SIBO Made Simple | EP 52 | SIBO Research Update: Developments in Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide Treatments with Dr. Mark Pimentel (BONUS)

Unless you’re new around here, you might have noticed it’s been a while since our last episode. In fact, you may have thought you’d never hear from me again.

But NO! I’m popping back into your podcast feed with a very important year of SIBO in review: an update on all the things that have happened in the world of IBS research since we hung up our mics after the end of the 4th and final season of the podcast.

I am so thrilled to have a return guest, the king of SIBO himself, Dr. Mark Pimentel.

If you’re been down the SIBO rabbit hole for a while now, Dr. Pimentel likely needs no introduction. He’s the director of The Pimentel Lab at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, where he researches many pieces of the puzzle related to IBS, gastrointestinal motility and bacterial overgrowths. He’s published dozens of studies on these subjects, and it’s fair to say that much of the data-backed information we’ve covered throughout the 4 seasons of this podcast, has been discovered through Dr. Pimentel’s work.

He was last on the show almost 2 years ago in February 2020, and in that interview he promised that there would be many exciting developments for those with Post-Infectious IBS, Methane overgrowths, and Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO.

So today we’re going to hear a little status update.

Resources, mentions and notes:

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