My 14 Goals for 2020 Week 28 of 52

My 14 Goals for 2020

Goal #1 – Take Full Advantage of Having My Husband Home 24/7

The HH helped me on a few of my craft projects this week {there was a lot of grumbling} and we went on several walks around town and to the beach. It’s funny, we never walked ANYWHERE together before moving to New England, but now we do it all the time.

Goal #2 – Take Better Care of Myself. 

Miss Lucy, The Girl and I dragged a giant buoy from the water’s edge to the shore this week and the whole this was rather exciting. Lucy thought for sure it was a new toy but when she realized she couldn’t drag it around herself the novelty wore off real quick. 🙂 You never know what you’re going to find at the beach, and this week, it was full of treasures.

Dear hall closet… I’m coming for you!

Goal #3 – Get Organized

  • Hot weather {indoor} project for July: Strip wallpaper and paint the hall closet
  • Cool weather {outside} projects: Paint back fence, till up side yard

Goal #4 – Get Proper Window Coverings on All Our Windows. 

All that’s left is window coverings for the sunroom. Which I’ll probably finish this fall because right now, we are enjoying the sunshine that streams through the windows all day everyday.

Goal #5 – Master Bedroom Make Over {almost done!}

Still left to do:

  • Paint Writing Desk a Glossy Black
  • Paint the Creamy Closet Doors White
  • Refinish the Floors {late summer project because I don’t have the supplies and the windows will need to be open all day because of the fumes}.

Goal #6 – Kitchen Update

We thought we were done but now I’ve decided the cabinets need to be refreshed {the cabinets are a 15+ year old cream color, and I’d like them to be white to match the tile and paint}.

I gave the HH a deadline of 30 days to figure out what kind of paint sprayer to buy so we can paint the cabinets out white ourselves {looks easy enough, right?} and it looks like he has it narrowed down to 2 sprayers. So you know, the final decision could be another few weeks. 😉 My husband and his “research” it drives me nuts!

Goal #7 – Install Vegetable Garden Done!

The vegetable garden is in!

This week we harvested sorrel, basil, cilantro, sugar snap peas, rhubarb and lettuce.

Goal #8 – Explore More of Maine 

Last week I stopped by Wallingford Farm in Kennebunk, Maine. This week though, I think we’re headed back to the St. George/Cushing area that we love so much.

Goal #9 – Host Some Sort of Get Together

Does having a yard sale count? Yes, I think it does. 😉

Goal #10 – Read/Listen to 12 Books 

So not a book, but this week I stumbled upon the series the series The Darling Buds of May on Amazon Prime. It’s light and easy and sort of a cute series, the perfect thing to watch while I’m busy hooking.

So far this year I have read/listened to:

Goal #11 – Learn A New Skill or Craft

Waiting for my neighbor to get his glass kiln so I can see if I want one too. 🙂

Goal #12 – Visit 12  Museums, Historical Homes or Botanical Gardens {and bakeries too!}

Sadly a lot of museums and botanical gardens are not open {or the effort is go is too great} that this goal has sort of fizzled. It started out great, but quickly went downhill. 🙁







Goal # 13 – Reach 5,000 Etsy Sales by the End of The Year 

As of this morning, I have made 4397 sales on Etsy. That’s up from 2804 on January 1st! Only 603 more sales to go before I hit my goal.

This past week I listed a new rug hooking kit; Happy Jack Pumpkin as well as some new wool bundles in my Etsy shop. This week I’ll be working on a few ornaments and finishing up a new pillow for my next finished rugs update on August 7th.

Goal #14 – Once a Month Menu Planning {for 2}

My breakfast this morning: Rice Krispie treat, dried apricots, tomatoes 🙂

  • The HH’s meal plan for the month: Snacking!
  • My meal plan for the month: Ice Cream, Pie, Salads and Pickety Bits


Have YOU made any goals for this year? If so, DO TELL! We all want to hear about them.

Have a great Sunday everyone, enjoy the sunshine.


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