Science Mind Benders®: Animals from The Critical Thinking Co.™ Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

Critical Thinking Co.

We love science in our home so I was super excited to receive Science Mind Benders®: Animals from The Critical Thinking Co..   This book is geared for ages 3-8 or PreK - 2nd.  I absolutely love that this book combines puzzles with science information, such a fun way to learn!

The younger boys with our book!

Our book has 88 pages with colorful illustrations that offer lessons in both science and deductive thinking.  These lessons are easy to follow and the boys really appreciate all the visuals.  Every lesson is followed by a Mind Bender®  activity that requires using the concepts that students just learned - right away application!

Table of Contents

What science concepts are contained in our book?  Students will learn about vertebrates and invertebrates, warm blooded and cold blooded, mammals and reptiles, fish and amphibians, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, birds, and camouflage.

For those not familiar, it walks you through how to solve a Mind Bender® puzzle.

Each lesson is set-up the same.  The topic is introduced with information and colorful illustrations.  It is followed by multiple activities - listening, matching, drawing, puzzles, etc.  Students are then shown interesting animals within that particular lesson and then there is a review.

All answers can be found within the answer key at the back of the book.

Our book is reproducible within out own home and that is how we used the activity pages.  I scanned and printed them out for the boys to complete.

The boys learning about vertebrates and invertebrates.  I even brought out my homemade backbone that I made a few years ago with pool noodles and ponytail holders.

Working together on the puzzle with the clue information.

Still working...

Their finished puzzle, which had the correct answers.

I think this is such a great resource to have with the younger boys.  They are really enjoying it.  It keeps them engaged and is teaching them concepts they are unfamiliar with.  I absolutely love that they have to use the information that they learned to really think in the follow-up activities.  I plan on completing this book with them this year as an add-on to their science!

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