My Bedside Table

So something different and fun I thought I'd share is my bedside table because sometimes you can tell a lot about a person from their bedside table. The bedside table itself, I literally have no idea where it's from because it was either second hand from someone and it has been in this house for a few years now. It has two drawers and cupboard at the bottom but I'm not going to go into those things because they are just too cluttered. We're just going to focus on the top of my bedside table and below is an overview of what is on my bedside table. Let's get started.
The first thing I have is my bottle of squash because I'm someone who gets thirsty especially in the middle of the night so it's an essential for me to have a drink on my bedside at all times. This bottle is a Home Bargains and yes, I'm aware it's meant for water, but squash is mainly water so... Anyway, it's big enough for me and has a straw which makes it sipping in bed easier. Trust me, I've had many disasters with glasses and spilling drink in my bed when I've been thirsty in the middle of the night which honestly isn't comfortable. This bottle is just less messy and easy to drink from in the middle of the night. 
Underneath my bottle, I have a Hogwarts coaster from Primark. I'm one of those people that always has to have a coaster under my drinks. I feel very odd when there's no coaster. Plus I've discovered from my uni days that wood can stain and your left with this circular mark that will never go away. That's why I always have to coaster under my drinks. 
This is a very random thing to have on my bedside table but it's actually a jewellery tray which was from Zoella's lifestyle collection a few years ago. I just keep random bits that I may need, and it just keeps my bedside table a little bit more organised. 
The first thing on this tray is a pen because sometimes you just need a pen whether it's to write in your journal or just do a puzzle book with. It's always handy to have. I think this pen is either from Home Bargains or Tesco but honestly you can't get pens from anywhere. 
This is probably my most used and oldest jewellery I own. This is a stainless steel bracelet with my name on it (don't ask why the E is backwards because I don't know, although it does make it look quirky). I got this from a holiday in Spain way back in like 2009 something like that. It was years ago but I love it because it doesn't rust and honestly, it's my favourite jewellery I own. 
Next, I have this wristband which I got when me and my mum went to see Robbie Williams in 2017 in Cardiff. I saw this on the merchandise website before I went so, I had to buy it and it has Love My Life on the front then Robbie Williams on the back, but I love it because it's like a motivation to love my life.
This is another favourite wristband I own, and I got it when I went to see Dan & Phil in 2018 for Interactive Introverts. It just means a lot to me because it was the first time, I ever went to the theatre alone plus I absolutely love Dan & Phil (still do) and I was in tears of happiness when I watched them. I do not regret seeing them for one moment. Also I identify as an introvert so the fact that it has introvert on the wristband means a lot to me. 
This is just a really random ring I have on my bedside table. I actually got it a couple of weeks ago from Matalan mainly because it reminded me of my birthstone (kind of), and I just wanted a new ring. Honestly, it's my dream that if I ever get engaged to have an Opal silver ring. Honestly it is beautiful you should look it up (and future husband if you're reading this then you know what ring I want now.) Although I doubt any future husband of mine would ever read a random blog post about my bedside table but props to him if he does. 
Another random thing I have on this tray is just a twenty pence. I don't know why; I did wonder if I should include it but then thought it wouldn't be a realistic bedside table if I didn't show everything so here is just a random twenty pence. 
Of course, this is the tray itself. As I mentioned earlier, it's from Zoella's lifestyle collection a few years ago and honestly, I just think it's pretty cute. 
Next, we have my wireless headphones because I have an iPhone 11 now and discovered you need wireless headphones. These are P23 Wireless Earbuds which I got from Amazon. They are so affordable and look like Airpods. It has a charging case where you can charge the earphones and the battery lasts along time then all you need to do from time to time is charge the case itself and tells you the percentage of battery it is on. Honestly, I love them. 
Here we have the current book I'm reading which is Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie and this beautiful cover is from Waterstones. Honestly, I absolutely love this book cover so much. It's so pretty and I love the story of Peter Pan. I've been meaning to reread it for a while now, so this book gave me the perfect excuse to do just that. 
Another current book I'm reading is The Paris Connection by Lorraine Brown, I've enjoyed this book so far and just find it so exciting. It makes me wish I went travelling more and just took chances. Obviously, I'd rather not be in the wrong carriage of a train and end up in a completely different city but sometimes you just need to be a little bit more spontaneous. This book is great, and I honestly can't wait to finish it. Although when you're reading this post, I will probably have already finished it. 
Next, we have my journal which was actually in yesterday's post but honestly, I do most of my journaling in my bed, so it makes sense to have it on my bedside table. This is where I just write all my thoughts and feelings down. Sometimes when I'm worried or anxious I just find journaling helps me out so much as it is very therapeutic and does feel like you're getting everything off your chest. The journal itself is from Home Bargains and it's a beautiful little A5 hardcover journal. I love it. 
Next, we have a clock because sometimes you just need a physical clock in your room. Plus I enjoy the ticking sound. I don't know why. I forgot where I got this from but honestly, it's a very cheap and affordable clock that you could probably find in any homeware store. 
I have a box of tissues because you never know when you're going to need a tissue. This box is from Tesco. 
I have a lamp which is from Argos but honestly, I bought this lamp over ten years ago. I even remember when I bought it because I was on a shopping trip to town, and we were randomly in Argos, and I just decided to buy a lamp. Don't know why but I did it and this is the said lamp I got. It's convenient especially at night and who doesn't have a lamp on their bedside table? 
Finally, this is a picture I have on my bedside table but it's very unique to the fact that I painted it. It's of Hogwarts if you can't tell and I think I was inspired from another Hogwarts painting on google which was way better than this one. I'm just happy with how this turned out, and I honestly love it so I keep it on my bedside table.
So there we have it. That is my bedside table. Pretty simple I know but I'd rather it was simple than completely cluttered. Let me know what your bedside table essentials are in the comments below. I would love to hear them.
I'll be back tomorrow with another post. 

See you then.

Megan x 

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