on the size of your tub, but if it’s big enough, this is a great way to show affection and channel intimacy. Whether you sit facing each other or lean on each other, this is a super romantic way to spend some time together. Light some candles, put on some mood music, pour a glass of wine, and relax together in the tub.

38. Complete a Puzzle

complete a puzzle rainy day date ideas

Puzzles are great fun on your own, and even better with someone else. Crack open a bottle of wine and see how long it takes you to complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. This will test your patience and teamwork skills and is a great way to pass a few hours together from the comfort of home.

39. Listen To Your Favorite Records

listen to your favorite records rainy day date ideas

Nothing beats listening to vinyl. If you have a record player, like up your favorite albums and listen together on the couch. If you’re not a collector, hook up your streaming service to some speakers and listen that way. This is a great way to share your favorite albums and soak in the music together.

40. Spend the Day in Bed

spend the day in bed rainy day date ideas

There’s nothing better than lazing in bed when it’s wet and rainy outside. It’s even better with a partner. While sleeping is great, you can use this time to get intimate and explore each other’s bodies. Maybe try out some new positions or introduce toys to the equation. A day of sexual exploration is a fantastic way to learn more about each other’s bodies.

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