Sunday May 17, 2020 Adam Vincent

Theme: "Illegal Tender" -  Phrases are humorously rephrased as "what money".

22. Mad money?: STEAMED CLAMS. Fit for Jim Cramer.

28. Grant money?: WISHBONES.
40. Hot money?: BUFFALO BILLS. Hot money "is capital that investors regularly move between economies and financial markets to profit from highest short-term interest rates", according to Investopedia.

52. Ransom money?: SPRING ROLL.

76. Old money?: STALE BREAD.

87. Paper money?: EDITOR'S NOTES.
100. Bad money?: SOURDOUGH. What is bad money?

109. Smart money?: SHARP CHEDDAR.

Looks like this Adam's debut Sunday. Congratulations! A sparkly 140-worder to boot.

We've seen various money theme over the years, like this CASH UPFRONT puzzle. Adam added an extra complexity and difficulty to clues, which are all in- the-language "what money".


1. "Please stay": DON'T GO. And 19. "I swear!": NO LIE. 60. "What else could it be?!": DUH. 83. "What are you gonna do about it?!": SUE ME. Quite a few spoken phrases.

7. Fallopian tube neighbor: OVARY.

12. __ Beta Kappa: PHI.

15. Just peachy, in old slang: OKE. Never heard of Boomer uses this slang.

18. Tool for winter fishing: ICE SAW.

20. Royal problem?: PAIN. Royal pain.

21. Superhero sound effect: POW.

24. Lingerie brand: OLGA. The malls here will be reopened next Monday.

25. Chapter in history: ERA.

26. Close-knit team: CADRE.

27. Navel type: OUTIE.

30. Takes too much, briefly: ODS. Overdoses.

31. The OED's 21,728, e.g.: PAGES.

33. Australian rockers __ at Work: MEN.

34. Shoot for: AIM AT.

35. Voice below soprano: ALTO.

36. French toppers: BERETS.

39. NFL pass rushers, as a unit: D LINE. Defensive line.

45. They're used for emphasis: ITALICS.

47. Olympian Bolt: USAIN.

48. Bit of info: DATUM.

49. Nasty type: MEANIE.

50. Social media pic that may go viral: MEME.

51. Intrinsically: PER SE. Also the pricey restaurant.

56. Amtrak track: RAIL.

57. Talk Like a Pirate Day word: ARR.

58. Undoing: BANE.

61. Go head to head: VIE.

62. From sunup to sundown: ALL-DAY.

64. Afterwords: EPILOGS.

67. Greek goddess of wisdom: ATHENA.

69. Hawaiian staple: POI. I miss taro. Will venture out to that big Asian store once things get better here.

70. Gamer's complaint: LAG.

72. Arrived at, as a conclusion: DREW.

73. BuzzFeed reaction button: LOL.

75. Wears on: IRKS.

79. Dishes out incautiously: SLOPS. These umeboshi will be in my mouth next Saturday, hopefully.

81. Sister of Rachel: LEAH.

82. Mercedes-Benz sedan line: E CLASS.  Dennis' car. Not sure what class his is. We also have 17. Discarded old PCs, say: E WASTE.

84. Put on: STAGE.

85. Should really: HAD BEST.

89. Type of drum or dance: CONGA.

90. Cassock wearer: PRIEST.

92. Long, long time: AEON.

93. Heavenly body?: ANGEL. Great clue.

94. Bear in Baja: OSO.

95. Seder staple: MATZO.

97. Pres. when Sputnik was launched: DDE.

103. Hindu teacher: SWAMI.

105. Rumble in the Jungle setting: ZAIRE.

107. Celtic Sea land, to the IOC: IRL. Ireland.

108. Hard end?: WARE. Hardware. TTP's domain.

111. Wonderland drink: TEA.

112. "I would consider __ honor": IT AN.

113. Backwoods type: YOKEL.

114. Self-referential "Don't you think?": AREN'T I.

115. Fizzy prefix: AER.

116. Flyers' org.: NHL.

117. Witherspoon of "Wild": REESE.

118. African pest: TSETSE. Hey, full name.


1. '70s music genre: DISCO.

2. Pie slices, often: OCTAD.

3. Water and air, e.g.: NEEDS. Really dislike the hard water here in Minnesota. But the air is so clean. I often take pretty cloud pictures and make my friend Lesley jealous.

4. Peter the Great, e.g.: TSAR.

5. Strategy: GAME PLAN.

6. Be indebted to: OWE.

7. As expected: ON CUE.

8. Battery count: VOLTS.

9. Jai __: ALAI.

10. Ancient mariner's story, e.g.: RIME.

11. Positive answer: YES.

12. Besties: PALS.

13. Runner's __: HIGH.

14. Unfavorably: IN A BAD LIGHT. Partner with 63. Tina Fey's boss on "30 Rock": ALEC BALDWIN.

15. Feature of club nights for comic wannabes: OPEN MIC.

16. Main cast of "Parasite," e.g.: KOREANS. Just won Best Picture this year.

20. Finer-tipped: POINTIER.

23. Well-intentioned humanitarian: DO-GOODER.

28. Like a bairn: WEE.

29. Fried foods, vis-à-vis baked ones: OILIER. Popular breakfast fast when I grew up. Jayce loved You Tiao also.

32. Georgia airport code: ATL.

33. Dash in a spice rack?: MRS. Mrs. Dash.

35. Word rarely used without "far": AFIELD.

36. Living symbol of happiness: BLUEBIRD. "Blue birds singing a song. Nothing but blue skies from now on."

37. State tree of Massachusetts: ELM.

38. No-nonsense: STAID.

40. Undeserved punishments: BUM RAPS.

41. Rely heavily on: USE A LOT.

42. Hermanos, primas, etcétera: FAMILIA. Family. We also have 89. Bolivian bungalow: CASITA.

43. Ballet-inspired workout method: BARRE.

44. Oft-mispunctuated word: IT'S.

46. Time Person of the Year et al.: ANNUALS.

49. Compressed file format: MPEG.

51. Accounts __: PAYABLE.

52. Ski slope apparel: SNOWSUIT. Thought of Marti.

53. Stuff oneself silly: OVEREAT.

54. Connection: LINKAGE.

55. Pet control aids: LEASHES.

59. Tavern mugful: ALE.

65. Devices made largely obsolete by smartphones: PDAS.

66. NFL ref's review aid: SLO-MO.

68. Multinational hotel chain: HILTON. Hilton Xi'an.

71. Understand: GRASP.

74. Like many La Scala productions: OPERATIC.

77. Bookkeeper's book: LEDGER.

78. Ovarian hormone: ESTROGEN.

80. Rent: LET.

83. '60s protest gp.: SDS. Students for a Democratic Society.

84. Big bores: SNOOZERS.

85. Special guest, perhaps: HONOREE.

86. Like many Cubist paintings: ANGULAR.

87. Fair-hiring inits.: EEO.

88. "__ me!": SEZ.

91. Sorta cousin: ISH.

95. Former fillies: MARES.

96. More than enough: AMPLE.

97. "__ We Almost Have It All": DIDN'T.

98. Mildly annoyed cries: DRATS.

99. Unnerving: EERIE.

101. Swear words?: OATH.

102. River through Orsk: URAL.

103. Pump, e.g.: SHOE.

104. Aftermath: WAKE.

106. "Zip-__-Doo-Dah": A-DEE.

109. Home of many 2010s refugees: Abbr.: SYR.

110. Magician's source of surprises: HAT.