SHUT IN THEATER: Weekend Reading – Week 12

A dozen weeks later, and we’ve arrived at Weekend Reading 12!

The Beat staff is sharing their weekend reading choices for the twelfth consecutive week. What are you reading this weekend? Let us know in the comment section!

Weekend Reading 12
Weekend Reading 12: Nighthawk

AVERY KAPLAN: This weekend, I’ll be re-reading Nighthawk: Hate Makes Hate by David F. Walker, Ramon Villalobos, Tamra Bonvillain, Martin Morazzo, Joe Caramagna, and Travis Linham. Then, I’ll be reading into The Wilds by Vita Ayala, Emily Pearson, Marissa Louise, Stelladia, and Jim Campbell.

Weekend Reading 12
Weekend Reading 12: Flex Mentallo

TAIMUR DAR: It’s been at least a decade since I last read it, so with Doom Patrol Season 2 soon upon us, seems like an appropriate time to reread the Flex Mentallo mini by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. I’m also catching up on the last three months of comics I picked up from my LCS that reopened with curbside service this week  including the current “The Flash Age” storyline in Joshua Williamson’s Flash series.  

Weekend Reading 12
Weekend Reading 12: Booster Gold

JOE GRUNENWALD: After making it through From Hell last weekend (the last 300+ pages flew by for me!), I’m in the mood for something a little lighter. I’m thinking about a Geoff Johns double-feature of his run on the post-52 Booster Gold series (with co-writer Jeff Katz and artists Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund) and, my interest piqued in it after finishing Doomsday Clock, the six-issue Superman: Secret Origin miniseries (with artists Gary Frank and Jon Sibal).

Weekend Reading 12
Weekend Reading 12: Three Fingers

TORSTEN ADAIR: Recently, I discovered my copy of Three Fingers by Rich Koslowski, and took a break as I remembered this as one of those books that silently sneaks up on you and then shocks you into reading it even more. Most of the book is presented as a documentary, with “photos” and captions, interspersed with the occasional comic-strip interview with aging stars of animation. But if you need a good excuse to ignore the world and relive your well-spent youth of past summers, why not grab a copy of Ellen Raskin’s Westing Game? It’s a middle-grade mystery, won the Newbery Award, and the puzzle pieces fit so nicely together at the end. 

Weekend Reading 12
Weekend Reading 12: Civil War: Front Line

RICARDO SERRANO: For some reason the other day I picked up the mega Marvel event Civil War by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven and just reread it for the millionth time in one sitting. It made me want to dig in to the event as a whole, tie-ins and everything. So I’m finally reading Civil War: Front Line by Paul Jenkins, Ramon Bachs, Steve Lieber, David Ajá, and Lee Weeks. It’s incredible how the debate that starts the Civil War is expanded in Front Line. This tie-in focuses on Speedball’s time in prison and two reporters covering the Registration Act, going so far as to discuss the unconstitutionality of Iron Man’s plan. It actually says a lot about our current moment and is strangely in line with it.

Weekend Reading 12
Weekend Reading 12: Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus

BILLY HENEHAN: I’m still reading Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Volume 1. I made way through the first few Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen and The Forever People. I’m excited to read New Gods #1, the next issue up in the Omnibus! 

Weekend Reading 12
Weekend Reading 12: These Savage Shores

JOSH HILGENBERG: I’ve been totally unable to stop thinking about These Savage Shores ever since I first read it towards the beginning of quarantine, so I’m taking that as a sign that it’s time to dive back into Ram V, Sumit Sakar, Vitorio Astone, and Aditya Bidikar’s amazing work.

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