Ripples Through Time by Cassandra Jamison

Ripples Through Time by Cassandra Jamison
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full length (185 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Alstroemeria

Is it possible to fall in love with somebody who no longer exists?

Tess Corbin, a modern-day American heiress, stumbles into the year 1900 where she meets the infamous Heywood Paxton. She never expected to fall in love, but soon finds herself torn between the obligation to her fiancé back home and a taboo romance with this dairy farmer from another century.

After discovering her way back to the future, Tess realizes that she has changed the past and Heywood’s life has been brutally cut short by a new serial killer – a killer who did not exist until her time travels. Now Tess must find her way back to Heywood and hunt down this century old murderer to stop the killings before they begin.

The only question is how long can Tess remain in a time that is not hers, and will it be enough to change history again?

Ripples Through Time is completely captivating. It has a plot that is dripping with wonderfully crafted tension, and the execution of the story is something that has the reader speeding through the pages hoping to jump through time with Tess Corbin as quickly as possible!

Tess Corbin is a powerful female lead who does not waste time waiting on a man to be her hero. Instead she takes the heroism into her own hands and proves that she is a force to be reckoned with and that she knows what she’s doing. A tough as nails, educated doctor who proves over and over again that she is more than her gorgeous blonde hair and sparkling green eyes!

Her story is full of strength and her resilience as a woman struggling to be heard in two different timelines, modern and not so modern, opening readers eyes to the shocking similarities of history repeating itself as it pertains to the treatment of women. Tess jumps in feet first to any and all conflicts and while the audience is cheering her forth in her endeavors, they are also rooting for the connection between Tess and Heywood, two people who seem to have been fated to meet.

Heywood Paxton’s life seems to always be in some sort of turmoil and it is absolutely breathtaking to watch as Tess helps him away from his burdens. Their budding and taboo relationship thrills and tenses the audience leaving them to wonder how everything is going to turn out. Will Tess and Heywood really be able to beat the odds together? This forceful pull between them is what keeps the pages turning, along with the fast paced plot that gives us more than enough twists to keep us on our toes.

After finishing this novel in a day and a half, pausing only briefly for sleep, I’m so invested in the lives and the story of the characters that I have to remind myself that I have already completed the book, seeing as I am still caught up in the excitement of wanting to know what happens next. I may just have to read it again immediately to keep myself at bay!

Ripple Through Time not only gives readers a fast paced mystery packed inside of some of our wildest fantasies, but it also delivers an sensual slow-burn romance that commands the reader’s attention at the simple mention of our main characters’ names on the same page together. Cassandra Jamison does an excellent job of working in both time periods, and makes an unbelievable tale feel realistic and natural within the world of her story. Even her side characters have deep development and connection to the leads that keep the audience wondering how they will all possibly fit together in the puzzle that is Tess Corbin’s life. The passion Jamison has for writing is felt within the love that this story is unfolding, and I absolutely cannot wait to read more from her. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book. Let Tess and Heywood show you how their story is absolutely worth your time.