Reach Your Health Goals With This One Thing

Today I noticed that yoga is actually pretty great! Honestly, I used to judge yoga a little bit…I would say things like,

  • “it’s just weird stretching, what’s the big deal?”
  • “It’s not like a good workout like lifting weights or running.”
  • “why would I waste my time with it?”

As I’ve grown older, though, I notice that I’m not as flexible as I was when I was a rubbery child. And I’m not even that old yet! I cannot reach my arms back as far as I used to, I get tighter quicker than I used to, and I even wake up sore sometimes just from sleeping!

All those pushups and pullups and whatnot might build muscle, but what good is muscle without mobility?

That’s the keyword here. Mobility.


As I’ve grown older I have realized that being in good shape is not really about being stronger or faster or looking trim or having that six-pack. Being in good shape (to me at least) is more about having control of my own body.

And yes a lot of those other things might come as a result, but they are not the only piece of the puzzle.

For instance, if you want control of your body to hold a handstand, you definitely need shoulder strength…especially if you want to do handstand pushups! HOWEVER! Doing just pushups is not gonna get you there.

  • You also need mobility in your shoulder to be able to flex that way.
  • You need a good balance and core to hold yourself in that position.
  • You need a proper technique to understand the tricks of how to teach your brain to stand upside down.

Introducing Yoga

So, yes, I have finally realized that yoga may not always be the most intense strength workout, but it is so so so good for my mobility!

I loved going this morning! Plus, what better way to start your day than some nice calm mobility and stretching in the crisp morning air outside at sunrise! It’s so relaxing! Then I can just go back inside and do a little rock climbing while listening to the Bible or a current book. What a great way to start the day!

Try it Out Yourself

So, in conclusion, yoga is not that weird. But it’s not like the end all be all either.

I think some people get this huge cult following into yoga and I’m not here to judge those people at all. If it’s what you love then go for it! I’m just saying you don’t have to be in that cult following to enjoy a little yoga once a week or so! It will do wonders for your mobility! Which will help you build more strength, get faster, or whatever athletic goals you might have!

I guarantee it will help to some degree! At the very least it will just give you a relaxing way to start the day and ensure you have proper motivation to nail the morning and kill the rest of the day!

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