The 40 Best Creative Hobbies You Can Try

There are so many different hobbies you can try. For those who like a bit of danger, you can try dangerous and extreme hobbies. Want to earn some cash on the side? Try these money-making hobbies. Or maybe you just want to get outdoors and try something new? Whatever tickles your fancy, there is a hobby for you. This also goes for those who want to give some creative hobbies a go.

These activities are great for those of you who want to stimulate the right-hand side of your brain. They allow you to indulge in your creative side while still doing something fun that will bring you pleasure. Whether you enjoy drawing, photography, or making t-shirts, these are the 40 best creative hobbies you can have a crack at this year. 

1. Writing


One of the easiest yet hardest creative hobbies is writing. The hardest part is actually sitting down to write, but once you get started you will find the words spilling onto the page. There are so many things you can write about. You can start a short story or that novel you have always wanted to write. Begin a journal and record what is happening in your life. Write poetry or reviews of your favorite films and albums. The options are endless. You can even turn this into a side hustle if you start freelancing.

2. Cooking


For some, cooking brings lots of joy. If you enjoy whipping up a feast in the kitchen, it may be something you want to take up as a creative hobby. Start cooking new and different foods. Try out recipes you wouldn’t normally and start mixing things up by changing the original instructions. Cooking allows you to express yourself through food. The best thing is you are left with a tasty meal or treat at the end of it to enjoy. 

3. Painting


You might not be the next Jackson Pollock, but painting is another creative hobby that allows you to express yourself in. an artistic manner. Similar to writing, painting allows you to create anything you want. Paint a self-portrait or a nearby landscape. Try and get your pet to stay still and paint a picture of them. If you like what you have painted you can whack it in a frame and hang it up on your lounge room wall and show it off to your friends. 

4. Knitting

man do the knitting

I know, not the manliest hobby in the world, but knitting is both relaxing and practical. There is something calming about sitting down and listening to the sound of the knitting needles clicking together. You can whip yourself up a warm jumper for winter or create a scarf in the colors of your favorite sports team. It’s also the type of hobby you can do while listening to music or watching TV, as long as you are confident in your abilities. You don’t want to be missing a thread and ruining your creation.

5. Drawing


All you need for this creative activity is a pen or pencil, a piece of paper, and your vivid imagination. Drawing is a great way to get onto paper wild ideas and images you might have. You can also draw something familiar, but the crazier the better. If you want, add some color and use colored pens or pencils. 

6. Pottery

man painting self-made pottery mug at home

This is a hobby for those who like to craft things with their bare hands. Sit at the pottery wheel and get your Ghost on. While your early creations might not be the best, the more you practice the better they will get. You can craft an entirely new set of cutlery or maybe a range of mugs? Pottery, like many of the hobbies on this list, is not only creative but results in a practical end product that you can actually use in the real world, which is a nice bonus. 

7. Playing Video Games

professional gamer on tournaments for online video game

That’s right, playing a video game classifies as a creative hobby (at least to me). You need to use both sides of your brain while playing games, whether it’s a shooter like Call of Duty or a driving simulation like Gran Turismo. Video games stimulate your senses and help improve your reflexes. They are also just super fun to play and a great way to spend your free time. 

8. Graphic Design

Be a freelance graphic designer or illustrator.

Enjoy creating and editing images or visuals? Graphic design is the hobby for you. While the equipment isn’t cheap (you need a decent computer of some sort), graphic design allows you a lot of creative freedom. There are many different processes involved, from design to editing to shading and coloring. It can also be applied to so many disciplines and is the kind of hobby whereby if you get good at it, it could become a viable career.

9. Photography


With the advancement of camera phones, photography has never been easier to get into. If you start to take it seriously you will no doubt want to invest in a decent camera and lens, but for beginners, start shooting on your phone. Get out into nature and take some wildlife shots. Walk around your town or city and snap away. Start to learn about lighting and editing and you’ll be a pro in no time. 

10. Embroidery

embroidery skills

Like knitting, you might see this hobby as a threat to your manhood. Don’t. Embroidery is another relaxing hobby that is super simple. It is basically using a needle and thread to create an image on a piece of fabric. That could be a picture of a house or an animal or a slogan or quote. It is a very easy hobby to get a hang of and one that you can enjoy while chilling at home.

11.  Candle Making

candle making skills

Candle making is a fun hobby you can enjoy with your partner. It’s a great way to bond together while making something creative. It is a relatively simple and cheap process that doesn’t involve a lot of work but can get messy. Melt down some wax, choose your fragrance, add a wick, and Bob’s your uncle. Make them in bulk and start selling them to friends and family or at markets to make some extra dollars. 

12. Woodworking


A favorite hobby of man men is woodworking. Escape to the man shed, crack open a beer, and start whittling away on a piece of wood. You don’t have to be making small ornaments either. Woodworking is anything to do with wood, so you could be building a cabinet or crafting a table. 

13. Bullet Journaling

bullet journaling skills

Created by designer Ryder Carroll, a bullet journal is a way of organizing your life in a single notebook. Bullet journaling involves jotting down your schedule or ideas that come to you. Instead of standard blank or lined pages, a bullet journal has sections for different things: a weekly or monthly calendar, daily dos, an area to record your goals, etc. It is a great way to keep your life in order while having a bit of fun. 

14. Terrarium Building

terrarium building skills

House plants are all the rage these days. Instead of just placing a few green ferns in your apartment, build your own terrarium. These small creations are like having your own little world in a container. All you need is some soil, a few small plants, and any other objects you want to include. This is one of those unique hobbies that isn’t for everyone but will appeal to all green thumbs.

15. Learn a Musical Instrument


Live out your rock and roll fantasies from the comfort of home. Being able to play an instrument is a skill many of us would have liked to have learned as a youngster. Just because you don’t rock out like you used to doesn’t mean you can’t take up an instrument. Get lessons from a music teacher or follow one of the hundreds of free tutorials online. You might not be the next Jimi Hendrix, but you are sure to have a blast learning an instrument. 

16. Watchmaking


Love watches? Always wanted to know how they are created? Watchmaking is the hobby for you! The art of horology is something that has been passed down by generations of watchmakers, and while it isn’t an easy hobby, it is rewarding. There are numerous kits available to create your own watch that vary in price and design. While building your watch you will understand what goes into the design and the craft and have a better appreciation of the craft. 

17. Puzzle Solving



Trying to solve a puzzle is a great way to get your brain ticking over. There are plenty of different puzzles you can tackle too. It could be a standard 500 piece jigsaw or maybe a book of puzzles with word games and brain teasers. While this might seem more like a hobby suited to those wanting to improve their mind, many of these activities are still quite creative and allow a bit of fun while problem solving. 

18. Learn To Dance

go dancing date to experience this winter

Here is a great hobby your partner will also benefit from. Learn to dance so you can take your lady out and surprise her with your fluency in the Tango. Even if you have two left feet, dancing isn’t as hard to pick up as it seems. If the more advanced steps are out of your league, just learn the basics so you can at least stay in time with the music. Trust me, your partner will love it.

19. Electronic Music Procution

man creating music in studio with modern equipment

If learning an instrument is too hard, open your laptop and start crafting some electronic beats. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is all the rage these days, and with the number of programs available, it has never been easier to conjure your own dance track. There are countless free samples on the Internet you can use to help build the ultimate banger. Get enough songs and you can host your own mini-rave for your friends or even start producing songs for local talent. Next thing you know you’ll be headlining Electronic Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. 

20. Learn a Language


We should all really be able to speak more than one language, so there is no time like the present to start. Being able to speak another language can be beneficial for so many reasons. It can help with your career or just be a great skill to have when traveling overseas. There are so many languages you can learn and it will really depend on why you want to take one up. Spanish, German, and Mandarin are three of the most popular due to the number of people that speak them around the world.  

21. Origami 

take on a puzzle to experience with your partner

This ancient Japanese pastime is great for those who want an inexpensive creative pursuit. All you need is some paper and instructions on what you are making and you are good to go. Origami involves folding paper to make shapes and objects. The name itself means ‘paper folding,’ so you know what you are getting yourself into. Color paper is often used to add some fun to the equation. One of the most famous origami motifs is the unicorn seen in the classic 80s sci-fi flick Blade Runner

22. Sculpture

sculpturing skills

Take up sculpturing and make a bust of yourself or your partner. You don’t need a lot of materials, just a lump of clay or some paper mache and away you go. You can really sculpt whatever takes your fancy, although be prepared for your first few tries to not really hit the mark. It will take a lot of practice before you start carving statues like Michelangelo’s David.

23. LEGO Building

Most Expensive Lego Sets

LEGO isn’t just for kids. Many adults build and collect LEGO and it is another enjoyable creative hobby. You can follow the instructions or build your own creations. There are many modern LEGO sets that are aimed at adults that contain thousands of pieces and all manner of moving parts. Some of the most notable LEGO sets recently include the Titanic and the AT-AT from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This is also the ideal hobby to enjoy with your kids as you can get them thinking creatively from a young age. 

24. Start a YouTube Channel

start a youtube channel

Got something you want to share with the world? Start your own YouTube channel and get the word out. You can pretty much put anything on YouTube. Start your own cooking show. Review the latest films and albums released. Record yourself unboxing a new pair of sneakers. There is sure to be an audience out there. If your subscriber list starts growing and you find yourself getting more views, you might even earn a little coin. 

25. Build a Robot

man build a robot

Yes, you can build your own robot from home. This creative outlet allows you to craft a mechanical construction that could be for fun or world domination. While it will take you a while to master all the skills involved, the end result is sure to impress. There are plenty of YouTube videos about how to build a robot if you need help, or jump online and grab a starter kit. 

26. Lock Picking


This might not seem creative, but you do need to come up with interesting ways to unlock things, so I think it counts. This is an unusual hobby that a lot of people actually enjoy. It tests your brain as you try and work out how to pick a lock using limited tools. There are plenty of lock picking kits you can buy online with all the equipment you need so you can start picking locks.

27. Gardening


My dad gardens as a form of stress relief, but it can also be a great creative outlet. Tending to your garden gets you outdoors and amongst the fresh air. You can prune overhanging branches or mow the lawn. Put a creative spin on the design of your garden. Change things up. Grow a veggie patch or build a feature ornament that stands out. 

28. Play Board Games


While favorites like Monopoly and Scrabble are great, the world of board games is much more extensive these days. There are hundreds of different games that not only test your brain but also your creative side. Many of these adult-themed board games require you to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to get the win. There really is nothing better than spending a rainy night in with a bottle of wine playing some board games with your friends. 

29. Build a Car or Motorcycle

man building motorcycle

If you want a creative hobby that will take you a while to complete, rebuild a car or motorcycle from scratch. All you need is a body and you can start using your motor skills to restore the vehicle. Obviously, if you aren’t that knowledgeable about cars you might need some help, but this is a fantastic creative pursuit that will be super rewarding when you finally finish. Unlike some of the hobbies on this list, you can actually use the end product. Instead of having a drawing you can hang up or a completed LEGO set to gaze upon, you can actually drive your car or motorcycle and show it off to the world. 

30. Digital Art

digital art skills

Instead of painting on a canvas or drawing on paper, digital art is where you create things using a computer. It is often done on a tablet where you can use various programs to create whatever you like. Draw a portrait of your friend. Add effects to a photograph you have taken. Edit a famous artwork with your own creative touches. 

31. Leatherwork


Need a new bag or some type of harness? Leatherworking is a great way to make something you need while learning a new skill. While you will probably need to practice a little before you start crafting top-quality wallets and the like, leatherwork is an interesting hobby that can be done from home. It can be a bit pricey to start but is sure to provide hours of enjoyment. 

32. Screen Printing

man do tshirt printing

You can make lots of things screen printing, but the most fun is creating your own t-shirts. All you need is a screen, some ink, a design, a t-shirt, and you are good to go. While relatively easy, your best bet is to take a short screen printing course to learn the basics. Then you can start making your own t-shirts from home. This is also a quick way to make an extra buck. If your tees are good, you can sell them to friends or at your local thrift market. 

33. Model Making

model making maniature

This artistic hobby covers a lot of territory. You could make a model plane or automobile, or construct a model of a famous building. Then there are model trains, where you build an entire world for the train to exist in. Head to your local hobby store and you’ll see the selection of models available is massive. Choose something you are into and get cracking!

34. Videography

Sell your photography and videography.

Similar to photography, this artistic hobby can be done using your phone. You can film anything and everything and edit it into a short movie. Time-lapse videos are a great way to start, as are videos of nature. If you have always wanted to make a film, rope in some friends and shoot a short film. Upload and share with the world. You never know where it might lead. 

35. Worldbuilding


This is a creative hobby generally reserved for people who are involved with Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). The Dungeon Master is responsible for creating the world the players inhabit. This is something many people also do for fun without being involved with D&D. Let your imagination loose and come up with your own world, writing down its history, geography, economy, and social constructs. It might trigger a great idea for a novel or short story and get you writing more. 

36. Learn Animation

man learning animation

If you enjoy messing around with video content, learning how to animate might be right up your alley. This could be anything from a comic strip to a stop motion mini-movie. There are plenty of free programs online you can download to help sharpen your skills. You could have the next South Park on your hands. 

37. Acting

man with acting skills

Love performing? Then acting could be for you. Taking up acting doesn’t mean you are going to end up a Hollywood heartthrob, but it is a great creative outlet for those who love film and the art of acting. You might end up doing some theatre shows or forming your own troupe and performing locally. 

38. Survivalism

Collect Water – Tactics And Techniques To Master Wilderness Survival

You might not think trying to fend for yourself in the middle of nowhere is creative, but it requires you to think about solving problems in different ways. Survivalism is all about learning how to survive in the wilderness without modern gadgets and equipment. It is creative in that you need to come up with solutions that aren’t always practical or considered normal. It is a great test of your inventiveness and you will soon find out how you would fare if the world came to a sudden halt. 

39. DIY

man creating diy project

Some men like to use their hands and get physical around the house, so take up a DIY project. This could be anything from installing a new shelf to building a shed out the back of your house. The process of designing something and then building it is quite fulfilling. 

40. Magic


Who doesn’t love a good magic trick? Entertain your friends and family with some sleight of hand by learning some magic tricks. All you need is a pack of cards and a few YouTube videos showing you how to perform certain tricks. If you really want to dive in, head to a magic shop and pick up some props to help with your ticks. You could be the next Harry Houdini or David Copperfield. 

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