Sunday May 3, 2020 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Get Moving" - Seven moving words are redefined.







44D. RUN: PANTY HOSE MISHAP. Husker Gary and I use HOSE MISHAP for RUN in our football puzzle two years ago.

This is a typical definition theme type. Clues are often in caps and answers are often made-up.

If you have seven entries for a Sunday puzzle, this is an excellent grid to model after.

1. One on a stroll: AMBLER.

7. Absolute: ARRANT. Is this a word you use?

13. Some recyclables: METALS.

19. Louisiana cuisine: CREOLE. Never had gumbo. I do like okra.

20. Gets the old gang together: REUNES.

21. Tapas bar libation: SANGRIA.

24. Acts as a self-appointed regulator of: POLICES.

25. Bit of a jam: BIND.

26. Glitterati groups: A-LISTS.

27. Film studio VIP: DIR. Director. My favorite director is Zhang Yimou. Xi'an native as well.

28. Tint: HUE.

29. Eccentric sort: GEEZER. Often old.

32. God, in Genoa: DIO.

33. Accept as true: BELIEVE.

39. Make anew, as a trench: RE-DIG.

42. Liquid from a trunk: SAP.  Maple!

45. Summoned, in a way: RANG.

46. Portable Asian shelter: YURT. Lots of them in Inner Mongolia.

47. Elliott of hip-hop: MISSY.

48. Half a frozen potato brand: IDA.

49. Keyboards with stops: ORGANS.

52. Forensic analysts, briefly: CSIs. Crime Scene Investigators.

54. Prefix with act or play: INTER.

55. Readied for impact: TENSED.

57. Figure __: EIGHT.

59. It may be fake: TAN.

61. Speed Wagon make: REO. What's in this boy's hand?

62. Some saxes: ALTOS.

63. Instrument in a piano trio: CELLO.

65. River craft for early French explorers: BATEAU. French for "boat".

67. Husband-and-wife creators of Curious George: REYS.

71. PC virus check: SCAN.

74. They may precede bat flips: HOMERS.

76. Bring joy to: ELATE.

77. Chips on the table: KITTY.

78. Love of Lennon's life: ONO.

80. Copy: APE.

81. DKNY label creator: KARAN. Donna Karan worked for Anne Klein in the 1960s and 1970s.

83. Wee: MINUTE.

84. Layer of bricks: MASON.

86. Sermon subjects: SINS.

88. One carrying a torch: WELDER.

91. Turncoat: RAT.

92. Billy Joel's songwriting daughter: ALEXA. Christie Brinkley is aging beautifully.

93. Thesis: Abbr.: DISS.

95. Ávila aunts: TIAS.

96. EMT destinations: ERS.

97. Dorm diet staple: RAMEN. Any been to Ichiran Ramen?

102. Queued up: IN A LINE.

104. Butte-to-Helena dir.: NNE.

105. E-flat equivalent: D SHARP.

108. More, in Mazatlán: MAS.

110. URL ending: ORG.

111. "Being and Nothingness" author: SARTRE.

113. Drive-__: THRU. Here in Minnesota, the banks only provide drive-through services. Our stay-at-home ordered is extended to May 18.

115. Reach: ACHIEVE.

121. Sir __, nickname for the NBA's Barkley: CHARLES.

122. Safer on TV: MORLEY. Such a gentle soul.

123. Baum's good witch: GLINDA.

124. Flower features: SEPALS.

125. Golf course design features: SWALES. Google shows it's "a small hill or depression on a golf course." I just call them hills. Uphill lie. Downhill lies. Also 37. Gp. for good drivers: PGA. And 64. 37-Down's Ernie: ELS.

126. "Gunsmoke" star: ARNESS.


1. Hail __: A CAB.

2. Head honcho: MR BIG.

3. Suisse capital: BERNE.

4. Call from the back: LOUDER.

5. '70s supergroup, initially: ELP. Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

6. Like many AARP mems.: RET. I'm going to be eligible next year. I know Spitzboov is a member. Anyone else? Is it worth the annual fee?

7. Depleted sea: ARAL.

8. Make a home (in): RESIDE.

9. Cosmonaut's home: RUSSIA.

10. Pre-med subject: ANATOMY.

11. Strips in a darkroom, briefly: NEGS. Negatives. Also 14. Blowup: Abbr.: ENL.

12. "Cats" monogram: TSE.

13. New Zealand settler: MAORI. I saw haka dance when a New Zealand factory had a grand opening in Guangzhou. Very noisy.

15. Letters before Fridays: TGI.

17. Place: LIEU.

18. Postpaid encl.: SASE.

21. Word in a "What's done is done" proverb: SPILT.

23. Kitchen prep job: PARING.

27. Teeth: Pref.: DENTI.

30. 2/3 of 100?: ZEROES. Oh, OK. 100.

31. Online greeting: E-CARD.

33. Like a ruined balloon: BURST. So the mouthwatering kelp I had been waiting for over a month never came. Amazon has refunded me. The package probably never left Japan.

34. White fur: ERMINE.

35. Marble characteristic: VEIN.

38. Cry from a sting: OUCH.

40. "Got it": I SEE.

41. Greek sandwich: GYRO. Never had one.

42. Bollywood soundtrack strings: SITAR.

43. Singer with numbered albums: ADELE.

50. Jodie Foster title role: NELL.

51. Rural skyline feature: SILO.

53. Orally report: STATE.

56. Barely worth mentioning: SO SO.

58. Errand runner: GOFER.

60. Part of NCAA: Abbr.: ATH.

63. Apple leftovers: CORES. Peach and nectarine season should be here soon. And watermelon. I'm tired of apples.

65. Tweet creator, at times: BOT.

66. A-apple link: AS IN. A as in apple. 

68. Brief sign of status: REP.

69. __ hammer: CLAW.

70. Place with pins and balls: LANE.

72. Rose extract: ATTAR.

73. Russian rejections: NYETS.

75. Sábado, on viernes: MANANA. Saturday, to Friday. Googled afterwards.

77. Cherry-flavored brandy: KIRSCH.

78. "A Jug of Wine ... " poet: OMAR.

79. Animated queen: NALA. "The Lion King".

81. Word with bread or butter: KNIFE.

82. Little helper?: ASST. Assistant. Little suggests Abbr.

83. Stands for: MEANS.

85. Yoked pair: OXEN.

87. Picking from a mug book: ID'ING.

89. Part of LLC: Abbr.: LTD.

90. Royal headwear: DIADEM. Not CROWNS.

94. Rat Pack leader: SINATRA.

98. Sacks: FIRES.

99. Sign up: ENROLL.

100. Fixed rate: SET FEE.

101. Uses HelloFresh, say: EATS IN.

103. Can't get enough of: LOVES. I can eat these every day.

106. Cologne's river: RHINE.

107. Nudges along: PRODS.

108. "Big" fast-food orders: MACS.

109. Tylenol target: ACHE.

111. Garbage hauler: SCOW.

112. Rob __: cocktails: ROYS.

114. Some, in San Juan: UNAS.

116. Nest egg acronym: IRA.

117. Bracket shape: ELL.

118. Early hrs.: AMS.

119. Franchise-based supermarket chain: IGA.  Independent Grocers Alliance.

120. Photog's choice: SLR.