Progress on Green Tea!

Where were all of you with shoe recommendations BEFORE I left? I'm kidding, of course; only I can take responsibility for my shoe choice. But I have been thinking about my shoes, and I looked since the box was still in the garage. 

AHA --- as I suspected. There is a WP on that label. What does that mean? These darn things are WATERPROOF, which was NOT what I needed on that trip. 

The label on the shoe box

I checked out the shoes online, and people have raved about the shoes and there are TWO versions -- waterproof and not waterproof. Supposedly, they have breathing abilities, but along with the socks I chose, it wasn't the right combination for me. 

I should have tested more and paid more attention to that minor detail. However, I still firmly believe there was a reason I couldn't finish the Camino at this time, and I'm not worried about it in the least. Although until the end of this month, I'll be thinking about the people I met because they will all be walking. Well, some only went for two weeks as that is all they had vacation time for. 

I have loads of recommendations for socks, and I'm not sure how I'll go about the new search, but I must find a high-end running store in my area as my first stop. Loads of people did NOT wear hiking shoes on the trip and not boots either, as that would have been way too much in the heat. But many wore trail runners, so I will investigate that first. 

As with anything, one must be careful when soliciting advice from someone else. You know how it is when you ask a quilting question to a group of quilters -- you get a different answer from each person, and the shoe/sock thing is no different. I've seen MANY recommendations on shoes and socks and people swearing that this is the ONLY way to go. But as we've seen here, each person is individual and walks in different conditions, and they must find what works for them. 

I'm happy to report that I'm down to one bandage on my right foot. And that is mainly to protect the end of my toe where the nail will come off. This was the last injury I received, and it's the worst one of the lot. The blister was so tiny, but it has created havoc, to say the least. I'm not sure I will not be able to put shoes on until this darn thing heals. GRRRR!!!! I'll see how it goes. 

The last bandage

It's all upward and onward for the next Camino. But first, I need to be doing some hiking here, and that won't happen until I can get some shoes on! 

Here are a couple of sunflowers that I snapped on the walk yesterday. I swear that both blossoms are on the same stalk? Or was I getting confused? 



I accomplished a lot yesterday. Here's the first of THREE small quilts that I quilted. Yes -- the quilt tester had to check it out. 

Community project number one

Don't forget that all of these are small, so they do not take a long time, and both of these two were done by lunchtime. One of the quilts was already loaded before I started. 

Community project number two - DONE

Right after lunch, I got this next one done. This is only 30" by 40", so it was fast. But fast doesn't mean that it gets done in mere minutes. I need to ensure the backing is the right size (no issue there), load the quilt, find (or create) a piece of batting in the right size, change the thread color and wind two bobbins, and ensure the bobbin doesn't run out halfway through a row, advance to the next row, and all that. It doesn't quilt it by itself!

Community project - number three -- DONE

They are trimmed but waiting for the binding to be put on. I may just make a push to get as many quilted as I have time for and then worry about the bindings another time. I'll see how it goes as there are now FIVE that need binding attached and NINE that need to have the second side stitched down. It won't take long if I set my mind to it. 

But I wanted to do other things, so I worked on Green Tea and Sweet Beans, and I succeeded in getting Section Two together!!!!

Section Two of Green Tea and Sweet Beans

I hope to start work on another section today. All the blocks were done for Section Two -- well, I had to finish the applique on one block, but everything else was done. The checkerboard components had been strip pieced and cut but not sewn together, so I did that. There are four sections to the quilt and then the appliqued border. We still have to make some of the blocks in each of the following three sections, and I'm behind with a bit of stitching on the applique and in making two blocks that were assigned a while back. So that will be my goal today - to get caught up on the assigned homework and prepare for the next bit of homework. 

The puzzle got put away so that area of the table is clear. Should I start another puzzle or leave it? I have too much to do to be working on a puzzle. 

I was notified in April that my Quilt Path software was ready for the upgrade. It was only yesterday that I decided to do the upgrade and when I went to make that happen, there was no upgrade waiting for me. Now how can that be? So I've contacted support and am waiting for a response. 

Then I started some work on the family history book I promised my Mom years ago. That required a bit of technology finessing, but I think I'm good, although waiting on that support group to get back to me as well. 

While I have pictures and most of the written history, it's the big question of where to start? I've decided to do a book using one of the online publishing software, and the book will contain my maternal grandparents and their parents. Because the book will now be "generic" to more family members and to keep the cost down, other family members may want to buy it. I'll do the same with the paternal grandparents. The next step will be a book about my parents and their kids, which will also keep costs down. Our family is very small, so this won't be hard at all -- says she with ZERO experience with this! 

I hope to use some online resources to gather more documentation, including birth certificates, death certificates, or whatever else I can drum up. I've reached out to a distant cousin to help with that. 

I think the next thing is to sort through all the paper I have, gather everything on that first relative (my great grandfather), and work on him. Then I'll do his wife and try to focus on each person one at a time. That's the only way to do this. And I must try and gather some memories of them before it's too late!!!

It's totally crazy to try and put all this information together in one spot, but I think it'll be fun. Fun or frustrating? And I know I have pictures of the gravestones, but where are those? I have some of the pictures, but not all of them. They are hidden away in some folder, and it will probably be faster to get my Dad to go and get new pictures than search for the old. Sigh ..................   The joys of NOT having tagged or properly filed the pictures! 

Let's see --- I finished my novel -- the hard copy and, of course, started another one. And I found a new audiobook to listen to. OK, so after how long of listening to audiobooks, I figured out the best way to flag what you want to read. If you find something you want to read, just flag it as "want to read." Then, when you need something, you open up that list and pick whatever is ready to be downloaded. 

I hate having several books "on my shelf," forcing me to read (listen) even when I don't want to. The book I'm reading now is by a "new to me" author, Tana French, and the book is called The Witch Elm. A bit strange but quite "entertaining" because of the Irish accents. The only problem? I found a new author (again -- new to me), and I like this story style. There's intrigue, and it's not a happy book, but where is it going? It's 22 hours long, so that will keep me busy for a while. I listen while I quilt those community project quilts!

So what was wrong with Murphy's ear yesterday? She came waltzing into the kitchen with one ear sticking straight out and the other down. Oh, Murphy! 

Hey Mom -- look at my ear! 

And then she found a tag on the floor that she had to investigate. This dog missed nothing. Lexi? Gosh knows where she was. She couldn't care less about anything! 

Look at this cool thing I found! 

OH -- and I watched another episode of The Great British Baking Show. I swear they have upped the ante on the challenges, which are really hard! One of the bakers has only been baking for 6 months? or is that 12 months? And one contestant is 19. Good god -- I would have no idea where to start! 

I have to say that I love these days where I work at my own pace and have zero commitments from anyone. No urgent e-mails, nothing to do with classes, and it feels good. Maybe the Camino was telling me it's time to retire??? I don't think I'm quite there yet! 

Well, I'm off to have another productive day with no one to bother me! 

Have a super day!!!!