My 14 Goals for 2020 Week 29 of 52

My 14 Goals for 2020

Goal #1 – Take Full Advantage of Having My Husband Home 24/7

Hey, he bought a paint sprayer… can you believe it? And in record time I don’t believe it. It only took him 2 weeks of researching to come up a sprayer to refresh our kitchen cabinets with. I’m excited!

His plan is to practice on the back picket fence before tackling the cabinets {his idea, not mine, but totally genius because it gets me out of having to paint the rest of the fence}. After he’s done with the fence, we have a brown cabinet in the laundry room he’ll paint out and if that goes well, then it’s on to the kitchen.

Originally my goal had been to have all the big house projects out of the way before gardening season hit, but things are moving at a good pace around here and everything is falling into place so I’m okay with it. At this rate, we’ll have all the big projects done by fall and this winter I’ll be able to concentrate on making art for the walls.

Goal #2 – Take Better Care of Myself. 

Lot’s of pie and beach walks this week. 🙂

Goal #3 – Get Organized

Well, the good news is, I finally got all the wallpaper of the walls and shelves in the hall closet. It wasn’t fun, but it’s done so there’s that. I’ll work on getting the space painted this week and then hey, another project checked off my list! 🙂

  • Hot weather {indoor} project for July: Strip wallpaper and paint the hall closet
  • Cool weather {outside} projects: Paint back fence, till up side yard

Goal #4 – Get Proper Window Coverings on All Our Windows. 

All that’s left is window coverings for the sunroom. Which I’ll probably finish this fall because right now, we are enjoying the sunshine that streams through the windows all day everyday.

Goal #5 – Master Bedroom Make Over {almost done!}

Hey… maybe I could let the HH practice using that sprayer on those closet doors… I think that’s a great idea, don’t you?

Still left to do:

  • Paint Writing Desk a Glossy Black
  • Paint the Creamy Closet Doors White {This week maybe?}
  • Refinish the Floors {late summer project because I don’t have the supplies and the windows will need to be open all day because of the fumes}.

Goal #6 – Kitchen Update

All that’s left to do is paint the kitchen cabinets.

Goal #7 – Install Vegetable Garden Done!

Yesterday we picked 2 pounds of green beans from the little side garden {and gave them to our neighbor} and we’ll have that many to pick again tomorrow from another area. I was thinking about canning them, but with temps in the upper 80’s this week I’ve decided against it.

Freezing the beans is also out because I’d rather have a freezer full of bacon and other meat than green beans. So what we can’t eat right away, we’ll share with our neighbors instead. Plus, once this round of beans is done, I think I have enough time to squeeze in another planting before the freezing temps arrive.

A view from the top for the veggie patch. We should be able to harvest a head {or two} of broccoli this week.

Goal #8 – Explore More of Maine 

Last week drove up to St. George and stopped at the Marshall Point Lighthouse. It was nice to get out of the house and do something {even if the lighthouse museum was closed}.

Goal #9 – Host Some Sort of Get Together

Does having a yard sale count? Yes, I think it does. 😉

Goal #10 – Read/Listen to 12 Books 

So not a book, but this week I watched Michael Palin in Wyeth’s World and learned a few new things about artist Andrew Wyeth.

So far this year I have read/listened to:

Goal #11 – Learn A New Skill or Craft

Hey!! My neighbor ordered the glass kiln. I am SO EXCITED! It should be here in about 3 weeks… Sweet digety.

Goal #12 – Visit 12  Museums, Historical Homes or Botanical Gardens {and bakeries too!}

Sadly a lot of museums and botanical gardens are not open {or the effort is go is too great} that this goal has sort of fizzled. It started out great, but quickly went downhill. 🙁







Goal # 13 – Reach 5,000 Etsy Sales by the End of The Year 

As of this morning, I have made 4475 sales on Etsy. That’s up from 2804 on January 1st! Only 525 more sales to go before I hit my goal.  This past week I put together a few kits of my Double Nantucket Whale Runner Rug and listed them on Etsy after getting several requests for it.

It’s a pretty easy rug to hook, and I’m hoping to hook another one this winter to use as a table runner or to hang on the wall. I think it will go nicely with the coastal red white and blue theme I’m working on for this house.

I also listed a few bundles of wool in my Etsy shop and worked on barred rock chicken ornaments this week. I suspect with the warmer temps I’ll be working in the basement A LOT this week. 🙂

Goal #14 – Once a Month Menu Planning {for 2}

  • The HH’s meal plan for the month: Snacking!
  • My meal plan for the month: Ice Cream, Pie, Salads and Pickety Bits {It’s going very well}


Have YOU made any goals for this year? If so, DO TELL! We all want to hear about them.

Have a great Sunday everyone, enjoy the sunshine.


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