Second Saturday in October

What a week of mixed weather we've had. Sunny and cold, very very wet and then milder but cloudy. 
I've not  been far at all this week, I had no idea what the petrol station forecourt situation was like so thought I'd hang onto my diesel.
On the dry bits of the week I shifted some more soil from the builders bag out the front to the veg bed out the back - the job's nearly done.
Then I  made a start on one the garden things I wanted doing - seeing as I can't get a man in to do small jobs it's down to me! I've removed the two bullies of climbing roses  and the honey suckle that had mildew which were on the other side of this trellis. I've left a Jasmine there as it's not so vigorous.
   I now need to take up the 5 paving slabs from the patio side of the trellis and cut away the membrane that's underneath. This will give me space to put in 3 of those Minarette Apple  trees that grow straight upright. 
I've ordered the trees which are bare-rooted and will arrive sometime after the end of November. Now I 'just' need to borrow a crow bar from BiL, shift the slabs, add some compost and dig the holes.
The "after" photo will follow.............sometime!
A couple of weeks ago I found three more early Ladybird books for 50p each at a  boot sale . I'm sure we had all these back in the day and the puzzle book is one for younger children. I'll pass these all on to the grandchildren.
Yesterday I went shopping, filling up with diesel at the local filling station on the way out (they had diesel but not petrol at all the pumps) The price of diesel has gone up by 10p a litre in two weeks. I met up with Rachel-in-Norfolk for a coffee in Morrisons where my cappuccino had gone up by 25p since our last visit. Think we'd better get used to things going up - anyone can put up their prices now and blame it on Covid/Brexit/world wide shortages/increased wholesale gas prices/staff shortages/delivery problems.......... and no one will know any different.
Eldest Granddaughter is 5 on Monday and tomorrow I'm off to her birthday party....... with bouncy castle ........which I won't be going on! She started proper school in September, it's at the same place she was at Nursery so not too big a change and  thankfully she is enjoying school. 
DiL has been puzzling over Primary Schools for Youngest Granddaughter in 2022. She visited the one in their village and found it extremely dirty (no cleaner or caretaker!) and only one properly qualified teacher among the 4 that work there (for 60 children) and none of the teachers work full time. The problem is that any other Primary School will mean driving, although many of the people in their village take children elsewhere so they'll perhaps be able to share journeys.
 Once-upon-a-time everyone just went to their local school - no choice - and all schools were under the care of the County Council and no one knew if they were good or bad. And believe me some village schools in the 1960's were Very Bad. Now it's all about money and schools are run by Academies, all doing their own thing and all trying to attract more students so they can get more money. I have no idea which is best.
Before the party tomorrow I'm looking forward to Strictly tonight. It's movie night and everyone is dressed up and there's no one to cringe at this year so it's a joy to watch all of them. 
But what I really need is an exciting weekend (apart from the the bouncy castle and a whole lot of 4 and 5 year olds!) so that there's something to blog about next week as at the moment I'm at a loss.
I hope your weekend is as exciting as you want it to be.
Back Monday
PS and before someone picks me up on saying that everyone went to their nearest school in the past - I know I'm generalizing a bit.