My 14 Goals for 2020 Week 25 of 52

My 14 Goals for 2020


Goal #1 – Take Full Advantage of Having My Husband Home 24/7

Last week the HH was able to scrape all the old paint off the two windows on the garage and apply the glazing to the windows. It takes about a week for the goo to totally dry but I should be able to give the windows a fresh coat paint in a few days and then we can mark that task off our checklist.

Goal #2 – Take Better Care of Myself. 

I squeezed in a walk on the beach every day last week but one. This week I am going to make a list of all the islands I want to visit this year. Who know’s maybe I’ll be able to convince the HH to move to one. 🙂

Goal #3 – Get Organized

I was able to get the side fence stained early in the week and was planning on tilling up the side area {where I’ve already planted 3 trees and a few pumpkin seeds} but then the temps jumped up and working outside is no fun at all right now.

It looks like Monday will be the coolest day… so I think we’ll work on the side area and then focus on indoor projects the rest of the week.

The plan for June is to:

  • Re-glaze and paint 2 garage windows
  • Paint double dutch door in kitchen
  • Paint wall in guest bedroom {we patched up some small holes and now the entire wall needs to be painted. Grrr.}
  • Go on 3 mini adventures {1 down 2 to go}
  • Collect mussel shells {I have a project in mind}
  • Trim tulip bulb stalks back {done}
  • Dig up area long side fence for future flower border
  • Work on staining the fence {the side fence for June} {done}

Goal #4 – Get Proper Window Coverings on All Our Windows. 

All that’s left is window coverings for the sunroom. Which I’ll probably finish this fall because right now, we are enjoying the sunshine that streams through the windows all day everyday.

Goal #5 – Master Bedroom Make Over {almost done!}

I was looking at houses online last week {it’s an obsession of mine, what can I say?} and saw several with painted floors. Personally, I LOVE painted floors {in the right house} but I think I’m probably not in the majority with that so I think it’s best to stick with just re-staining the hardwood floors upstairs.

Still left to do:

  • Paint Writing Desk a Glossy Black
  • Paint the Creamy Closet Doors White
  • Refinish the Floors {late summer project because I don’t have the supplies and the windows will need to be open all day because of the fumes}.

Goal #6 – Kitchen Update

All that’s left is to paint the double Dutch doors. But THIS IS MY WEEK! 😉 After Monday it will be too hot to work outside so I’ll have no choice but to paint them. Ha.

Totally unrelated story….

Mrs. HB called be from Mississippi the other day {she’s there visiting her mama} and asked me if I would fly down {to Mississippi} and rent a car with her and drive the car back to Washington and then fly back to Maine. Apparently her brother rescued some puppies and now she wants to bring one back home with her.

She called Amtrak but they don’t allow dogs in the private cars and the puppy is too big to bring on the plane, and her airline is not allowing dogs in cargo {plus she’s not on a direct flight home anyway} and so she thought… Oh, I’ll just call Mavis, she’s always up for an adventure.

I told her I had absolutely no interest in an adventure like that. She couldn’t believe it.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Goal #7 – Install Vegetable Garden Done!

I love my little garden boxes!

Also, I snagged 18 pepper plants at a family gathering yesterday. I’ll probably share them with my neighbor because I already have a few peppers growing in my boxes already. But hey, free plants!

Goal #8 – Explore More of Maine 

On the radar for exploring Maine in June:

  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Lincolnville Center General Store in Lincolnville, Maine
  • Wallace’s Market in Friendship, Maine
  • Alewives Fabric Store in Nobleboro, Maine
  • Harpswell, Maine and Bailey Island
  • Camden, Maine
  • Red’s Eats for Lobster Rolls

Goal #9 – Host Some Sort of Get Together

We didn’t have people over but we did hang out with the HH’s side of the family yesterday and earlier in the week I had tea at my neighbors house on her new screened in back porch. She served crackers with cream cheese and salmon and strawberry shortcake and I brought along a few sweets too. Grape-Nuts custard, brownie bits and cream cheese filled fruit tarts.

It was lovely and after tea she gave me a tour of her flower garden. 🙂 I have the coolest neighbors I tell ya.

Goal #10 – Read/Listen to 12 Books 

No new audiobooks this past week but I did pick up the book Downsizing by Mia Danielle from a table of free stuff someone had set outside their house last week. It’s well written and I like how it’s broken down into sections/scenarios.

So far I have read/listened to:

Goal #11 – Learn A New Skill or Craft

Not yet. Thinking seriously about buying a glass kiln though {and so is my neighbor} because we all know I need another hobby to fill my time.

Goal #12 – Visit 12  Museums, Historical Homes or Botanical Gardens {and bakeries too!}

Last week we got ice cream at Beech Hill Farm in Hopkinton, NH.






Goal # 13 – Reach 5,000 Etsy Sales by the End of The Year 

As of this morning, I have made 4251 sales on Etsy. That’s up from 2804 on January 1st! Only 749 more sales to go before I hit my goal.

Last week I added a new rug hooking kit, Old Fashioned Tall Tulip to my Etsy shop and listed a bunch of new wool bundles as well. I am currently working on my fall offerings {which I plan to list the first Friday in August and September} and those pieces are keeping me busy in my down time. It’s hard to get any hooking done these days though, but I’m trying.

Goal #14 – Once a Month Menu Planning {for 2}

The HH’s meal plan for the month: BBQ

My meal plan for the month: Ice Cream

So far so good. 🙂


Have YOU made any goals for this year? If so, DO TELL! We all want to hear about them.

Have a great Sunday everyone, enjoy the sunshine.


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