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Hello Cornerites!

Today's theme is         Three-peat

Jon Pennington is back with another Monday toughie. I reviewed Jon's L.A. Times debut on March 20.  BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front):  I was cruising along pretty well until the SE (southeast) corner. I probably should have given it time to process. Instead, TBT (truth be told) I TITT (threw in the towel) and ask Google about Simone Biles' signature move. Perhaps I should watch more gymnastics.
Let's see where I fell off the beam....
not Simone Biles

20 Across. Some virtual get-togethers: ZOOM MEETINGS.

27 Across. Astronomer's setup for outer space transmissions: ANTENNA ARRAY.
This is an overhead picture of the Very Large Array in New Mexico.
Each ANTENNA gathers information which is then combined with the other ANTENNAs' information to create a composite signal that each independent ANTENNA could not create on its own. How Very Large Arrays Work

46 Across. Never: ON NO OCCASION.

55 Across. Signature gymnastics move of Simone Biles, and the kind of repetition found in 20-, 27-, and 46-Across: TRIPLE DOUBLE.

Simone Biles is the first woman in history to land a TRIPLE DOUBLE on her floor routine at the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City, MO. (1:57 min.)
Well done, Simone!! You are amazing!!

Today's puzzle has three entries with 3 sets of double letters -- a TRIPLE DOUBLE! The highlighted grid tells the tale.

Hoops fans might say, "Hey, what about a TRIPLE DOUBLE in basketball?" Yep, it's a thing there, too.

Let's vault over to the other clues:

1. Paddington, for one: BEAR.  
the story of Paddington Bear

5. Amenity in some cafes: WI-FI.  8 tips to stay safe on free WI-FI

9. 51-Across, e.g.: METAL. and 51 Across. Alloy of copper and zinc: BRASS.
Family Handyman article on BRASS doorknobs and the oligodynamic effect

14. Angler's gadget: LURE.  15. Desktop image: ICON.

16. Mealtime prayer: GRACE.

17. Lacking rainfall: ARID.  California has seen some big changes.

18. Tear apart: REND.  This feels to me like a biblical action so I asked Google how many times REND appears in the Bible. One site came back with 34 instances in 8 translations.
  1. tear (something) into two or more pieces.

19. Like a pair of socks: MATED.  Hand up for MATEs before MATED.

23. Cosmetician Lauder: ESTEE.

24. Sudden: ABRUPT.  

32. Pride parade abbreviation: LGBT.

35. Before now: AGO.

36. Writer Zora __ Hurston: NEALE.  (Jan. 7, 1891 - Jan. 28, 1960)  National Women's History Museum link  "Although, Hurston’s work was not widely known during her life, in death she ranks among the best writers of the 20th century."

37. Informal promise of payment: IOU.  I owe you a better explanation.

38. Wore: SPORTED.  Serena Williams SPORTED a one-legged outfit at the 2021 Australian Open in an homage to Flo-Jo.
41. Broke the tape, perhaps: WON.  Once, just once, I broke the tape. I did a 1/2 Ironman on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) back in 2012. I was the only female competitor so all I had to do was finish!  
See the crown of yellow flowers on the left? That was for me!
I'm so grateful for such an amazing day!
42. Transform (into): MORPH.  
"To become a butterfly, a caterpillar first digests itself."
Scientific American article

44. End of a soldier's email address: MIL.  ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is responsible for internet domains names.

45. Quaint hotels: INNS.

50. Emphasize: STRESS.  Do you feel STRESS when people overly STRESS the importance of something?

59. Alpaca relative: LLAMA.  
62. Norway's capital: OSLO.  The name comes from Ás and lo. The lo part is a field, meadow or pasture. The Ás  part could derive from Old Norse Áss meaning Godhead – derived from the Æsir – to give ‘meadow of the Gods’.  source

63. "See above," in footnotes: IBID.  Did you see -T's use of IBID in his blog yesterday? See 66 Across.

64. Fragrant shrub: LILAC.  This is a well-timed clue since, depending on where you live and the lilac varieties you choose, lilacs can provide color and fragrance from April through June.
This looks like a nice spot to read a book or pet a cat.

65. Like skyscrapers: TALL.  The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world.
MalMan included this pic in his Mar. 31 blog.

66. "Good one!": NICE.

67. Toast-making sound: CLINK.  Was anyone else thinking of this kind of toast?
Instead, it was this kind of toast....
Bridgit Jones's Diary (2001)
So cringe-worthy yet so lovable! 2:10 min.

68. Game recap datum, for short: STAT.  sports STATistics

69. Prophetic one: SEER.


1. Bright flame: BLAZE.

2. Continental bills: EUROS.  The "bills" are paper money.

3. "You're __!": "You crack me up!": A RIOT.

4. Beef, e.g.: RED MEAT.  Remember when the pork industry tried to distance itself from beef with this campaign in 1987? Was the slogan hogwash? Let's ask the USDA.
5. Electrician's supply: WIRE.

6. Slush Puppie company: ICEE.  "Slush" might be sufficient but it's a fun play on a Southern dish.

7. Helvetica, for one: FONT.
Helvetica movie trailer (2007) 1:30 min.

8. Mumbai resident: INDIAN.  Mumbai's 2023 population is now estimated at 21,296,516In 1950, the population of Mumbai was 3,088,811Mumbai has grown by 335,044 in the last year, which represents a 1.6% annual change.  source

9. Vegas casino targeted in "Ocean's Eleven": MGM GRAND.
Ocean's Eleven movie trailer (2001) 2:10 min.

10. Sign of a changed answer: ERASURE.

11. Tit for __: TAT.  Last Monday we had 62 Down. __ for tat: TIT

12. "Helpful hardware folks" retail chain: ACE.  ACE is the place.  ♪♪♪

13. Was in first place: LED.

21. Fellows: MEN.

22. Org. for Jazz quintets?: NBA. Clever misdirection but I am now wise to the Jazz ploy. #SchoolOfHardKnocks
Professional basketball teams have 5 players on the court.

25. Large shrimp: PRAWN.  
26. Raptor's claw: TALON.

28. Activate, as a touchscreen: TAP.

29. Bigheadedness: EGO.

30. Marilyn Monroe's birth name: NORMA.
In 1973 Elton John included Candle in the Wind (Goodbye NORMA Jean)
on his album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
He later re-worked the song when Princess Diana died in 1997.

31. Desires: YENS.

32. Wedding day car: LIMO.

33. Hired hooligans: GOONS.  a bit of the word's history

34. __ ends: barbecue delicacy: BURNT.  BURNT ends is a popular barbecue dish that originated in Kansas City. The dish is made by cooking the fatty ends of meat until they are crispy and charred. The BURNT ends are then usually smothered in barbecue sauce and served on a bun, by themselves, or with baked beans.  source

38. Footwear organizer: SHOE RACK.  Hand up for first penciling in SHOE tree.

39. "My country, __ of thee ... ": 'TIS. an abbreviation for iT IS

40. Actor Wallach: ELI.  ELI makes a regular appearance on grids.

43. "Black Swan" Oscar winner Natalie: PORTMAN.  OTOH, Crossword Tracker has only seen this actress' surname 3 times in the past.  
Natalie as Nina Sayers in The Black Swan (2010).

45. Completely demolished: IN RUINS.  My heart goes out to those in the paths of the recent tornados.

47. CBS forensic drama franchise: CSI.

48. $100 bills, informally: C-SPOTS.  run?
C is the Roman numeral for 100. Hand up for first having C-notes.

49. "Flexible on price," in ads: OBO.  OBest Offer

52. Actress Cornish: ABBIE.  Unknown to me, ABBIE is an Australian actress and rapper. Her rap name is Dusk. ABBIE's IMDb page

53. Pizza piece: SLICE.

54. Passover meal: SEDER.  I hope to be invited to one someday.

56. Future JD's exam: LSAT.  Juris Doctor is abbreviated, so is Law School Admission Test.

57. Scat queen Fitzgerald: ELLA.

58. Fool: DOLT.  

59. Inc. kin: LLC.  Incorporated is abbreviated, so is Limited Liability Company.

60. Short, for short: LI'L.   as in LI'L Abner
61. "Thrilla in Manila" victor: ALI. a.k.a. The Greatest

Now that the bookkeeping is complete, I have just one more pic to add:  
Bendigo, Australia snake catcher Chris Page
Chris sees snakes.
Pretty lame, huh? Props to Jon for finding 3 much better phrases!

That's all for today. Have a great week!