Sunday April 24, 2022 Christina Iverson

Theme: "Extra Special" - Letters S, P, E, C, I, A & L are orderly added to the start of each common phrase.

23. Holiday-themed minifigures in LEGO Advent calendars?: SMALL SANTAS. Mall Santa.

40. Formal complaints about a sommelier's recommendations?: PAIRING GRIEVANCES. Airing grievances.

52. "You're not allowed to feel that way!," e.g.?: EMOTION DENIED. Motion denied.

70. Tale of the hora?: CHAIR-RAISING STORY. Hair-raising story.

90. Surfer's dream?: IDEAL BREAKERS. Deal-breakers.

98. Way to manage the study of Ceres and Vesta?: ASTEROID TREATMENT. Steroid treatment.

123. Pretty but ineffective dressing?: LACE BANDAGE. Ace bandage.

It's indeed extra special. Christina's first LAT Sunday! She's the assistant to Patti Varol, the new editor for L.A. Times Crossword.

Christina is fond of letter addition themes. Her sets are always very tight and her grids super clean. Today's puzzle is a clear example.


Christina Iverson with son Wally, Pic from this site.


1. Paulson of "American Crime Story": SARAH. Partner of Holland Taylor.

6. Remove one's name from, as on Facebook: UNTAG.

11. __ one's time: BIDE.

15. Ooze: SEEP.

19. Steered: DROVE.

20. Ma Rainey player Davis: VIOLA. Also an author.

21. Ones in wool coats: EWES.

22. Muscle car rod: AXLE.

25. __ bean: FAVA. One of the key ingredients in this popular chili bean sauce.

26. Muscle car roof: T-TOP.

27. Like Zippo lighters and Maglite flashlights: US-MADE. Zippo used to be a big client of my old company. Zippo, Chanel, Dior and YKK. Look at the zipper on your jeans. What's the logo? YKK?

28. Not for keeps: ON LOAN.

30. Major reversals: U-TURNS.

32. Whole Foods section: BULK.

34. Leaves off: OMITS.

36. Pulitzer-winning Glass: IRA.

37. Club kin: BLT.

47. "I'm all __!": EARS.

49. "Kiss Me Deadly" singer Ford: LITA. Glam rocker.

50. __ Vogue: TEEN.

51. TV pioneer: RCA.

58. "__ Eleven": Emily St. John Mandel novel: STATION. Have any of you read the book?

60. Furniture wood: RED ELM.

61. Bite: MORSEL.

63. Tierra en el mar: ISLA. Land in the sea.

64. Post, as on a bulletin board: PIN UP.

67. Gold unit: KARAT.

69. Photo filter: SEPIA.

74. Wasn't well: AILED. The 7 day-period after chemo is bad, then Boomer slowly recovers. He likes the 4-day steroid regimen. Somehow he feels stronger and the pills elevate his mood.

76. Ball of the Bulls: LONZO.

77. Post-workout indulgence: SAUNA.

78. Subj. for Elinor Ostrom and Emily Oster: ECON. Both economists.

79. Walks loudly: STOMPS.

82. Five cents: NICKEL.

86. Mosaic piece: TESSERA. We had this a few times before.

93. Born: NEE.

94. Hershey candy in gold foil: ROLO.

96. Skiing aid: POLE.

97. Arcade name: SEGA.

105. __ de crème: POT. Not familiar with this dessert. Chocolaty.

106. Cheer for un gol: OLE.

107. Vowel-rich first guess in Wordle: ADIEU.

108. Growing concern: FARM.

110. Plant pests: APHIDS.

113. Did the tango: DANCED.

116. Wet floor?: SEA BED. Nice clue.

120. Print maker: FOOT.

121. "Spring forward" unit: HOUR.

126. Apple variety: ROME. I've moved on from Honeycrisp to SweeTango, which was developed here in MN also.

127. "Blackfish" killer whale: ORCA.

128. Soap that floats: IVORY.

129. Co-founder of A.A., familiarly: DR BOB. Not BILL W.

130. Metal bands?: ORES. 133. Naturally powered elevator?: YEAST. Fun clues.

131. Sturdy trees: OAKS.

132. Like flourless cake: DENSE. What's the point of having a cake without flour?


1. California sch. near the Mexican border: SDSU. San Diego State University.

2. Vishnu's quartet: ARMS.

3. Wander: ROAM.

4. Meeting place for a H.S. film club: AV LAB.

5. Prevented from being on time: HELD UP.

6. Grape, in Spanish: UVA. I only know French for "grape" is RAISIN.

7. Diarist Anaïs: NIN.

8. "Africa" band: TOTO.

9. "Doom Patrol" actor Tudyk: ALAN.

10. Fixture in some patio firepits: GAS LOG.

11. "Hey now, that's unreasonable!": BE FAIR.

12. "Gimme!": I WANT IT.

13. Actor Patel: DEV.  "Slumdog Millionaire" made him famous.

14. Genesis twin: ESAU.

15. Planet with 53 named moons: SATURN.

16. Bacon specification: EXTRA CRISPY. And its 11-letter partner: 70. Very relatable: CLOSE TO HOME. Great entries.

17. North Carolina college town: ELON. Not Musk. We do have a few other 4-letter names: 24. Ward with awards: SELA. 56. Morales of "Ozark": ESAI. 57. Oscar winner Laura: DERN.

18. Spices (up): PEPS.

29. "Egad," like, way updated: OMG.

31. Disney princess voiced by Anika Noni Rose: TIANA.

33. Pottery oven: KILN.

35. Understands: SEES.

37. Suds: BEER.

38. Gold fabric: LAME.

39. Stepped: TROD.

41. Clear (of): RID.

42. Thing: ITEM.

43. Second start?: NANO. Nanosecond.

44. One seeing Spots?: VET. Ha.

45. Gut bacteria: ECOL I.

46. Yemen metropolis: SANAA.

48. Dublin's St. __ Green: STEPHENS. Wikipedia says it's a park park in Dublin.

53. Epic featuring Paris: ILIAD.

54. Old Dodge: OMNI.

55. Trying: IRKSOME.

59. Closet organizers: TIE RACKS.

62. Gets behind: LAGS.

65. Short address: URL. Yeah, but not long says the full address.

66. All in favor: PROS.

68. PreCheck org.: TSA.

69. Justice Sotomayor: SONIA.

71. Not behind: ANTI.

72. Hilfiger rival: IZOD. Better without Tommy, right? So logo-y.

73. Ditty: TUNE.

74. Insurance giant: AETNA.

75. Fruity frozen drinks: ICEES.

80. "__ Loves Mambo": PAPA. Perry Como song.

81. Schedule opening: SLOT.

83. Stay fresh: KEEP.

84. Therefore: ERGO.

85. Test with logic games: LSAT.

87. Blundered: ERRED.

88. Kanga's kid: ROO.

89. Shawkat of "Arrested Development": ALIA. So happy we don't need the Latin clue angle anymore.
91. Civil rights initialism: BLM. Black Life Matters.

92. Coral habitat: REEF.

95. Idiosyncratic sort: ODD DUCK.

99. Privileged few: ELITES.

100. Twinkly toppers: TIARAS.

101. Kylo of the "Star Wars" sequels: REN.

102. Geometry giant: EUCLID.

103. Org. that sent Juno to Jupiter: NASA.

104. Fashionable: TRENDY.

109. Sierra __: MADRE.

110. Natural hairstyle: AFRO.

111. Penniless: POOR.

112. "Amscray!": SHOO.

114. Roof trim: EAVE.

115. Mousetrap brand: D CON.

117. Dad, in Chinese: BABA. Hope you all nailed this, since I mentioned this on the blog a few times.  Baba, Mama, Jiejie, Didi, all duplicative.

118. Challenges on the field: EGOS.

119. Burden for many students: DEBT.

122. British singer Rita: ORA.

124. Trauma ctrs.: ERS.

125. "Later, gator": BYE.

The Spinal Cord Injury doctor could not pinpoint why Boomer's legs are so weak. Might be from his surgery 4 months ago. Or chemo. Or just diabetes. She'll order an EMG test.

Dr. Downs has retired. He did schedule Boomer for two more chemo infusions. If Boomer's blood draw result on May 1 is good, then he will have his 5th chemo on May 5th. If his white blood count is low again, then we'll wait.