Talk Like a Pirate Day Activities and Crafts

Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th. While it is fun to try to talk out of the side of your mouth and say “Arrgh”, there is so many more things your children can do to celebrate. Below you are going to find a number of activities and crafts that would be fun to do on Talk Like a Pirate Day. The collection has activities for children young and old. I think it will be hard to decide which activities you want to do first.

Learning More About Pirates

Before you start one or many of the activities in this collection, you may want to read your children a book about pirates. Below you will find some of my favorite children books with a pirate-theme.

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Talk Like a Pirate Activities

Pirate Puzzle Pack

Why do Pirates Wear Eye Patches? Experiment

R-Controlled Vowel Learning Pages

ARRR You Reading to Work on Long Vowel Sound Pages

Subtraction Treasure Chest Matching Game

Five Little Pirates Rhyme and Finger Puppet

Pirate Addition Books

Pirate Sorting Day for Preschoolers

Sunken Treasure Sensory Bottles for Kids

Pirate Treasure Chests

Pirate Crafts

How to Make a Sponge Pirate Ship

Handprint Pirate Craft

Easy Cork Pirate Ships

Paper Bowl Pirates

Paper Bag Pirate Puppet

Cardboard Tube Pirate Craft

Pirate Galleon

Treasure Chest Craft

Wooden Spoon Pirates

Homemade Treasure Map

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