Monthly Astrology Forecast For All Signs December 2021


Monthly Astrology Forecast For All Signs December 2021


Aim high

Take time out for dreamweaving

Get ready for big, bold personal breakthroughs

High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in your 10th acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22. Love will be on hold as will money matters from that point onwards. So, use the first three weeks of December to put those finishing touches to career moves, projects and status-setting plans and then shelve further progress until the New Year. Just see this as a way of getting into the holiday spirit.

The start of December brings the final eclipse on your 3rd/9th axis. It’s not just the eclipse axis which changes in 2022, but the Nodes too. The North Node will enter your 2nd and the eclipses for next year will all occur across your 2nd/8th houses. Think money, assets, what you share, sexual alchemy, transformation and empowerment. The new Moon in your 9th on the 4th is a secret Supermoon. When a Supermoon occurs at a full Moon well – it’s hugely obvious. Not so on a new Moon – it’s hidden. We can’t see it. Just as we can’t see what’s hidden within an eclipse. This is a Total Solar Eclipse on a secret Supermoon so take it you are utterly in the dark over something. The more you admit the less you know – the smarter you look in fact.

Whatever the cover up – it’s big. Look to 9th house themes for clues. Long distance travel, foreign connections, universities, the law, the mass media, airlines, shipping, the supply chain, border controls, the great outdoors, sports, animals, gambling and your biggest ever goals and dreams. A little time spent dreamweaving under this eclipse – looking at the gap between desire and manifestation, could eventually reveal a new path to get where you want or what you want.

But aside from soul travelling – I should not need to tell you that this eclipse should be treated like Mercury retrograde on steroids if you do happen to be travelling now. And aside from the unforeseen affecting your travel plans, keep in mind if you are dealing with people overseas for business or even on a personal level, there may be something they are not telling you – yet. As usual, go with your gut. Avoid large expenditures. If you can avoid travel in the two days leading up to the eclipse and afterwards – then do so. And put those big plans on hold for now. You could be literally missing something vital.

You could uncover what you need to know or else discover that a delay around this time has worked in your favour when ruler Mars arrives in here on the 13th. The action you need to take should be far clearer now. Plus you have the confidence to get to the truth if the big picture is still unfocused. This day also sees Mercury enter your 10th. You are now on the countdown not just to the holidays, but to both the Venus retro (19th) and the beginning of the Mercury retroshadow in here on the 29th.

Sure, you are reflecting on all you have achieved this year. But that bolder version of you that Mars has unleashed now wants to clear the way towards those desires for 2022! And let’s face it Aries, you’ve also had to tough it out in several areas since 2020. But this has just made you all the more determined to succeed when it comes to your goals.

Go Your Own Way

The 15th brings one to a key stage or propels you to set something new in motion when Mars opposes the North Node conjunct Ceres in your 3rd. The explorer, pioneer and innovator in you surfaces. You’re not content to sit back and just talk. Yes, this could involve you and someone else coming to an agreement. But you (and they) need to be in complete alignment. You are a warrior soul but look back and ask yourself if lockdown and so many changes have left you feeling vulnerable and with your signature confidence dimmed? If not – you’ve now the fierce audacity to strike out on your own.

Watch the 21st when Chiron heads direct in your 1st. You may surprise yourself not just others with what you dare to try. Some of you may design a very different take on how you spend the holidays. Don’t be afraid to give that gift to yourself if you have ended up dreading the usual rituals.

That’s the Power of Love

With the Venus retro days away you and someone else need to be totally on the same page however if things are to keep heading forward. Especially as Ceres retro backs up into your 2nd and Taurus on the 22nd. Shared values determine your joint future. The 21st brings us to Solstice Day as the Sun enters your 10th. The longest or shortest day depending on our hemisphere. Give acts of love and also self-love now. This is the ultimate act of giving. Especially on the 25th which shows you the power of this when retrograde Venus backs into Pluto.

Powerful dynamics could be revealed like the ultimate present within relationships. It’s all a bit Back to the Future and whether you’ve received a hoverboard or not, you’ll be unwrapping your thoughts of where love and other key connections need to take you for your future. Commitment could be the key issue you unwrap now. What it looks like, what you want from it, whether you continue it or seek it elsewhere. Someone could set you an example of this one way or the other. Take note. And if you don’t like how you spend this holiday season then commit to doing things differently on the next one! No matter what.

Mercury is now slowing down entering retroshadow the day it meets retro Venus on the 29th. While Jupiter enters its ruling sign of Pisces and your 12th on the same day. You are ending the year with a vision of higher love or where or what you need to aim for in 2022. Please see your Lucky Jupiter Forecast for ‘22 as it is now heading right for your sign making this the year of big, bold personal moves.

The highest possible potential swirls around you as the year closes. You are on the brink of a transformation and your desire to experience something new may lead to an important conversation as the year ends as Mercury and Pluto meet in your 10th on the 30th. Don’t shy away from this but if you need to talk to someone see this as an act of love. Even if the topic may be difficult. Or your excitement and commitment to your plans may simply mean you have to share them with someone. A new kind of New Year’s celebration could simply be a goal sharing party. Go higher into ‘22, Aries.

In a nutshell: What’s the hidden truth you need to uncover, Aries? It could form a big part of a larger puzzle. Such as realising that dream or stepping into opportunities you had no idea existed. Cross the threshold of discovery this December!


What’s the change you need to make around love?

Chart a clear path towards that goal

Define your direction for ‘22

Is love the change you’re looking for? As we head into ‘22 this is the leading question for you, Taurus. Let’s talk ruler Venus first up which along with Jupiter, plays a starring role for you this month.

High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in your 9th acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22. Love will be on hold as will money matters from that point onwards. But see this as a time to get especially clear about what it is you want. And simply loving what you have, Taurus.

The ‘C’ word has been unavoidable in your vocabulary certainly since 2020. Even if you have not dared utter it out loud (a bit like Voldemort), change or the need for it will have been on your mind. Yes, you may have seen the need for it. But that does not mean you are exactly jiggy with it either. You adore the status quo. But need to know the difference between that and something which is now stale. Or simply lived out for you. Which is when the ‘C’ word is your friend.

The start of a beautiful friendship

Get cosy with change – if that’s possible. Open up to it, welcome it and embrace it to make the most of what 2022 wants to hand you. Change wants to be your friend. The start of December brings the final eclipse on your 2nd/8th axis. Your 8th being your house of change, transformation and rebirth. And this linking back to your all-important values as well as your mortgage, cash, money and what you will and won’t sell your soul over.

It’s not just the eclipse axis which changes in 2022, but the Nodes too. The North Node will enter your 1st in January and the eclipses for next year will all occur across your 1st/7th houses. So this involves you and that past, present and potential boo. And anything you jointly own or share. So, your joint account to your home and the kids if you have them in fact. And this tells you where the changes are going to occur.

However, the eclipse at the time of the new Moon in your 8th (4th) is not the time to make decisions under. This is a total eclipse and you know the rules, Taurus. Total eclipses mean we are completely in the dark about something! In this case this can relate to your money, those shared assets or even your relationship itself. Please wait and allow two days either side of this eclipse if possible.

Mars pushes into its ruling 8th on the 13th – two days after a pivotal meeting between Venus and Pluto – the first of three which will occur during Venus’s key retro period. Breathe in that desire for expansion, freedom or just something bigger. It’s stirring within you – a call that has to be answered, Taurus. With Mars now boosting your confidence, passion and igniting that desire for something else you’ll begin to see how change needs to be welcomed in – not resisted. Told you it was your friend!

Pivotal decisions will be made during this key retrograde period for you regarding your other half if you have one, or simply the need to get out of your own way. Courageously ditching your own self-imposed limitations in favour of stepping away from that comfort zone in order to discover what more may be on offer for you if you do.

New fire and fiestyness rules and fuels you now Taurus. Combined with an active desire to shake things up. Just watch for now wanting things your own way as the opposition between Mars and Ceres and the North Node in your 2nd on the 15th could see a battle occur between your ego and another’s. Or you throw the baby out with the bathwater in your determination to get your own way! However, the upside of this is that this is one of the best transits this month for setting in motion anything that brings in long term change for you.

The day of the full Moon in your 2nd coincides with Venus retrograde. So its important to have brought all financial matters to some kind of reconciliation by this point. The same goes for partnership matters too. You might also want to plan ahead to get your holiday shopping done by this date in order to avoid ‘emotional’ spending. If you do still have presents to buy, set a budget and stick to it or have a very clear idea what you are buying someone. This applies whether you are filling your basket in a physical store on on-line.

Powerful Ceres backs into your sign on the 22nd – the day after the year pivots and the Sun lands in your 9th. You’re not looking ahead with optimism and ready for whatever ‘22 is set to bring you, Taurus. Remember, this is a time for planning and pushing forward with changes you now know need to happen. It’s time to say goodbye to ‘settling’, stagnation and status quo. If things don’t change they cannot improve. It’s really that simple for you.

You’ve been tested in ‘21 and asked to really define your values. Especially when it comes to partnership matters. What you want and need from love. Now, take that refined value system and ensure everything you take forward with you aligns to it. Or its time to release yourself from it. Venus will continue to refine this process until it heads direct again in the New Year.

Before the old one ends, you’ll feel the fabulous shift in energy as Jupiter returns to its ruling sign of Pisces and your 11th house. Friends, groups, networks, contacts, clubs, bands and associations hold the key to your future. Time to get social and to set fresh goals, Taurus. I always tell people to make three wishes when Jupiter is in their 11th. And to expect at least one of them to be granted. Out with the old and in with the changes now!

In a nutshell: Wish upon a star. Not once but three times now Jupiter returns to your goals and friendship zone this December. Time for some wish-fulfilment in ‘22 Taurus. Know what you want to get it!


One important cycle ends and a new one beckons

Make a compromise with your future

Love is reborn in a fresh form

Love is either a many splendoured thing for you now – or something needs a radical overhaul, Gemini. Get ready for revelations, resurrections and rebirths around partnership matters this December. Which could well determine the nature of the double act you’re in for ‘22.

You have the Sun, ruler Mercury, Mars (from the 13th), Vesta, the South Node and a total eclipse on the 4th occurring in your 7th house this month. Plus Ceres retrograde and the North Node in your 1st. So, one big karmic cycle comes to a close and a new one is beginning.

High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in your 8th acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22. Love will be on hold as will money matters from that point onwards.

Reboot that mojo!

Your 8th rules relationships where sex is important, transformations, shared assets and resources – especially those you share with your spouse or live-in bae as in your home, joint account etc. As well as your salary, benefits, loans, mortgages, shares etc. So, endings, transformations, renegotiations or even resurrections are going to be a big feature for you now. And there are key dates you need to be aware of when it comes to taking action or making decisions. Or watching and waiting.

Check your chart for natal planets in your sign or your opposite number of Sag at 12 degrees give or take two degrees either side. Or alternatively, at 12 degrees of your fellow mutable signs of Virgo and Pisces. If so, this eclipse is going to have an even more powerful effect on you.

Let’s go over the eclipse rules one more time. Eclipses conceal. Total eclipses especially of the Sun are a complete cover-up. Think of this as being in a dark room, wearing a blindfold and looking for a black cat who may or may not be there anyway. Yes, it’s all very Quantum on one level. But on that Quantum level this tells you what you are observing may not be how it is but filtered through your own perspective. This is why big decisions should not be made at an eclipse. You simply don’t see that bigger picture.

Watch and wait but above all, stay in touch with those feelings. This along with the Node marks a pivotal point in partnership matters. You have time to reflect on this or even decide what your next move should be during the Venus retrograde. Chances are what is hidden in the eclipse are your own long term feelings around someone else. Or your desire for something different. As the shadows clear this brings them to the surface to be released.

Key dates for decision making (at least on the level of inner knowing), are the 11th -12th when Venus meets Pluto in your 8th for the first time and Ceres cojoins the North Node in your 1st. The 15th when Mars opposes the Ceres/North Node and the wonderfully packaged full Moon in your sign on the 19th which trines Jupiter promising a surprising outcome or solution for you. By Christmas Day you could be looking ahead to ‘22 with a newfound sense of empowerment and surety when it comes to the actions you will take as this hands you the second meeting between Venus and Pluto. The third and final pass will see you enact or initiate these next month.

The Sun’s arrival n your 8th on Solstice Day (21st) combined with retro Ceres returning to your 12th the following day, sees you fully attuned to that soul compass when it comes to the decisions or directions you need to take. You’re open and amenable to compromises too but also understand where you need to draw the line if needed.

The year is about to close on a high note for you as Jupiter returns to your 10th of career, status, rewards and recognition on the 29th and ruler Mercury (now slowing down in retro prep mode) meets Pluto on the 30th. This goes beyond New Year resolutions but touches on long term ambitions and aspirations which also touch on partnership matters too. You and another could be going further in ‘22 or you begin a new partnership journey. Either in the love or professional sense. Set your direction this month, Gemini.

In a nutshell: 2022 tells you the only way for you is up, Gemini! An important long term cycle comes to a close when it comes to you, your image and your personal relationships. Love is the change you’ve been waiting for.


Turn back time and find a way (thanks, Cher!)

If love is the answer do you remember the question?

Trust in the answers your intuition supplies

High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in its ruling 7th acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22.

So, as with all retrogrades (and eclipses for that matter which I will get to in a moment), there are rules to be followed if you don’t want to end up washed up and wrecked on retrograde rocks! Venus in its ruling house means this isn’t Love Retro Lite but Retro 2.0. So, push pause on that swiping and also major financial decisions. Keep a tight rein on your spending this festive season. Steer clear of the sales. Look at what you need – not what you want. Not just in a material sense but an emotional one too.

Those needs extend to your needs within your relationships. And it will be time to talk to your partner if you are settled as to getting both parties needs met. Good days for love transformation will be the 11th and the 25th when Venus and Pluto meet. Venus retro can often bring about a reconciliation or reunion especially when combined with Pluto which rules rebirth. You are the sign who is most likely to see the return of a past lover during this retrocycle. ‘Tis the season to kiss and make up after all!

You have as your superpower enhanced intuitive capabilities acting as counterbalance to any retro/eclipse confusion. Are you going to trust in those insights that may appear to come out of nowhere or that inexplicable gut feeling? Neptune direct in your 9th from the start of the month links you to a path out of confusion and into self-directed awareness and opportunity. This ability could be at its peak mid-month – just before the Sun moves into your 7th.

That conviction you know something is about to happen just before it does is played out at the time of the total solar eclipse in your 6th on the 4th. This is your house of your day job – paid or unpaid, your studies, your habits, routines and responsibilities, your health and wellbeing. Exercise, pets, co-workers and ‘atmospheres’ – what you surround yourself with, take in, breathe and absorb.

Look closely at all these at this time. The truth isn’t obvious as eclipses conceal and a total eclipse throws us into darkness. But your insight knows and has made a connection. This could be around something you take for granted because its part of your daily life. It could be around something you do (or don’t do but know you should), surround yourself in, eat, take in, live with, repeat on a daily basis. Stop if you suddenly make a connection between it and say your emotions, energy level or physical/mental wellbeing.

Act in the name of wellbeing!

You will then be determined to get to the bottom of this or even take action to make change. Mars in your 6th from the 13th awakens the warrior within. And also brings an expose if needed. You’ll do whatever needs to be done now with fearless intent. And also, depending on what you have uncovered, be putting yourself first for once. Don’t be afraid to take these steps now. Especially as you are the sign associated with nurturing. This includes taking care of and nurturing yourself too now! You may see clearly how long term patterns have played out over time. And if needed, take steps to correct them.

Expect deeper insights to enlighten you further about what you need to carry forward with you into ‘22 on the 19th when the full Moon lights your mysterious 12th and trines Jupiter in your 8th and be prepared to enact those changes which will prove highly beneficial.

This is the day when Venus heads backwards so think of yourself now as floating down a river of possibilities. The waters buoy you up and you don’t need to struggle. Just surrender to the gentle flow. Dream of where it is going to take you and by doing so, it changes course along with your thoughts to nudge you in the right direction. Don’t forget this can be away from something that no longer serves you as well as towards what does!

Something bigger and exciting is now beckoning. And this could even be a bigger, bolder more brazen version of you, Cancer. The Sun’s entry into your 7th on Solstice Day marks your yearly pivotal focus where you look at all your partnership dynamics. You crave closeness and meaning now. It’s not just how you feel but you are intensely open to knowing what’s going on with that opposite number too. Love is after all, the gift that keeps on giving.

Revel in the love you have right now as opposed to the one you may be seeking. And if you are looking for someone new, again, simply surrender to that flow for now and resolve to let go of any struggle. Trust in the wisdom of that astral river carrying you along! This will also extend to your working and career direction as Chiron in your 10th heads direct on solstice day. You will be given a once in 12 year opportunity to expand your path in ‘22. Again, for now, plan that move.

That sense of adventure and excitement awakens within ahead of the new year as Jupiter returns to its ruling 9th on the 29th. A day when Mercury meets retrograde Venus in your 7th and begins its own retroshadow. Opportunities from the past could reappear now. Perhaps that path not taken opens up for you again? This is Jupiter’s ruling house and ancient ruling sign. It is at ts most magical, generous and open-handed now. Solutions and freedom could appear as if by magic. For more please see your Jupiter ‘22 forecast for your sign.

2022 awakens your dormant adventurous spirit if you have felt confined or restricted lately. Travel, studies, luck, foreign people and places, the outdoors or the law could bring you benefits and that release into something bigger. The flow speeds up now. Sail away with it into the new year, Cancer!

In a nutshell: You’re on the brink of a cycle of opportunity and expansion the like you’ve never experienced before, Cancer. 2022 opens pathways you never dreamed existed. While you wait, turn back to the past to find the future of love for you.


Love the love you have

Hold back on new beginnings

Go where the tides of change want to take you

High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in your 6th, acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22.

As with all retrogrades – there are rules. Big do’s and don’ts you need to follow in order that you don’t end up wrecked on the retro rocks. And this applies no matter which house in our charts Venus is backwards in. And to you – double because just prior to Venus backsliding you have a total eclipse of your ruler in its ruling 5th on December 4.

Love and money – two sides of the same coin

First let’s enter the No Go areas for Venus retro in general: new loves, romance and money basically. Don’t begin your search for that freshly baked New Year’s lover until Venus is direct again. Work on your self-esteem if it needs shoring up. Yes, you are the sign which glows and is associated with roaring confidence and star quality. But even a lion can be pricked by a thorn! So, don’t make this your fairy tale. And if this has happened, use this time for healing.

You are also the sign associated with generosity. Especially when the Sun is either in your 1st or your 5th as it is at the start of December. However, under Venus retro or retroshadow rules, please try to keep a curb on your spending and look closely at what you are really trying to buy when you do spend. Either on yourself or on others. Venus is retroactive in your house of work and wellbeing. The message is clear: Don’t spend more than you earn. And also, look at your emotions play a role in what you buy as well as how worrying about debt can impact on your overall wellbeing in general. Is it worth it?

The eclipse in your 5th really is a blindspot for you. It is a total cover up in your house of lovers, romance, babies, children, young people, your creativity, pleasure, indulgences, hobbies and holidays. Hence steering clear of seeking a new lover. By the time Venus heads backwards on the 19th you may begin to discover they are not what they first appeared to be!

Yes, you ARE worth it but ensure that you indulging yourself or showering gifts on others is done for the right reasons. If travelling anywhere for the holidays around this time, you need to treat your journey like a Mercury retrograde on steroids. Pay close attention to any insights around existing lovers or your children if you have them. No matter how left-field or the fact they make no sense at the time. There could be more to it than you realise. And please, if becoming a parent isn’t part of your ‘22 plan – take extra precautions under this eclipse. Especially after Mars turns up the heat in your 5th after the 13th.

Friendships could come full circle now Ceres meets the North Node in your 11th. You also have a full Moon in your 11th on the 19th – the same day as Venus turns retrograde. You’re in a party mood thanks to Mars in your 5th and your ruler in here until the 21st. You could reconnect to past friends and also, while new love is out of bounds during the Venus retro, that doesn’t mean a reunion or reconciliation can’t take place. Especially as this full Moon trines Jupiter in your sector of marriage and long term loves.

You’re loving the people you’re with now even if these aren’t that significant other but family and friends. Revel in the spirit of connectedness. If you are a settled Leo, spending time together should be your #1 holiday wishlist activity.

Ruler the Sun announces the solstice on the 21st bringing a down-to-earth and hopefully contented vibe as it lands in your 6th. Resurrecting the feeling of Christmas past and banishing any Grinch shadows. You’re happy to engage in decorating, cooking or anything that adds to the festive feel. Seeing it not as a chore but as being a part of the feel-good vibe. Some of you could be travelling back to places you spent Christmas in your past or else just recapturing the childlike joy and wonder.

Others may be looking at how to do that for sure next year if you don’t have it this one. Ahead of ‘22 you may also be planning resolution-proof lifestyle/work/living changes as Venus makes its second meeting to Pluto on the 25th and Mercury in its ruling 6th trines break0out Chiron in your 9th.

The year ends on a highly positive note showing you the changes which are designed to totally transform your world next year. Jupiter re-enters Pisces and your 8th of power money, sharing and out of this world sexiness on the 29th. 2022 sees it make a once in 165 year meeting to Neptune which could see you effortlessly transform a long term situation and plug you into galactic level soul empowerment. You’ll leave what you know behind and get access to resources and opportunities you may not even know existed until now. For more on this, check out your personal Jupiter ‘22 forecast for your sign.

The 30th points to the start of this with self-empowered changes as Mercury and Pluto meet. This is more than New Year’s resolutions you abandon after a couple of weeks. But a determined and concentrated soul statement powered by a total desire to change up something. This could be a lifestyle that hands you that everyday love. Invest in the love you have right now for a big take out in ‘22, Leo.

In a nutshell: What’s the big cover up around love, Leo? Or what you love for that matter? It’s not the time to go seeking the new kind with your ruler eclipsed in your romance zone. It every other area however – you’re right on the money this festive season!


Shake up those perceptions

Your attention is needed closed to home

Get ready for a bigger, more breathtaking love

Holiday you could take on a radically different persona this year, Virgo. For one thing, you’re determined not to take anything seriously once you have the total eclipse in your 4th out of the way. Eclipses cover up or hide. This one will square any Virgo factors you have between 10-14 degrees. You should also check for other chart factors at the same degree in the other mutable signs – Sagittarius where the eclipse occurs, Pisces and Gemini. The eclipse is at 12 degrees so if you have anything at that degree or within a 1-2 degree orb, you will be directly affected.

Your home, apartment, property dealings – buying, selling, renting, leasing, council, homeland, family, that lodger or roomie if you have one and even that Airbnb guest – all come under the rulership of this house. What underpins or undermines your sense of security, nourishment and place. If you are involved in any property transactions at this time, then there may be something you don’t yet know concerning the buyer/landlord/area or even the property itself. Get expert advice and delay signing anything around this date if you can.

If you have anyone moving in or out, again, use caution and please, as this is one of your houses of intuition and ‘gut’ feelings – pay attention to them now. Going home for the holidays? Check your arrangements and also if you feel something is ‘up’ with your family, again – hold that thought and start probing if necessary.

This could even extend out into your career, your status or the path you have chosen as we have the North Node and Ceres meeting in your 10th on the 12th and then Mars in your 4th opposing both on the 15th.. If you need to take action to make that move or begin to map it out for ‘22 then the full Moon in your 10th on the 19th trine Jupiter in your 6th offers door opening opportunities. And the chance to bring a work matter to a successful conclusion for many of you.

Along with the other Mercury ruled sign of Gemini, I don’t have to hand you retrograde hacks. You wrote the book on them. High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in your 5th, acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22.

Mercury your ruler joins Venus in here on the 13th ahead of the Sun’s arrival on the 21st. Venus will begin its retrograde the day of the full Moon – the 19th. This is your house of lovers, romance, children and pleasure. And as with all retrogrades – there are rules. Big do’s and don’ts you need to follow in order that you don’t end up wrecked on the retro rocks. And this applies no matter which house in our charts Venus is backwards in.

To add to the potential for snarks and snafus – Mercury itself will enter its retroshadow phase from the 29th. So, let’s just quickly run through the Do’s and Don’ts for this particular cycle.

DO: Love what you have and cultivate a ‘less is more’ approach in the season of jolly consumerism. This runs the gamut of the love you have – no matter its form, the money in your bank account – it’s not about how much but how you feel about it that counts. And your ‘stuff’ and what you give and receive. Keep the focus on connections and experiences – the gifts that keep giving.

DON’T: Go seeking new love. Resist the desire to swipe right until both Venus and your ruler are direct once more. And avoid overspending or entering into new financial agreements.

The ghosts of lovers past come calling

Because this is your house of romance, this retrograde could redeliver the ghosts of lovers past. Yes, this could be as simple as old memories triggered by the nostalgia of the season. But you are one of the signs who may experience a reconciliation during this retrocycle. Love or simply that carefree feeling that’s been absent for so long, may have a rebirth as Venus has two encounters with Pluto (11th and 25th).

This could result in you opting for happy-go-flow instead of hand on the details which I mentioned earlier. How does that feel, Virgo? Maybe you’re just happy to allow others to take care of things now. Sure they may not do things exactly the way you would. But you are determined to kick back this year and let go of any need to take charge or micromanage. Isn’t it just the perfect gift to yourself to hand things over to others?

Yes, new love is now on hold. But ‘22 promises you partnership opportunities or benefits that aren’t simply once in a lifetime – but once in several lifetimes. Jupiter returns to your 7th (Venus’s house) on the 29th. Expect duos, double acts and duets of all descriptions to pull you into a dance in the coming year. Next year, Jupiter will meet Neptune in here – something which has not occurred for 165 years! Soul contracts and karmic connections feature. Just be aware however that if something is broken beyond repair, Jupiter cannot fix it. The Venus retrograde will enable you to see the truth around any present union now. What Jupiter can do for you however is to make it easier to free yourself than at any other time. For more on this, see your personal Jupiter forecast for your sign.

Simply relaxing this December, surrendering to the moment, embracing what you have with new appreciation, is all that is required of you for now, Virgo. If taking charge is your default holiday role, relax and relinquish it to others. Getting into the flow of next year before it begins puts you in an ‘Good things come my way effortlessly’ frame of mind. Take a let go let flow approach into ‘22.

In a nutshell: If your soul cry has been ‘Show me the love!’ – get ready for the universe to answer or at least point you in the right direction in ‘22. Jupiter returns to your partnership sector this month and Fat Cupid is aiming that arrow right at you, Virgo!



Get ready for a big turnaround

Work some everyday magic into your routine

Go back to past loves

Turnaround bright eyes! That’s what your ruler Venus is humming this holiday season. High in the sky at the start of the month, Venus in your 4th, acts as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22.

As with all retrogrades – there are rules. Big do’s and don’ts you need to follow in order that you don’t end up wrecked on the retro rocks. And this applies no matter which house in our charts Venus is backwards in. Just prior to going backwards, Venus makes the first of three meetings with Pluto in here on the 11th. Take it plans for Christmas may change as a result of this right up to the day itself in fact.

Those retro rules include putting the search for new love on hold until Venus is direct once more. And avoiding entering into new financial dealings if you possibly can. Keep an eye on spending especially guilt spending or buying things to fill emotional holes. This is your house of property and family – hence holiday plans being subject to change.

Take it if you are involved in any kind of property dealings, things may stall and slow or even yes, turnaround. If you lost out on a property, it may come back onto the market especially as this Venus retro coincides with Mercury entering its own retroshadow in here from the 29th. But do please take care with contracts, buying and selling anything, leasing and renting, Airbnbing, lodgers, family members and on into business, work and even the internet. Why? Because in addition to the above we have a total eclipse in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 4th.

Do check your birthchart for any factors at 12 degrees of Sagittarius – give or take an orb of two degrees either way. Also, if you have anything at 12 degrees of your own sign, then this eclipse will hit you. The same goes for anything between 10-14 degrees of the other mutable signs – Pisces, Gemini and Virgo.

It’s about what’s not said rather than what is

Eclipses are the shadow force. The mysterious dark matter of astrology. The conceal or cover-up. And a total eclipse represents a complete black out. This is your house of communication, contracts and getting around. Your neighbours, siblings and cousins too. Please don’t sign any agreements under the eclipse without double checking the fine print. Don’t buy a car, a horse, a phone, a large appliance or any kind of technology. In Mercury’s house the Mercury retro rules serve you well. Don’t open suspicious files or click on that link either.

Watch for catfish if you are on-line as you may be the one hooked. Remember – Venus retroshadow which this coincides with, says all bets are off. Old loves reappearing? That could be your turnaround, bright eyes. Don’t rule it out. But look to what’s being said as well as what is. The truth is out there but possibly hidden in sub-text or within someone’s actions which belie their words.

A release from one long term cycle into a solution bearing, opportunistic new one could be an early holiday gift for you mid month. Ceres meets the North Node in your 9th on the 12th while the full Moon in here on the 19th will trine Jupiter in your 5th. Jupiter is now just days away from moving on into your 6th where it wants to hand you a magical blend of everyday benefits and loving the life you live. But the full Moon marks a release for you into a fresh cycle of freedom and the completion of an old one.

Children and young people may feature now or you simply giving your own inner child permission to come out and party! Mars landed in your 3rd on the 13th and if those Christmas plans now do go awry, you’ll have no problem forming other plans or even communicating to others how you feel about things. As the Sun arrives in your 4th on Solstice Day (21st) and Ceres retrograde backs into your 8th, you are prepared to change plans to better align to your own needs or those you truly care about if necessary. Sure, you are reaching for the compromise like you normally do. But this all says if the other side doesn’t budge, you know where your priorities lie. So, stick by these Libra.

This doesn’t mean that you’re Scrooged this festive season at all. Just that you are prepared to make changes if and when needed. And a surprise may await you as Mars in your 3rd trines now direct Chiron in your 7th on the 25th while this day brings you the second transformative meeting between Venus and Pluto. What unexpected gifts are you unwrapping now, Libra?!

The year closes with Jupiter on the move back into your 6th and this as I said, is all about working that everyday magic to create a life or way of working to fall in love with. If you are yearning for a new, more rewarding path, enhanced wellbeing and peace of mind, enchantment in your routine and a sense of purpose, then next year brings you a once in several lifetimes opportunity to create this.

Jupiter will move quickly through this house to land in your 7th in May bringing you once in 12 year benefits around lasting love and dynamic duos of all descriptions. Love will be the element of surprise for you in ‘22. In all areas. Experience a turnaround in more than one key one as we head into the New Year.

In a nutshell: You need to take what you hear on face value around the 4th and wait for more information. Venus your ruler retrograde this month putting love and financial matters on hold. ‘22 offers plenty of opportunities to make up for lost time however. Enjoy the here and now, Libra.



Know where the money goes

Are you ready for that once in a lifetime love experience?

Time to reaffirm those values

Keep a tight grip on those purse strings or rather that card this holiday season, Scorpio. Please don’t overspend. Avoid impulse buys and the even bigger no-no’s – another card or too much Klarna. I’m sorry – I don’t make the rules. No, you don’t have to turn into a combo of the Grinch and Scrooge. But you need to set yourself a budget and then stick to it in order to avoid post-holiday debt bah-humbugs.

You’ve various red flags this December telling you to watch where the money goes and on what and who. First we have a total eclipse in your money zone on the 4th. Do you have any Sag factors in your chart between 10-14 degrees? Many Scorpios do. So, check your chart and if you have anything in that orb, then try to avoid any kind of financial dealings in the two days either side of the eclipse as well as the 4th itself. No, the financial force is not with you now.

Eclipses conceal and total eclipses represent a blackout. That bargain you feel you simply must have turns out to be anything but. You enter into a new financial arrangement but miss a key T&C. You buy something deferring the cost but knowing the money to pay for it is coming – only it doesn’t. Or you loan money to a friend who swears they will pay you back – they don’t. You’ve relied on your Christmas bonus in the past but this year turns out to be the one where your company can’t pay it or it is much reduced. An unexpected bill puts you in a dilemma. Any of these scenarios or more can feature. Not just around the eclipse time but for the entire month and on into January.

First you have your ancient ruler Mars entering your 2nd house on the 13th. Mars in here can make you impulsive with your money. You may splurge in the moment only to wonder later what you were thinking. Yes, Mars can set you on a determined course to find solutions or even earn more of the folding stuff. It has you hustling and boosts your self-worth. But you need to ensure that your ‘I’m worth it’ attitude doesn’t extend to having it all now at the cost of worrying about how to pay for it later.

Add to all this, is Venus in your 3rd of commerce, contracts and the internet (this includes on-line shopping). High in the sky at the start of the month it acts as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22.

As with all retrogrades – there are rules. Big do’s and don’ts you need to follow in order that you don’t end up wrecked on the retro rocks. And this applies no matter which house in our charts Venus is backwards in. But you have your old ruler and an eclipse in Venus’s ruling 2nd. Plus this month sees Venus make two out of the three encounters it will have with your modern ruler Pluto. This tells you ‘all change’ around love and your cash Scorpio!

So, put off looking for new love. Don’t enter into new financial agreements and see yourself as in a relationship to your money and material assets and look to how you can improve this. It’s not so much about what you have but how you treat what you’ve got. If you look after your money, it will begin to look after you.

Key dates are the 11th -12th which marks the first encounter between Venus and Pluto and then Ceres which rules deals meeting the North Node in your other money house – your 8th. You can release old money karma (yes, you can have karma with your cash too!) and set a more empowered cycle in motion now. This house also rules joint assets – those you share with a marital partner for instance. Also loans, mortgages, benefits, your salary, legacies and bonuses. What you owe and are owed in return.

Ceres and the Node say the books must balance and debts must be paid. This is a good time to renegotiate the terms of that loan or mortgage or simply manage those assets better. If you need help on a more mundane level – such as your partner taking more responsibility for chores or even festive family tasks, the full Moon in your 8th on the 19th is a good time to ask for whatever it is you need. This is not just the day Venus goes retrograde, but this full Moon links you to your emotional empowerment as it trines Jupiter in your 4th. If a financial matter has been dragging along, this day can see it come to a successful conclusion for you.

Loves new deal is waiting in ‘22

Ceres will back into your 7th of long term loves and partnerships on the 22nd – the day after the Sun arrives in your 3rd. Combined with Venus retrograde and now Mercury also in its ruling 3rd and about to begin its own retroshadow, hearing from a past love or resurrecting one is likely for you. This is also the perfect time to work on that existing love and to express just how much someone means to you. And you don’t have to break the bank doing this, Scorpio. Telling someone how much you appreciate them is a lasting gift.

Even if new love is on hold along with that splurge, don’t think that this determines how ‘22 pays or plays out for you. This is just temporary. December hands you the ability to transform at least one key area of your life thanks to Venus and Mercury both meeting Pluto before the year ends. Jupiter is also on the move on the 29th. On into your 5th where it will create once in a karmic cycle romantic opportunities, creative expression, chances to shine and benefits flowing from children, parenting, babies or the younger generation. For more on this see your lucky Jupiter ‘22 forecast for your sign.

The penultimate day of ‘21 sees Mercury encounter Pluto and you doing, saying or launching a powerhouse idea on conversation which sets in motion a fresh direction. Act on your ideas – they are your best asset and your springboard into opportunity now.

In a nutshell: Keep a tight grip on your purse strings and resist everything from impulse buys to swiping right, Scorpio. Next year offers lucky breaks, solutions and yes, indulgence and fresh starts on love. For now – stick to your budget. And your values.



What sees in the dark and without eyes?

One cycle of relating closes and a new one begins

A door to opportunity opens wide for ‘22

The final eclipse on your 1st/7th house axis occurs on the 4th at the time of the new Moon in your sign, Sag. This closes or completes a cycle involving you and one significant person. You still have the North Node in your 7th as this month begins however. This will exit here next month and head into your 6th of everyday work, dharma and wellbeing. If there is unfinished business between you and someone else, or karma from a relationship which began 19 years ago, then this month marks completion, release and closure.

As with all eclipses, this one is a cover-up. A total blackout or blind-spot for you as it is a total eclipse. What sees in the dark and without eyes? That inner radar, Sag! It’s always operating, always sending you that accurate, reliable signal 24/7, eclipse or no eclipse. The transmission is never interrupted. It’s never down. What can happen however is we don’t like what it’s telling us so we choose to ignore it. So, if you are given a heads-up psychically about a personal matter or about someone, take note now and keep an open mind and a close watch between now and the full Moon in your 7th on the 19th.

Do check your Sag factors for anything between 10-14 degrees. The eclipse occurs at 12 degrees of your sign but anything within that 1-2 degree orb will be impacted by it. Also check your chart for other aspects in any of your fellow mutable signs within that degree orb – Pisces, Virgo or Gemini as these will increase this eclipse influence.

You may be headed towards a key decision or watershed moment around a partnership whether this is romantic, friendship or business and again, this realisation may peak on the 19th. This isn’t just due to the full Moon in your 7th but is the day when Venus the ruler of your 7th, heads backwards in its other ruling house in your chart – your 2nd. When you throw in Mars entering your 1st on the 13th, you’re ready to do whatever needs to be done fearlessly and with determination.

Normally, Mars in your sign stirs up passion and turns you into a heat-seeking missile for pleasure. But this is an unusual month. High in the sky at the start of the month, Venus in your 2ndacts as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards.

Venus is slowing down and then entering its retro period, means we also need to slow down and then stop to take care of what’s in the present instead of searching for the new. This especially applies under the shadow of an eclipse. Venus will remain retrograde until the end of January. And as with all retrogrades – there are rules. Big do’s and don’ts you need to follow in order that you don’t end up wrecked on the retro rocks. And this applies no matter which house in our charts Venus is backwards in.

But no more so than when Venus is in a ruling house or sign. This is therefore about your money, income, cash, possessions and most importantly your self-esteem. It’s about what you will and won’t ‘sell out’ or compromise over. And it’s about relationships you can bank on or are assets to you. Or ones that are no longer worth your investment. Looking for new love – off limits under a Venus retro unless you like ‘It’s complicated’ scenarios or simply being visited by the ghosting of Christmas present.

Expensive purchases or borrowing from Peter to pay Patricia? Also a no-no. There may be a revelation following the eclipse and a ‘The buck stops here’ moment around the 11th and then again on the 15th- – just prior to the full Moon when Mars opposes the North Node and Ceres conjunct in your 7th. This may have you no longer willing to accept the status quo in a relationship or simply no longer feeling that (emotional) obligation to spend more than you can afford. You could also refuse to be pressured into spending your time in a way that no longer feels right for you over the holidays. Don’t shy away from saying no if needed, Sag. Set your limits and stick to them.

The full Moon could offer total emotional exposure over what that eclipse covered up. It can hand you confirmation that your far-sighted inner voice was right all along. Perhaps in a soul satisfying way. But now is the time to use that take out and act on it if you have been hesitating. The full Moon shines back on you. It’s all about you and your needs as opposed to the other party’s. And you’ll see all too clearly if that love, respect and honesty is reciprocal – or not. The Moon makes a fabulous trine to ruler Jupiter in your 3rd. Declarations, news and solutions could be on their way as a result that frees you from any holiday (or longer) dilemmas once and for all.

Bring it on home, baby!

Jupiter is days away now from handing you the keys to expansion when it comes to your home, living arrangements and anything which enhances your security. First however, the Sun leaves you sign on the 21st and enters your 2nd shoring up that self-worth and ability to know what you want even further. You certainly should now know what you want to receive in terms of love and other benefits for the year ahead. A seismic shift or transformation is in progress which begins this month and will take you all the way through until January.

The 25th sees the second of three encounters between Venus and Pluto handing you the gift of transformed self-worth or reforming that financial/relationship future. This also banishes any hesitation or even – dare I even say it? – shyness around asking for or going for what you want or now know has to happen thanks to the trine between Mars and Chiron in your 5th. Dare to do more than dream – act now!

Jupiter lands in your 4th on the 29th and this ushers in a cycle of spiritual homecoming where you end up living exactly where and how you need to, Sag. Jupiter will power on through this house to enter your 5th of lovers, children, holidays, pleasure and sheer luck by May. For more on this see your personal Jupiter ‘22 forecast.

The year closes with a key decision following the meeting of Mercury – now in retroshadow, and Pluto in your 2nd on the 30th. Time for an accounting as to what the year, the relationships and path you have invested in, have brought you. There should now be no doubts remaining in your mind as to what holds true for you for ‘22. And what you need to leave behind you in the old year, Sag.

In a nutshell: Home is where the heart is and no more so than when ruler Jupiter is in your 4th. Doors to living large or long term security open wide. Know who you can count on this Christmas, Sag. And get set to expand your space for ‘22.



How far can an idea take you in ‘22?

Reboot that image

Happy birthday, sea goat!

Happy birthday, high climbing Capricorn! Time to rewrite your stars ahead of the new year. How do we do that? By playing with quantum mechanics and the past. Want to know more? Let’s head into December and clear up some mysteries.

We can re-write the stars or specifically our futures, when we travel back to the past and re-frame it. Put a new spin or interpretation on events and also, look to how today we would do things very differently. Your relationship or simply your love history, is set for transformation, re-affirmation, renewal or change. You may already know who I am speaking about. Or this can simply be re-examining your past in order to re-shape your future.

You are in a period of reassessment and also deciding what is most important to you. And take it this is going to take you right through your birthday cycle until the end of January. It will begin however before your birthday does. This will revolve around not just relationships but your money too. You’ll make the connections you need to by the 25th.

Love puts you in a holding pattern

High in the sky at the start of the month, Venus in your sign acts as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is slowing down and then entering its retro period, means we also need to slow down and then stop to take care of what’s in the present instead of searching for the new. Because you have an eclipse taking place in your 12th on Dec 4, this will also involve that trip back to the past I mentioned.

What’s been covered up in your past, your secret history, why you made certain decisions or choices, who may be engaged in a cover up still – and yes, how the mysteries but ever present spiritual and quantum world works – these are themes triggered by the total eclipse on the 4th. Please check your chart for any factors at 12 degrees of Sagittarius – or within a 1-2 degree orb of this. Many Capricorn’s do have them. If you do – and this includes asteroids, ascendant and other angles in your chart, then you will be directly impacted by the eclipse.

A journey into your subconscious or insight into the motivations of others is yours to explore. This is your house of intuition and psychic ability. And also your house where deep healing takes place. Anything you discover can be re-examined and placed into it proper perspective. This may run deep and bring painful memories to the surface. Please don’t hesitate to seek professional support if this feels overwhelming such as your doctor, a therapist, counsellor, or even a church leader or psychic.

As this is your house of psychic skills and emotional truths, please pay attention to what your gut is telling you. You can make incredible leaps of the imagination. Seeing all too clear how one choice lead you down a certain path – and why you chose that. Please don’t get bogged down in regret or blame. Release anger towards yourself or others if you can. Forgive the past and you engage with quantum change.

If this involves a present situation – allow yourself time to sit with any knowledge that emerges from the shadows of the eclipse. You don’t have to act on it right now. Allow it to permeate your knowing on a soul/cellular level. It will change you. Trust that you will know the right time to follow through with the correct action. You have time. And you have breathing space. You are healing!

Back to that Venus slowing down to retrograde on the 19th. First on the 11th, Venus makes the first of three meetings to Pluto in your 1st. This may bring you the beginnings of the desire to make changes or the emergence of revelations from the eclipse. Venus will remain retrograde until the end of January. Which is why you have time for healing space. And as with all retrogrades – there are rules.

Big do’s and don’ts you need to follow in order that you don’t end up wrecked on the retro rocks. Especially when this occurs within the shadow of an eclipse. And this applies no matter which house in our charts Venus is backwards in.

Do not go seeking new love during this time. Resist whatever you do the desire to swipe right. I would go so far as to say deactivate that profile for now and certainly don’t set one up. The person who swipes back is unlikely to be who they claim to be. Please watch your spending as Venus rules your bank account. And in your 1st and retroactive will not respect budgets either. You may spend out of emotional needs rather than actual ones. Including guilt. Avoid this and also entering into any new financial obligations. That new credit card – so no, Capricorn.

Stick to your inner shift and process, obey the retro rules and you should emerge into ‘22 with fresh confidence and wholeness. Mars in your 12th from the 13th hands you the confidence of a soul warrior. You fiercely face any remaining inner demons and cut then down to size. You wonder why you allowed them to hold you back for so long. The end of one long term cycle is about to occur due to the North Node changing signs in January.

You’re opting now for wholeness and what empowers you as Ceres meets it in your 6th on the 12th and Mars opposes it on the 15th. If anything no longer works for you, you will now fearlessly begin whatever it takes to change it. Just bear in mind, sometimes the past can be a trap. The eclipse may have shown you this. If someone from your past returns under the Venus retrograde, please carefully examine how they and you have changed before recommitting. You don’t need history repeating itself.

The 19th could bring you satisfaction and rewards around what does work for you however as the full Moon in your 6th trines Jupiter in your 2nd. Be ready now to take those healing insights and who or what adds value to your life into your fresh cycle with you as the Sun lights your way forward as it arrives in your 1st on solstice day. Light a candle on the 21st and celebrate no matter what day your actual birthday is!

In the run up to the 25th you’re intensely focussed on what truly matters to you and discarding what doesn’t. You’re open hearted now and feeling the love. Don’t allow anything to dampen that festive vibe. The 25th marks the second meeting between Venus and Pluto and you’ve all the satisfaction and insight you now need to move forward and make those decisions you need to once the new year begins.

Ahead of this – Jupiter changes signs on the 29th. Writing, speaking, publishing, designing, photography, communicating, the internet, ideas, studying and travel beckon you forward as Jupiter arrives in your 3rd. Opportunity will knock and open a portal to a new experience which may have been ‘out of bounds’ to you at some point in ‘22. Solutions and freedom lie ahead and you may discover just how far an idea could take you. For more on this see your personal Jupiter 2022 forecast for your sign.

Mercury in your 1st is now slowing down to begin its own retroshadow. As we head into the new year it’s about making the most of what you have and where you are right now in the moment. It wants you to take some time out and play with those quantum possibilities in your mind. To imagine where if you chose them, where they could take you. Don’t be afraid to take time out to visualise, meditate and even write these down. Play with the energy field which holds the universe together and brings the future into being. By the end of January you’ll know what direction you need to take – and one free of past wounds and mistakes. Rewrite your stars this month. Happy birthday, soul seeker!

In a nutshell: your birthday cycle begins with Venus retrograde in your sign, Capricorn. Use this time to plan that relaunch in ‘22. Jupiter in your 3rd bigs up that brand, message or idea. If someone is keeping something from you – expect revelations which release you from any illusion.



Embrace every unique facet of your soul

Own your power

Step into free flowing abundance

You own it this month, Aquarius. So – werk it! Right up until the 21st when the Sun changes signs and appears in your 12th. Owning it is a seasonal celebration of rocking whatever qualities make you well – you. Time to go deep and look at the hidden facets of who you are and bring them to the surface and showcase them! Go bold – or go home this December!

If we’re talking about your individuality, your goals, hopes, wishes and dreams for your future then you know we’re talking 11th house stuff. There’s a big shift happening around these this month. First. Let’s talk about friends, contacts, connections, groups, networks, clubs, parties, organisations and associations and who you know.

Does one particular name or even a social circle jump to mind when I mention that? Does something need changing up around your social life? Are you feeling the resonance or the exclusion? In or out of orbit in other words? Has your social circle shrunk due to the pandemic or even other factors. Was this happening pre-Covid for instance? Has that hang out turned into nothing but a hang-up instead? Do you feel accepted, energised and supported by your friends or drained, judged and feeling you need to bend yourself out of shape to fit in? The total eclipse at the time of the new Supermoon in your 11th on the 4th, represents a hug blind spot when it comes to friendships or one particular one. Time to drag all this out into the light between now and the full Moon in your 5th on the 19th.

Check your chart – and your multifaceted soul

First – embrace total self-acceptance and love everything about yourself. And while doing that, please check your chart for factors at 12 degrees especially in the mutable signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. Within a 1-2 degree orb. If you have anything, you will be directly impacted by this eclipse. You don’t have to be anyone else but who you are. Rock everything about yourself and if you know of people who may have a problem with that, this eclipse will reveal who they are and an opportunity shortly to find new people.

A hidden path towards a long term goal could also be exposed. Or a goal itself may shift or change relevance. If so, it’s a reflection of your own evolution and you owning that, Aquarius. Jupiter in your 2nd is all about relationships you can bank on. The people who have your back no matter what. It is going to leave your sign on the 29th and won’t be back again for 12 years.

But the good news is it is going to open doors to the vaults of abundance, prosperity and enhanced self-worth for you. This includes your expectations around how you are treated by others. And all your relationships will align to these fresh values. So, those people you’ve outgrown or who don’t support you will simply fall away. To be replaced by those who do. For more on this please see your lucky Jupiter ‘22 forecast for your sign.

If changes need to occur following any post-eclipse revelations, then wait until goal-getting Mars lands in your 11th from the 13th. The same day that Mercury arrives in your 12th. We’re entering your annual soul house clearing time before the New Year begins. And this year, be prepared for the process to go deeper than it ever has before! Especially when it comes to love and the healing power it hands you. A healthy dose of self-love being your best medicine! Past loves may feature to. Resurrections, reunions and re conciliations. But know that if this does not happen, what is now past is exactly that due to a major cycle closing and a new one opening for you.

What this holds for you will emerge as part of a deep undertaking between now and the start of your birthday cycle next month. High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in your 12th acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards.

Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22. Love will be on hold as will money matters from that point onwards. So, aside from that blast from the past returning, please put the search for new love on hold until it is direct and reaches your sign early in ‘22. It will meet Mars in your 1st then, kick-starting any new romance and making up for lost time, Aquarius.

Of course, this isn’t lost time at all but a time where you can recapture what’s been lost and this includes those things you love to do as well as opportunities, connections and your goals.

Joy to the world – and to you!

Head in the direction of self-affirming joy under the full Moon in your 5th on the 19th. Owning it means owning your dreams, desires and yearning for fun, pleasure and good times. To express yourself authentically and to attract in kind. Surround yourself with your people now and engage with the true spirit of the season no matter what your belief system. The universe can hand you unexpected benefits under this full Moon which beautifully trines Jupiter in your 1st. Jupiter has under two weeks remaining in your sign so this can manifest one final shot of Jupiter generosity for you.

Many of you could be looking at a soul satisfying season spent in a way that honours the authentic you. And if you’ve been waiting for revelations around what you need to do in order to bring this about then watch for these or even for something re-emerging from your past on the 11th and also the 25th when Venus meets Pluto. You should be shining and unafraid to enjoy yourself now.

Mercury now in your 12th is also slowing down and begins retroshadow on the 29th when it meets Venus. This is also the day Jupiter leaves your sign for Pisces and your 2nd. There’s a rebirth ahead as Mercury cojoins Pluto on the 30th. This may take a month to emerge in its final form. This is the chrysalis stage. Mercury will enter your sign and then go back into your 12th before heading direct again along with Venus. Wait until the end of January for this story to fully play out for you. In the interim, refine that final butterfly form, Aquarius. And if the past comes calling – ensure that it aligns with who you know you now are – or are becoming.

In a nutshell: Work it to own it this month, Aquarius. It’s about fully embracing who you are. If someone from your past returns ensure they too have been engaged in some serious self-acceptance and evolution. If not, leave them back there. The future holds so much potential now.



Work your imagination

Believe in yourself

A once in a lifestyle cycle of expansion begins

Ruler Neptune heads direct on the first day of December. Putting you in forward motion for one of the most exciting and life changing cycles you have ever experienced, Pisces. Go big in ‘22 or go home. It’s all or nothing for you and there will be no middle ground.

Fire up those ambitions and desires. And most importantly, ask yourself what still lies between them and you overwhelming them? You have the tools, the talent, the sheer magical determination to make them real. So, if they haven’t happened yet – what blockage still needs to be removed? Is it something in the outer world or something deep within you?

Check your chart now for any Pisces factors between 10-14 degrees in your chart ahead of the total eclipse in your status setting 10th on the 4th. Also, at the same time check your chart for anything at the same degree orb in your fellow mutable signs. Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius and your 10th where the eclipse takes place. This is the final eclipse on this axis so it closes the cycle. This is to do with your path and purpose, your career, your ability to author your own destiny, your status and your reputation.

The eclipse takes place at 12 degrees but anything caught in a 1-2 degree orb of it will be affected. If you do have factors within that arc, especially if they are in your sign, you will be directly impacted by it. This is also not just any new Moon but a super new Moon. Again, this increases its influence. You are the sign able to look beyond the obvious. Who is able to fearlessly part the shadows and get to the truth within. This ability will serve you well as eclipses always point to a cover up in a given area of our lives. Intuition however is never silent even if we choose to ignore it.

As this is a total eclipse we say this is a total black out. Please be mindful of your public image and reputation under it. Don’t engage in anything underhanded. Because once the shadows clear you will be caught out and exposed. Use this powerful energy to look at what you have achieved and also what remains out of reach.

If you have been persistently knocking at opportunity’s door but it doesn’t open, take it you are knocking on the wrong door. It is especially important you delve into any themes around this at the time of the eclipse as it can clear the way for a cycle of opportunity the likes of which you have never experienced before. Remove those barriers and don’t let anything stand between you!

You have additional help on its way. Mars propels you forward when it arrives in your 10th on the 13th. You’re leaving behind self-doubt, grasping a fierce and unstoppable self-confidence and best of all, discarding worries about what others may think. You radiate certainty and providing you stand by your word, deliver on what you say and maintain a cooperative approach, you can make headway in terms of your career and also create a favourable impression with others as your do.

One thing will be certain under this influence. If you are on the wrong track, nothing and no-one will keep you there in ‘22. The same goes for anyone in your life who can’t be relied upon or who doesn’t come from the same place of soul integrity that you do. You won’t hesitate to leave them behind.

Mine your existing contacts and friends from mid-month when Mercury in your 11th points to social gatherings. You’re in the party spirit now. Much of what you do or plan may however be centered around your home. Or simply around the people who matter to you most. Those you feel most comfortable with. However, when it comes to romance – this could get friendzoned now and I’ll explain why.

High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in your 11th acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22. This will be about the love of friends and the reaffirming of your goals. Rather than romantic love. Or at least the new variety.

Just like any other retrograde, a Venus one has rules. Friendships may shift during this time and dates to watch are the 11th and the 25th where one particular connection may feature. If you do happen to bump into that ex and the flames are rekindled along with the festive spirit – that’s allowed. By starting anything new is a no-no. Watch your spending while socialising and please, don’t give in to peer pressure to go over your budget.

You are on the cusp of one cycle linking you to a particular cycle or even karmic group or goal journey ending and a fresh one beginning. Mercury in your 11th from the 13th could be acting as postman bringing you invitations and get-togethers. It’s important you know who your people are now and feel that resonance, not just infused with the festive spirit, but all year round in order to continue. A major goal cycle nears completion either with it coming within reach or you deciding on a new one.

This month’s full Moon shows you the importance of those heart-centered connections and also that other kinds of love are just as valid and satisfying as the romantic kind. You’ll feel the need to get close, to nurture and be nurtured as the full Moon on the 19th trines Jupiter in your 12th. Memories can be awakened and new ones made now. Don’t be afraid to make time for those who matter. Many of you could be travelling home under this full Moon.

Get ready for the ultimate magic act

The Sun in your 11th on solstice day keeps that feeling of wanting to be present and part of something alive. Your special day in astrological terms comes not on the 21st nor on the 25th but the 29th when your ancient ruler Jupiter returns to your 1st. You are set for a relaunch or reinvention like no other. Prepare to be noticed and to take big strides towards those intensely personal goals and dreams in ‘22. You have a once in several lifetimes meeting between both your ruler – Jupiter and Neptune. The last time they both met in your sign was 165 years ago Pisces! Get ready to work your own personal brand of magic. And to stop underestimating yourself if that’s what has been preventing you from realising those goals.

For more on this please see your personal lucky Jupiter forecast for 2022. For now, share your own special brand of magic and be the life and soul of your own celebration, Pisces. The world could just be ready to celebrate with you.

In a nutshell: Ancient ruler Jupiter returns to your sign in December marking the start of a cycle of luck, opportunity and cosmic synchronicity you’ve never experienced before. Second star to the right and straight on into ‘22, Pisces! Get ready for an important new beginning.









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