Review – Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two #2 – The Reign of Owls

Batman: The Adventures Continue #2 cover, via DC Comics.

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two #2 – Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, Writers; Ty Templeton, Artist; Monica Kubina, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: Before we get into this review, artist Ty Templeton has just gone public with his cancer battle and the fact that he’ll be leaving this book soon to focus on his health. All the best to him, and his excellent art here will be missed. One of the things that makes this cartoon spinoff so impressive is that it feels so much like the original series–not just in the art style but in how two-part stories actually feel like episodes. That’s definitely the case with the conclusion to the Court of Owls storyline. Last issue saw Mayor Hamilton Hill become a victim of the Talons, and Batman team up with Deadman to figure out an undead mystery. Deadman remains a very welcome presence in this book, adding some snarky counterweight to Batman’s grimness–a segment where he briefly possesses Alfred is hilarious. But there’s also some real pathos to the reluctant ghost as he tries to figure out what comes next for a wandering spirit.

This story has a surprising number of twists for only two issues, as the Hill family starts to battle over who will inherit Hamilton’s wealth–and his power. It’s also a good illustration of how Batman deals with the supernatural–by doggedly refusing to acknowledge it as supernatural. When faced with the literal murderous undead, he treats it like a puzzle and tries to figure out the chemical process that allows the Court to cheat death. It all comes down to a tense battle at a secret location in Gotham as the mastermind behind Hill’s murder is revealed, and the future of Gotham takes an interesting turn. This story feels surprisingly short for a massive element like the Court of Owls to be added, but I’d be surprised if this was actually the last we see of them in this story. Next issue introduces a very obscure villain to the picture, as the deep cuts continue. It’s clear this entire creative team is huge fans of the original series.

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