Scout Rank Requirements and Resources for Scouts BSA

A young Scout learning to tie a knot as part of the Scout Rank Requirements

About the Scout Rank for Scouts BSA

Scout Rank is the first rank earned by a young man or woman upon joining a Scouts BSA troop. The Scout rank requirements help a new Scout learn the basics of Scouting and get them off on a good start on the path to Eagle Scout.

Parent Involvement

If you are a parent and are new to Scouts BSA, you will find it helpful to familiarize yourself with the program so you can support your son or daughter. It is important to understand the role of the parent in this program. It is very different than the role of the parent in Cub Scouts.

Help with Answers for Scout Rank Requirements

Find specific helps for some of the Scout rank requirements listed below. Some of these resources will just give the answers. Others will provide engaging ways for older Scouts to introduce these concepts to new Scouts.

Requirement 1

The Scout Law

Learn some of the history of the Scout Law and see a longer explanation of each point.

What Is Scout Spirit?

Learn what is meant by the term “Scout Spirit”.

The Outdoor Code

Learn the Outdoor Code and how to follow it on your outdoor adventures.

The First Class Scout Badge

first class rank badge
  1. The three points at the top of the Fleur de Lis is like the north on an old compass. These stand for the three points of the Scout Oath. (Duty to God, Duty to Others, Duty to Self). Like a compass showing the way to a mariner at sea, these point the Scout in the right direction in life.
  2. The stars remind us of the outdoor aspects of the program. There are two stars, representing to ideals: truth and knowledge.
  3. The eagle represents the United States and stands for freedom, which we should be ready to defend.
  4. The scroll has the Scout motto: “Be prepared.”
  5. The ends of the scroll are turned up like a smile which a Scout should have when doing cheerful service.
  6. The knot at the bottom is a reminder of the Scout Slogan:”Do a Good Turn Daily”.

Trustworthy Tommy Song

This song will help you memorize the 12 points of the Scout Law

Scout Law Game

This game provides another way to learn the Scout Law.

Red Skelton’s Commentary on the Pledge of Allegiance

This is a nice commentary on what the words in the pledge of allegiance really mean.


These two prayers incorporate the Scout Law:

Scouts BSA Basics Crossword Puzzle

Introduce these concepts with a crossword puzzle.

Scouts BSA Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge with an online quiz.

Scout Law Word Search Puzzle

Another fun way to learn the Scout Law.

Requirement 2

Troop Leadership

A Scouts BSA troop is led by the youth. Learn more about the various youth leadership positions.

Scout Advancement

  1. The Scout learns
  2. The Scout is tested
  3. The Scout is reviewed
  4. The Scout is recognized

Scouts BSA Ranks

Merit Badges

Learn about merit badges and see the many badges available.

Requirement 3

The Patrol Method

Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting movement, believed strongly in the patrol method. That is why this is covered as part of the Scout rank requirements.

Learn about the the Patrol Method

A patrol is a small group of Scouts BSA within a troop. They elect a patrol leader and function almost like a family within the troop. They divide up the chores to be done and work together as a group to meet their goals. They develop a patrol spirit and take pride in their accomplishments as a team.

A patrol has a Patrol Leader and sometimes an Assistant Patrol Leader. These leaders provide direction to the patrol. All patrol members are expected to contribute though. For example, if the patrol is going camping a couple members might organized the gear, another might purchase the food, and so on. Usually assignments are made via a duty roster so that the jobs are fairly distributed.

A very small troop might only have a single patrol. A large troop will have many patrols. Working within a group of this size ensures that everyone gets to participate and learn leadership skills.

Requirement 4

Knot Terminology

Before starting knot tying for the Scout rank requirements, it is helpful to know the terms commonly used.

How to Tie the Knots

Watch this video:

Requirement 5

Cub Scouts learn about pocketknife safety as part of the Bear Claws adventure. So refer there for the information, including how to get the Whittling Chip certification.

Requirement 6

As part of the safety exercises, you should review The Three R’s of Personal Safety. The Buddy System should be emphasized.

The Cyber Chip portion can be completed online. The requirements depend on the age level:

Requirement 7

New Scouts might be a little intimidated by the Scoutmaster Conference, but they should not be. It helps to understand what it is and just think about it as a conversation. Read about it at What Is a Scoutmaster Conference?

More Resources for Scout Rank Requirements

Bingo Cards for Scouts BSA (Boy Scout Bingo)

These bingo cards for Scouts BSA help familiarize Scouts with the Scout Law, Eagle required merit badges, some of the fun adventures they can look forward to, ranks, and more. Use them to help new Scouts familiarize themselves with the concepts for the Scout rank requirements.

Book Review: Beginning Boy Scouts

If you know somebody who is new to the Scouts BSA program, then this would be a great resource to give them an overview of the program. Note that this book only covers the Scouts BSA program, not Cub Scouts or Venturing. Also the name reflects that it was written before the Boy Scout program name changed, but the information all still applies.